Carol Collect

Carol Collect software helps you automate collect overdue accounts receivable.
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Carol Collect our web-based software helps businesses get overdue accounts receivable paid faster and improve their cash flow using smart escalating reminders, settlement negotiations, and manageable payment plans. Debtor counter offers and disputes are also facilitated for you while payment integrations ensure payments are made directly into your merchant account.
Carol Collect
Carol Collect
Carol Collect
Carol Collect
Core Features
Debt Collection Features
  • Automated Notices
  • Client Management
  • Contact Management
  • Dashboard
  • In-House Collections
  • Payment Plans
  • Security
  • Transaction Management
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Customer Reviews
5.0 (1 Reviews)

Consistent, Escalating and we got Paid!

posted on 15/4/21
We used Carol Collect to help automate our Accounts Receivable for our online Lead Gen SaaS software. We had a legacy list of debtors who had cancelled their subscriptions and not paid their final installment. The import into Carol was quick and easy, we had a Stripe merchant account so that worked well with their integration and we quickly saw the first reminder fire off....almost instantly we got replies from our customers about their debt. Some of them disputed the account, which the software handled really well. Others used the public payment page to pay directly into our merchant account. In 4 weeks we'd recovered close to 20% of the bad debt!
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  • Linux
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