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Surfer is a full-function 2D and 3D mapping, modeling, and analysis software package for scientists and engineers. Surfer's sophisticated interpolation engine quickly transforms XYZ data into publication-quality maps. Virtually every aspect of the map is customizable. Enhance maps with profiles, legends, titles and labels, faults and break lines, or external maps from any web mapping service. It is used extensively to map, model, and analyze an assortment of geoscience data including GIS, environmental, geological, geophysical, hydrogeological, etc.

Surfer Core Features

Data Visualization Features
  • Database Management
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Relational Display
3D Modeling Features
  • Design Management
  • Design Automation
  • Direct Modeling
  • Flexible Modeling
  • Graphic Design
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Sculpting

Surfer Pricing

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Surfer Reviews

4.9 (4 Reviews)

Surfer SEO - The New Kid on the Block

posted on 21/7/20

Trying to ride the wave of SEO can often be more miss than hit and, too many of us spend way too long trying to optimise our sites and our content. Thankfully, we can now leave SEO headaches behind us as Slawek Czaikowski’s Surfer SEO is on hand to make them a thing of the past. Surfer SEO is a data driven, cloud based analysis tool which lets you view and analyse your pages against your SERP ranking as well as comparing your results with that of your competitors. Unlike so many tools out there, Surfer SEO actually delivers on its promises and drills deeper to let you know what is and isn’t working for you and, also, shows you correlation meters while its at it. Created specifically for startups and SMEs, Surfer SEO is a game changer for anybody who really doesn’t have the time or inclination to spend hours analysing Google’s algorithms and trying to find oh so clever ways of beating them. Efficient, effective and affordable, Surfer SEO is probably the best investment that you’ll make for your business this year - it gets the job done for you - and lets you get on with your. 

Surfer for a scientific approach to on-page SEO

Daniel Cheung
posted on 9/4/20

This tool just keeps getting better and better! As a Team Lead of Prosperity Media, we found that Surfer removes the subjectivity out of the analysis by providing many variables to factor into on-page SEO. At the very least, Surfer produces a list of 'issues' that cannot be disputed by a client. This then allows me to apply my professional opinion to offer a solution to address the identified issues (from keyword density to word count to use of specific structured data). One major disadvantage of Surfer is that it has a steep learning curve. Using its SERP Analyzer for the first time can be overwhelming because of the sheer amount of data that the results produce. But with time and practice, this overwhelming amount of data becomes a competitive advantage. As an early adopter, there was limited documentation on how to use SERP Analyzer but I am glad to report that since late 2019, the team at Surfer has stepped up on providing actionable walkthroughs on how to extract the most appropriate and relevant insights from their evolving tool. Recently, Surfer even added NLP and whilst I'm still on the fence on how NLP correlates to SERP visibility, having it available gives me options.

Fantastic piece of software the takes the scientific approach to SEO

Matthew Woodward
posted on 31/3/20

The SERP Analyzer is my favorite part of the tool. You can use it to review the top 10 ranking sites for a specific keyword. It will analyse more than 500 different signals and then compare them to yours! Giving you all the info you need to really compete with the top ranking websites. You can also use its other features which allow you to write optimized content and carry out effective keyword research. I have had consistent results from using this tool and quickly incorporated it into my processes.

This is a short video I made when I first discovered how powerful the tool was, my voice gives away how excited I am - Surfer SEO Review: How I Took The Number 1 Position By Deleting 85% Of My Pages Content

Which lead me to write my full review here - Surfer SEO Review – How I Used It To Win The #1 Position

I would happily give Surfer a 5-star rating and can genuinely say I haven’t come across any cons with this tool yet.

Love it

posted on 24/9/19

Pros: In-depth reports

Cons: New and still integrating features

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