5 Ways to Build a Delightful Customer Experience

Updated on :June 16, 2024
By :Chetna Kapoor

Let's get you into a customer service secret. When a representative informs you, they need to explore your case more closely and follow up; most don't rush to an expert to seek a solution. Instead, right after hanging your call, he takes another call.  


The representative uses an automated ticketing system, allowing them to keep track of open cases. As a result, while the representative answers the next call, they can raise a ticket to a specialist simultaneously. When the representative gets an update from a specialist, they relay it to the customer via ticket. This is how the 'ticketing system' works. It creates an organized communication channel to improve productivity. 

Improved customer experience is one of the significant benefits of a ticketing system. 

Recently, we surveyed around 2,000+ business professionals and asked them about the top business priority is. If you guessed 'customer experience,' you are right.  

Surprisingly, but customer experience (CX) plays a vital role.  American Express's latest research on customer experience clearly states 86% of customers would love to pay more for a better understanding. Even the Temkin Group, in a study, mentioned that an enterprise that earns $1 billion in a year could potentially earn an additional $700 million in the next 3 years. How? Just by investment in CX. 

It's almost 70% increase in revenue. 

In simple words: 

An organization that invests wisely in a CX strategy can ensure increased revenues, reduce customer churn, and earn higher customer satisfaction rates. 

 Isn't it a win-win case? Yes.

So, start delighting your customers as much as you are focusing on acquiring new customers. The company has a 60-70% chance to sell to an existing customer and a 5-20% chance to sell to a new customer. The sure-shot solution is to keep them happy by surpassing the expectations and building a favorable emotional reaction.

Ready to boost your customer experience?  

5 Ways to Build a Delightful Customer Experience

  1. Tickets Automation to Fastrack Issue resolution

When a customer connects to support & service staff, they want their issue to fix instantly. Around 53% of individuals consider quick resolution essential. There is nothing wrong. MetricNet, a performance benchmarking company, says that customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the time consumed to resolve incidents. 

MTTR (Mean time to solve) is the average time that lapses between the reported time of issue to the resolved time of issue.  However, companies often fail to meet the same.  A ticketing system works wonders here. It automates the ticket issuance process and ensures a quick resolution. Automation reduces the time support staff consumes to enter data and lets them focus more on customer engagement. It allows a representative to prioritize the most pressing tickets.  A representative can even consolidate similar issues and create standard templates. 

  1. Use Personalization to Boost User Engagement

A customer expects respect from the brand, and personalization helps you do so with great ease. For this, the best approach is a ticketing system. Why? Because it captures consumer data such as personal information, existing tickets, previous tickets, and geography. It also talks about the products that customers are using and have used to personalize their service. By providing access to all this information, an organization brings rapport and makes consumers feel valued & respected. 

So, start analyzing your customer and delivering a custom-designed response to personalize your customer service. Zappos is a classic example here. With more than 80% of customers ready to pay extra dollars, personalized customer service is ideal for delighting customers. 

  1. Streamline Communication to Increase Accountability 

Customers connect with brands using different channels. A sound helpdesk ticketing system tracks all channels and makes representative available to a customer all the time. (Tip: Be clear about your customers' channels for communication. It helps you select the best-fit ticketing system for you.) 

An ideal system enables you to integrate with multiple communication channels. Be it live chat, telephony, social listening, or email. It streamlines call routing, gives instant notification, follows up email requests quickly, and supports real-time chats. 

The prime goal is to connect customers and representatives through a communication channel of their choice. And to remain connected with customers. 71% of customers wish to remain in touch consistently. 

Add-on benefit: reduced issue resolution time and enhanced customer experience! A classic example: FedEx. It has open, transparent communication & CX. 

  1. Provide Expert Support to Enhance Reliability

Customers love to interact with knowledgeable representatives.  The skilled professionals work wonders to delight the customer by providing the right support at the right time.   

The help desk group feature of the ticketing system enables you to create expert groups for improved customer experience.  Use system tags to create labels for expert groups and products they will cater to.  It will automatically route a specific ticket to the respective representative. 

Apart from the product, a ticketing system allows you to create groups based on attributes such as geographic location, language, and more. The main goal is to route the desired customer issue to the best-equipped staff and resolve it asap. A great example: IBM. It connects each ticket to a group of specialists.  

  1. Capture Customer Feedback in Real-Time to Improvise Deliverables

How can you confirm if the CX you are delivering is WOW? You need to ask. The best way is to capture feedback in real-time. Again, a ticketing system is here to help. How? It provides live chat tools to have real-time interaction. Once you are through, the tool sends a follow-up email to every customer to capture feedback. You can use it to improve your CX and reduce the churn rate.  

A ticketing system also ties customer feedback to a specific representative. Using this, the company can analyze the representative's performance and show every team member the difference representative is making.  


Customer expectations have no limit. It keeps growing day in and out.  We all know how fast word of mouth works. Since customers are getting more and more empowered, the importance of customer experience is also increasing. 

CX is the only area that requires constant care and nurturing. With a prime focus on customer experience strategy, companies can ensure a positive impact. This impact includes customer loyalty, increased revenue growth, and high retention.

Ready to make customer service easier for teams. Get started!

Chetna Kapoor
Chetna Kapoor

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