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The #1 Tool For Virtual Tour
Klapty is the ultimate platform that allows everyone to create, share and discovers virtual tours.
It is the easiest solution on the market trusted by 40'000 users over 166 countries. With Klapty you can create a virtual tour from any device (360 cameras, smartphone, drone, DSLR, etc.) and share it worldwide. One game changer of Klapty is that users gain a lot of visibility on search engines like Google Bing etc for their user profile and virtual tours. Nowadays, with the current situation more than ever, all kinds of businesses need to be discovered online with virtual tours.
Whether being a real estate agent, a photographer, a school, a business or even an artist, the platform offers to everyone a great visibility through search engines like (Google, Bing etc.) thanks to the powerful SEO. Klapty does provide excellent customer service to its users with an online chat available 24h/24h 7 days a week.
The Free version allows every user to create, share, embed virtual tours and that is unlimited ! The Pro version will allow users to change their logo, add music, add a floor plan, duplicate virtual tours, put the virtual tours in private with password and gain visibility !
Core Features
Virtual Tour Features
  • 360-Site Stream
  • Grant Award
  • Characters & Animation
  • Floor Plans & Maps
  • Hotspot
  • Panoramas
  • Social Sharing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Voice-Over/Audio
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Customer Reviews
5.0 (44 Reviews)

An easy-to-use application for creating virtual reality tours

5 months ago
This program provides you the option of offering virtual tours to your customers. Some of my clients have found this to be really advantageous since their prospects can now evaluate offices and rooms with a better and more unobstructed perspective, which has proven to be extremely effective. As a result, tours are done with greater clarity, flexibility, and comfort than previously. It's a lot less complicated to put up than simply publishing a bunch of images and hoping that no one inquires about me as a result. Alternatively, it is excellent for assisting you in creating your own virtual tour. Using this tool, it is simple to build and share virtual tours, allowing prospective renters to locate and watch them as soon as possible.

Creation of 360 Virtual Tours is Easy

5 months ago
From the time when the trend of virtual tours started I observed that many tools or softwares were launched to create the virtual tours for the customers but they were taken down or not popular due to some limitations. One of those limitations was the high price of the software to associate and create the virtual tours. But Klapty was out of the box software because the feature of creating the virtual tours comes handy with Klapty and I am impressed with its impeccable performance over the years. It is great to have a software handy such as Klapty that makes the process of virtual tour creation so easy and cheap. I am loving this software in all terms.

All in one virtual tour creation tool

5 months ago
Over the years I have been wonderfully smitten with the alluring results of the virtual tours that I created with Klapty. These virtual tours have the best quality graphics and videos that one can ever have and I am glad that I started using Klapty as the crucial part of my marketing strategy. It helped me to engage my existing customers and attract the new ones because the features of this software were out of the box. I am totally loving the way Klapty turned out to be useful for my real estate business. There is no doubt that many other budding softwares offer the same service but the quality and great work offered by Klapty is unmatchable.

Best Software For Property Virtual Tours

5 months ago
Klapty gives you access to panoramic vistas of picturesque regions from the comfort of your own home. It provides a 360-degree view as well as a selection of scenes shot with your 360-camera. Other intriguing capabilities of this tool include pan/tilt zoom, focus adjustment, manual distance, horizon line, and so forth. It also offers basic UI elements that make it easier to use. Manual focus, auto focus, picture stabilisation, image panning, stitch-free restoration, time coding facility, and histogram are all included in the editor.

Fantastic User Experience

5 months ago
When we talk about virtual tours technology used by many businesses out there in this modern era we usually consider it as a convenient option. One thing that I have mostly loved about this application is that it provides exceptional support to its customers, especially the ones who are new to this technology. I wasn't familiar with virtual tours before I used Klapty and it was a new thing for me. It made me excited like anything and the manual to use the virtual tours and create them according to my wish worked in my favor. The virtual tours that I created were exactly the ones that I thought of creating before the use of Klapty. This software helped me to bring out the best versions of the tours and I am totally loving it.

Reliability at its peak

5 months ago
When we talk about Klapty the only thing that hits straight to my mind is the reliability and trust this software managed to build in my mind over the years with its exceptional features. I have been using this software for many years with a single aim to create the virtual tours to enhance my customer experience and bring in some sort of convenience for them in viewing the property in the desired location. The virtual tours that were created in association with Klapty are easy to share and sharing does not hamper the quality. So, with such excellent software I am always free from the worries of ruining my customer experience.

Excellent Customer Support

6 months ago
In this modern arena it is not easy to find the softwares that has an interactive user experience and is not complicated. Especially when it comes to creating VR tours, people need to have an eye on detail and notice everything to ensure that their customer experience is a cherishable one. Also, the support offered by Klapty for creating the engaging virtual tours for my customers was the best one and I would say my customers have loved the high-quality of the graphics and images of the virtual tours created using this software. In short, all of my hassle to sustain and engage customers came to an end with this amazing software named Klapty. I would highly recommend this software to everyone who is in the real estate business.

Unique Software For 360 VR tours

6 months ago
Klapty Virtual Tour software is in a class by itself, featuring some of the most innovative features available. This complex programme is well-liked by its customers and has a surprisingly user-friendly interface. Anyone with no programming skills may add custom design components and an outstanding selection of preset skins. Virtual reality (VR) compatibility, an extra hosting service, live panoramas, and more are among the other features. Customers like its competitive amenities and benefits, particularly because it offers such a sought-after mix of a thorough, professional product at an affordable price. Plus, one of the aspects that consumers appear to like the most about Klapty is its seamless connection with Google Street View, which saves them time and money.
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