Scribe4You is a simple yet powerful audio recording, dictation, and transcription app. Automate your audio/video workflows with Scribe4You's online transcription & editing platform.

Fast, accurate, and affordable voice-to-text transcription app. The app is free to download, but transcription services are subject to Scribe4You’s normal pricing.

1. Record your meetings, interviews, memos, lectures, and more directly into the app. Your audio will sound great.

2. Select the transcription parameters you need, whether it’s a full verbatim transcription (with all the umms, and ah’s in speech), have multiple speakers or more specialized needs, like legal and medical transcription.

3. Order voice-to-text transcriptions, done by humans. Transcriptions are delivered straight to your email and are available in-app or via your web browser.

ABOUT Scribe4You

Scribe4You.com provides the world's best transcription (voice to text) service. Our highly trained, experienced, global team of transcription professionals enables us to work on your projects 24/7. Our quality control team consists of senior transcriptionists who review and edit the work of our team, adding an additional layer of proofreading to ensure our clients receive highly accurate transcriptions. Learn more at www.Scribe4You.com
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