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Top Big Data companies in Santa Rosa

List of Big Data Analytics companies in Santa Rosa

Tiger Analytics
Derive business value through data.

Tiger Analytics is an advanced analytics and AI consulting firm enabling enterprises to generate business value through data. Today, we are the trusted data sciences and data engineering partner for several Fortune 100 companies, who are leaders in their respective industries. 

$100 - $149/hr
250 - 999
Santa Rosa,  California
Absolutdata Analytics
Intelligent analytics intelligently delivered.

We help companies make better decisions every day. The Absolutdata Decision Engineering Methodology™ is a proven, disciplined approach that changes the way companies leverage their data. By building analytics based intelligent and scalable solutions, our clients make better decisions, faster every time. And see the results in their top and bottom line.

$100 - $149/hr
250 - 999
Santa Rosa,  California
Modern B2B Account Data

EverString’s AI SaaS solution is designed for B2B sales and marketing professionals to drive pipeline growth, help close new customers, expand into new markets, prioritize accounts, and provide actionable insights – all without the need for an administrator.

< $25/hr
50 - 249
Santa Rosa,  California
VisiQuate, Inc.
You'll see

VisiQuate helps enterprises achieve peak visual health. Since our clients gain analytics maturity, their users at all levels improve real world strategic, financial and operational outcomes. We integrate data from multiple sources, enrich it with business rules, and deliver role-personalized insights that drive business action.

$100 - $149/hr
50 - 249
Santa Rosa,  California
InfoObjects Inc.
We are Big Data Gurus

InfoObjects is an award-winning consulting company with focus on Big Data, IoT and public cloud. Our core expertise on big data side lies in Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop stack. We are pro public cloud and have tons of expertise in cloud migration.

$150 - $199/hr
250 - 999
Santa Rosa,  California


Cloud Transformation Consulting

SQUADEX is a technology consulting & engineering company enabling software delivery automation and data-driven decision making through DevOps & Big Data practices. We believe that greater business efficiency is achieved by transforming disjoined organizations and processes into a squad of technology and automation. Our solutions eliminate the boundaries between organizations in the enterprise, leading to improved time-to-market and optimized cost of new product introduction.

$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
Santa Rosa,  California
Celerative Inc
Distributed teams with one heartbeat

Celerative is a collaboration platform for teams composed by experts software engineers that extend your team’s capacity exponentially with flexible on-demand team augmentation engagements. Our teams are augmented by aggregating data from multiple sources to enhance project planning and execution. We leverage machine learning algorithms to extract actionable insights from this data, making sure we build best-in-class software in record speed.  

Martin Baldoma Jones, Director at Aerals Private Flights
Martin Baldoma Jones, Director at Aerals Private Flights
50 - 249
Santa Rosa,  California