Pimcore is the only open-source digital experience platform with inbuilt data management and experience management capabilities. It enables businesses to seamlessly connect people, data, technology, business, and things in the fabric of digital for unleashing newer possibilities.
Core Features
Digital Asset Management Features
  • Asset Planning
  • Asset Categorization
  • Lead Capture
  • Contact Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Simulation Models
  • Cancellations & Refunds
  • Version Control
  • Daily Reports
Catalog Management Features
  • Catalog Creation
  • Cross Selling Functionality
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Product Comparison
  • Product Presentation
  • Search/Filter
  • Web Forms
PIM Features
  • Bulk Editing
  • Channel Readiness
  • Complete Integration
  • Content Analytics
  • Data Importation
  • Data Modeling
  • Easy Adoption
  • Quality Control
  • Record Management
  • Tasks Automation
Pricing Type
Payment Frequency
Customer Reviews
4.0 (1 Reviews)

A new-generation product information management (PIM) solution

Junliang Ong
posted on 5/2/21
Use KennerPIM https://kennerpim.com/ to manage, aggregate, and distribute any digital product and master data for any channel and deliver user-centric personalized customer experiences on any device.
Licensing & Deployment
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Web-based
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Phone
Knowledge Base
  • Help Guides
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers
  • On-Site Training