Best Software Testing Companies in Lille

Curious to find the best testing services in Lille? All companies aims to provide consumer satisfaction. The top testing companies in Lille examines the user-interface of the software to understand the simplicity of the software for easy access. The user interface includes testing it through the design of software, colors, and other variables attracting consumers. Thus, the best testing service providers in Lille also focus on enhancing the user interface to allow easy accessibility to consumers. The experts understand your necessities and hence, focus on fulfilling your needs to meet market demands. Therefore, to help you find the one meeting your needs, a list of the top software testing companies in Lille is developed below with the trusted feedback from their clients.

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List of Top Software Testing Companies in Lille | Top Testing Companies in Lille

StarDust Testing
QA & UAT Testing of all your digital services

StarDust supports its customers throughout the process of creating and launching their digital solutions (mobile apps, websites, other technologies).    

< $25/hr
50 - 249
Lille,  Hauts-de-France
from challenges to solutions

Catalysts is already the largest individual software supplier In Upper Austria and was furthermore elected to Austrias most popular employer by its employees and applicants.   

< $25/hr
250 - 999
Lille,  Hauts-de-France

3. Acial

French leader of software testing's pure players.

Acial is a consulting and services company specializing in software testing. For 15 years, its mission has been to help companies integrate the "qualification" dimension throughout their IS lifecycle and to continuously optimize its manufacturing process. Its consultants are recognized for their expertise and expertise in test methods and tools. Its "pure player" positioning makes it one of the leaders in the French market and allows it to be referenced to major accounts in all sectors of activity.  

< $25/hr
50 - 249
Lille,  Hauts-de-France

4. Kiwa

We create trust around the world.

Kiwa is an independent highly qualified organization having certification as its core activity. Kiwa wants to be a Partner for progress on the basis of its qualities as a recognised and renowned certification company, relying on testing, inspection, training, technology and data services. The slogan ‘Partner for progress’ is our way of expressing our desire to develop long-term relationships based on equality and geared to helping you improve your organisation, products, services, management systems and personnel. You have the ambit... read more

< $25/hr
1,000 - 9,999
Lille,  Hauts-de-France