Simplified Smart Device Leasing Solution, Reduced EMI Defaults, Assured Payment Requisition.
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NuovoPay enables Telecom Carriers, Resellers & Finance companies to protect their leased devices against EMI payment defaults. NuovoPay's mobile locking technology remotely locks the devices that are leased to the consumers in the event of a failure in EMI payments or if the devices are reported stolen. This ensures reduced collection costs and timely EMI payments.

NuovoPay is on a mission to build a technology platform that will enable people across the world to have easy access to consumer finance & hardware such as smartphones, irrespective of credit history. Today, millions of people across the world lack sufficient funds to purchase a smartphone, closing the doors of progress, empowerment, and development that could be facilitated by the use of technology. Millions of these do not have a bank account, let alone a credit history to apply for financial assistance to obtain a smartphone.

With our technology platform, millions can apply for a financing plan to get a smartphone, paving the way for a promising future.
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Monthly Payment, Annual Subscription, Free
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