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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need SEO (search engine optimization) for my business?

You need SEO or search engine optimization for your business to rank higher in the SERP and have better visibility, organic traffic, increased leads, and to stay ahead of your competitors. Moreover, an efficiently strategized SEO assists in building the trust and credibility of your brand and improves the quality of your website content. You can see an increased user engagement with SEO. These results are seen with minimal investment.

What are the types of SEO services?

The different types of SEO services include Local SEO, International SEO, Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Content SEO, Mobile SEO, eCommerce SEO, Voice Search SEO, and Video SEO. Search engine optimization services are chosen based on a website's specific needs to rank on search engines and enhance website authority.

What services do SEO companies provide?

SEO companies provide a wide range of services, right from strategizing to optimizing your website to rank higher and gain better visibility. A few noted  SEO services include keyword optimization, on/off page optimization, website auditing and optimization, strategizing content to rank higher, consultation, page speed optimization, etc. Top SEO agencies also offer services associated with local, E-commerce, technical SEO, mobile SEO, and Voice SEO.

How do I find an affordable SEO services company?

To find an affordable SEO services company for your business, you must first identify your requirements and plan the budget for search engine optimization. Decide on the deadlines. Post these. You can search and shortlist the top search engine optimization agencies from reliable listing pages like GoodFirms, leveraging filters for the location of the service providers, services, reviews, pricing, and others. Once you identify a few, you can directly contact the chosen best SEO companies to discuss the comprehensive project requirements, SEO strategies they use, deadlines, budget, and their availability in your time zone.

What are the benefits of hiring an SEO agency?

Hiring an SEO agency offers numerous benefits to clients in terms of better results, enhanced digital presence, and increased revenue at a reasonable cost. Professional SEO agencies and digital marketing agencies employ seasoned, skilled, and knowledgeable digital marketing experts who ensure the smooth and successful execution of effective and tested SEO strategies. In addition, they track the SEO trends, technologies and updates of Google algorithms to achieve improved results consistently. Right from strategizing the content to link building, conversion, site architecture, etc., the SEO firms focus on the bigger picture. Apart from all these benefits, SEO companies are also proficient in integrating SEO with overall marketing strategy, allowing digital marketing managers to keep track of the entire process from a single platform.

Should I hire an in-house SEO team or outsource from top SEO companies?

Whether you hire an in-house SEO team or outsource from top SEO companies, there are benefits and challenges in both ways.

  • Benefits of hiring an in-house team: The team will exclusively carry out your job. The team is reliable.
  • Challenges of hiring an in-house team: You should be ready to invest in recruiting, training, and managing the SEO team and facilitate them to stay updated with the latest trends in SEO.
  • Benefits of outsourcing to SEO companies: If you wish to outsource your company’s SEO needs to the top search engine optimization agencies, then there are numerous benefits. They are; you get seasoned, highly skilled and experienced SEO professionals with global exposure. The SEO agencies will take full responsibility for your SEO requirements at an affordable cost. They will abide by the time and deadlines.
  • Challenges of outsourcing to SEO companies: Can rely on the companies only if verified and authenticated by a trustable B2B platform. If not clarified well ahead, communication can be a problem in case the company is from a different country and timezone. Budget can sometimes vary as a few services can have hidden costs.

How much does it cost to hire an SEO Expert company?

The cost to hire an SEO expert company is around $2,000-$30,000 per month, depending upon the site architecture, business type, backlinks strategy, and fluctuating algorithms of Google. Other factors influencing the overall charges include the types of campaigns, keyword difficulty, project time, and the company’s expertise. It is advisable to directly contact your selected SEO agency to understand their pricing structure, hidden costs, etc.

What is local SEO and How to improve your local ranking?

If you wish to gain visibility and rank higher in the local search results, then you should opt for Local SEO. Improving local ranking is necessary for boosting your website traffic with those looking for local products and services. A few ways to improve your local ranking include:

  • Optimize your Google My Business Profile  page as per local search
  • Prioritize and collect customer reviews
  • Create an efficient contact page and make the contact numbers clickable
  • Emphasize local link-building
  • Create content inspired by local news or events

Why should I avoid black-hat SEO services? Why do Search engines(e.g., Google, Bing) hate it?

Black hat SEO is a tactic applied to manipulate Google algorithms for better ranking on the SERP like adding inappropriate or inaccurate information, fake reviews, rankings, etc. Such practice lacks trust. You should avoid black-hat SEO services, as Google can detect your site and ban it.

Search engines like Google and Bing hate black-hat SEO techniques as the results obtained by applying these techniques often deliver poor quality or duplicate content, false backlinks, spam comments, and content stuffed with keywords. The site becomes unreliable.

Key considerations when reading an SEO Companies review?

Key considerations when reading an SEO Company include: Only check reviews shared by original users. Refer to trusted B2B platforms like GoodFirms for authentic feedback. Gauge various parameters like the SEO firms’ credibility, specialization in a specific type of SEO, project results - measurable conversions, traffic, and leads, the response of the company on certain challenges and issues, and overall satisfaction of clients.

How is GoodFirms different from other review platforms?

GoodFirms is a top B2B review and rating platform that differs from other review platforms in terms of proprietary algorithms, technical expertise, authentic listing and review process, and extensive research methodology. The platform features the most reliable companies and software solutions. GoodFirms has rigorous evaluation criteria in which companies are extensively tested against portfolios, market penetration, industry experience, hourly charges, performance, etc. In addition, it posts only genuine reviews from verified users, allowing users to make the right choice. Apart from these, GoodFirms’Leaders matrix research methodology is an initiative where companies are selected based on their competitiveness and 360 performance. These are the reasons that set GoodFirms apart from other platforms.