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You focus on Taxi Business we will take care of the rest.
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Voila Cab
Voila Cabs - High-performance dispatch engine, and is a rock-solid eco-system for all taxi aggregator’s / companies. Robust, Rock Solid and Designed for very high speed.

VOILACABS, A Pure  technology-infused company  maverick Many Pits stops before arriving at SaaS model with  a promise  to create a right Buzz by generating  ROI for Taxi companies / Aggregators on a win-win model 

Voila SaaS -  Bridging the gaps Gap’s between Taxi Aggregators and Customer’s 

Our Mantra for Taxi Companies  “You Focus On #TaxiBusiness And We Will Take Care Of The Rest.”. We offer White-labeled Rider Apps, Driver apps for both iOS & Android and with their branding along with attractive and appealing store graphics. We took the technical headache out from our partner’s, all they do is just focus getting more booking’s & driver’s and we make sure that system works 24/7 and with all data backed up & replicated at regular intervals.  

Benefits of using Voila SaaS vs traditional In-house Deployments?

1)  Affordability:

Unlike traditional taxi script’s, SaaS is sold based on a pay per driver basis that includes, maintenance, upgrades, and a degree of customer support. SaaS subscription model usually operates on a monthly subscription basis and because of this, there are no huge upfront costs. The affordability is very good compared to many other traditional platforms such as PaaS and IaaS. The plans are good because they have a pay-as-you-go feature. Many taxi aggregators uses SaaS because of affordability as well as the number of features that are offered in SaaS.

1)  Quick to Deploy:
Voila SaaS can be deployed in 24 hours with all kind of set up’s required for a taxi company to dispatch car’s in manual mode with 100% branded and themed to match their business style.If customer opts for Rider apps then it takes up to 48 hours to put the app on both the stores ( iOS / Android).

3) Zero Infrastructure setup Needed: 
We take care of all hardware and software infrastructure, With a basic list of prerequisites if delivered on time then Apps can be deployed in 48 hours. Eliminating the need for installing and downloading patches. At any given time you can be rest assured that you will have access to the most recent update’s. On top of this Voila SaaS also offer’s on-demand upgrades to customer’s with volumes and larger fleet size, in short, we made things this easy for you so that you can concentrate on your work.

5) Guaranteed Service:
As happens with most taxi script’s, you are not given a guarantee on how well the software will work, and how well it will perform. But with SaaS you can be rest assured. On the SaaS platform, you are given a guarantee of having a 99.9% of uptime. You can expect your IT infrastructure to be up and running almost 99% of the time. So there is no question of downtimes that arise due to hardware failure. Our dedicated server’s make 99% uptime for your Mobile Apps and Dispatch system due to multiple deployment sites being present that is spanned across multiple data centers located around the globe.  
6) Backups as well as data recovery all done for you:
We backed up data on RAIDS & Multiple Master Replication’s for the database to make sure no data is lost. On top of this, there are backups scripts running always to make sure that your data is backed up at regular interval’s.

7) Dispatch Anywhere:
All our Panels including Dispatcher, Booking Interface’s &  Admin panel are pure cloud-based and hence give you 100% flexibility to keep remote team’s to dispatch your booking’s.

8) Security:
Voila SaaS offers a greater degree of security for any organizations data as they are non-accessible to other aggregators depending on the permission set up. For many aggregators, we run multiple instances of data centers which contacts the IT infrastructure to deliver the applications. In the event when one of the data center’s goes down, the remaining others pick up and deliver the SaaS services and solutions. Also, we are going with proven technologies and vendors.

9) Easily Scalable Infrastructure:

Our infrastructure and support systems are easily scalable and expandable. You can no limitations on any kind of usage. Bills are generated every month end.

A win-win-win eco-system
The end result is that the taxi aggregators get rock-solid service from us at a good price point and in-turn can pass these benefits to customer and drivers. Engineering funds were saved and made available for marketing and customer retention.  On and above getting the bigger advantages of volume’s discounts from vendor’s and hence keep even one bread and butter going :)

Voila Cabs
Voila Cabs
Voila Cabs
Voila Cabs
Voila Cabs
Voila Cabs
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