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The Best 7 Free and Open Source Productivity Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Productivity Software

When it comes to defining productivity, you may get different sets of definitions. But the classic definition of productivity is to determine the efficiency of production. Productivity measures the outputs of various tasks for a specific period of time. It is the main ingredient of business growth and competitiveness. You can measure the productivity of an entire workforce or an individual person. 

Improved productivity not only escalates the business growth but also allows us to draw more innovative ideas, boosts self-confidence, and gives way to higher engagement. 

From a business perspective, productivity empowers companies to gain more profitability, reduce operational costs, optimize resources, improve customer services, lower employee burnout, and many more. Also, the escalation of technology has given impetus to the introduction of productivity software tools, which has the capacity to automate and streamline all day-to-day business tasks.

What is Productivity Software?

Productivity software is defined as a set of applications that help users to create databases, documents, worksheets, graphs, presentations, and many more. 

Productivity software gets extensively designed for specific business needs. The best examples include graphics and spreadsheet applications, database management systems, word processors, etc. You can add any software or application that helps the organization to simplify and streamline its task.

What are the Integral Parts of Productivity Software?

Employee Productivity

Employee productivity forms an integral part of the free productivity tool. It helps to determine the efficiency of the worker. For instance, open source productivity software such as Hubstaff help determines how much time an employee has worked on a specific project and his productivity.

Database Management Productivity

The database management productivity software that helps IT teams to create, edit simply, and store documents, to cater to their client needs. The good news is that productivity software is also available for mobile devices. But these applications usually provide general functions such as checking emails, taking relevant notes, or setting up calendar dates. You cannot perform other essential tasks, such as word processing. 

A recent research study indicated the global market for productivity software is likely to surge to $96.36 billion by 2025. It has been anticipated that the USA will lead the software productivity market with a large share of 60.7% by 2025. Interestingly, the increase in Smartphone devices and other gadgets will enable companies to use more productivity software. 

Productivity software has been playing a key role in enhancing employee efficiency, providing a faster process, and quick turnarounds along with other benefits.

Scenario With Productive Software

The Different Categories of Productivity Software

Free Productivity tools and software has helped small businesses and start-ups to work more effectively and strive towards result-oriented targets. You can choose the best productivity apps for both personal as well as office use. The popularity of free and open source productivity systems has increased as more companies are interested in using it.

There are four popular types of productivity software to discuss in brief.

Word Processing Software

Word Processing is one of the most useful best free productivity apps that help users to create documents. These documents may include industry reports, newsletters, blogs, whitepapers, letters, and other such content. One can cite the example of LibreOffice Writer as open source productivity software.

Spreadsheet Software

Spreadsheet Software is yet another befitting type of free productivity software predominantly used by various enterprises. It is more to do with numbers, figures, reports, and performing calculations. Google Sheets is the most widely used spreadsheet software. If you are looking for free and robust productivity software, you can go for Zoho Sheets. 

Graphics Software

The graphics software is getting used more than often to create 3D images and diagrams, illustrations, presentations, statistics, and other animation features. The free and open source productive graphics software provides a plethora of options. For example, for creating 2D animation images, you can use Pencil2D and Synfig Studio. Similarly, for producing 3D figures, Seamless3D and Blender are the best options.

Multimedia Software

The open source multimedia productivity software is mainly used for making meaningful and compelling visual presentations.  The multimedia software may include an audio or a video clip. The best example is GNU Gnash, which is also the best alternative for Adobe Flash Player. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose Free and Open source Productivity Software

Seamless Management of the Projects

The free and open source productivity system makes it simple for business enterprises to simply and seamlessly manage complex projects. The managers can prioritize tasks and allocate resources based on the preference. Also, you have an open source employee productivity tool, which makes internal communication hassle-free.  The teams can complete their tasks according to the stipulated deadline.

Cost-Efficiency Agile and Flexible 

It's pivotal for any organization to become flexible and agile to stay ahead in the cutthroat competition. But open source technology has enabled you to use the latest techniques and software to get the job done. Furthermore, you also have multiple options to resolve any issue due to a flexible approach.

Additionally, most open source software is known for its cost efficiency as compared to a proprietary solution.  Since businesses have opted for free productivity software or have planned to use the trial version, they don't have to pay anything.

Seamless Collaboration

One of the other benefits of a free and open source productivity system is that you can seamlessly integrate it with other software. It means that professionals can focus more on streamlining the work and improve efficiency. You can even align the data from other sources. It also becomes easier to share the latest updates with the team members.

Robust Security

 The best open source productivity tool offers unmatched and robust security features. It means all your important information and essential data is safe and secure. But you have to abide by the security guidelines related to storing the databases.

Attract Much Improved Talent

With efficient open source productivity software in place, you always have the scope of attracting better talent. Most IT professionals and even freshers have improved knowledge about open source productive software technologies. Many developers build their projects. 

Let's Discuss the Important Free and Open Source Productivity Software

Well, this is one of the most crucial parts of the article, where we will be focusing on and detailing the essential free and open source productivity software. In the end, we will also discuss one of the popular best productivity apps. So, let's begin.

1. OpenProject

OpenProject is a premier free and open source project management company providing comprehensive support for various life-cycle projects. They serve an extensive array of industries such as universities, software, and IT companies, public and healthcare sectors, and many more. 

The free productivity software helps in building team collaboration along with clear visualization of the project plan. The team members can easily define the project objectives and prepare a roadmap accordingly. The team members can trace the bugs, which helps QA managers to quickly classify and remove the bugs 

The free productivity tool offers plugins and features for open source projects and hosting solutions. In addition to that, it also provides maintenance support, consultancy and training services, installation, and implementation in complex models.

Product Demo

OpenProjectImage Source OpenProject


  • Streamline Planning
  • Easy Roadmap Preparation
  • Task Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Agile Methodology
  • Short Development Cycle
  • Bug Tracking
  • Time Tracking and Reporting
  • Project Wiki
  • Premium Features
  • Customized theme and logo
  • Help text for attributes
  • Multi-select custom fields
  • Single Sign-on
  • Configuration of work package forms
  • Graphical presentation on the project overview
  • Free Forever (self-installation)  

2. Productive

Productive is an emerging best open source productivity tool that helps business enterprises to frame faster and improved business decisions. It is a free and open source productivity system that enables businesses to run efficiently. The Productivity Software is handy for any type of business enterprise ranging from small to large firms and even start-ups with a 14-day Trial Period.

They offer a wide range of solutions such as real-time access to profitability, factor in overheads, viewing and managing salaries, etc. Productive holds experience in resource planning, time tracking, and providing an active sales pipeline.

Product Demo


Image source: Productive


  • Task Collaboration
  • Real-time profit monitoring
  • Detailed Reports
  • Salary Management
  • View Key Metrics
  • Easy Assigning of Projects
  • Plan Ahead
  • Anticipate Events
  • Schedule and Track Time
  • Get Regular Timesheets
  • Desktop Timer
  • Time Reports
  • Time Approval
  • Client Transparency
  • Manage deals with ease
  • Customize pipeline
  • Get Real-time Sales Report

3. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a viable alternative to Microsoft Office. LibreOffice, is a community-operated and created open source free productivity software. They are project-based software for a non-profit organization. LibreOffice as one of the best free productivity apps, provides all types of payment models apart from the free and open source productivity software. It includes monthly and yearly subscription and one-time payment. All types of business enterprises from the small, medium, large, and even freelancers can make use of this productivity software.

LibreOffice aims at offering unmatched access to upsurge office productivity. The free productivity tool also provides other services such as easy documentation, translation, and software maintenance. They are also involved in actively developing high-class open standards and free software.

Product Demo


General Features

  • Versatile Applications
  • Feature-rich Tools
  • Streamlined Financial Reports
  • Professional Looking  Brochure
  • Marketing Presentation Tools
  • Easy to Understand Technical Drawings
  • Best Document Templates
  • More Compatibility
  • QR Code Generator
  • Hide Classified Data

Writer Features

  • Simply Edit All Documents
  • Create complete books with a different type of content, such as texts, diagrams, and indexes.
  • Customize style according to your document
  • AutoCorrect helps to rectify spellings and typos.
  • Create standards documents such as letters, faxes, etc.

Spreadsheet Features

  • Intuitive and Easy to Learn
  • Built-in Wizards
  • Advanced DataPilot technology makes it simpler to add raw data from corporate databases.
  • It provides multiple-user support that makes it easier to collaborate with others. 

4. Trello

Trello is one of the leading and popular web-based Kanban-style developing applications which help users to make their task boards and move tasks between them. You can organize and prioritize your job in a simple manner. In a typical scenario, you will find the columns include the task status. The status consists of the task that needs to be done, the one which is currently in progress, and the one that has already been completed.

Trello is a more-than useful free and open source productivity system that you can use for personal and business purposes. You can use this open source productivity software for various purposes, such as real estate management, project management, web designing, preparing the school curriculum, accounting and gaming software, law management, etc.

The story does not end here. You also get the support of a powerful API and cloud and enterprise integrated solutions such as IFTTT.

Product Demo 

Image Source Trello


  • Since Trello is open source productivity software, you can implement it to organize any of your tasks with ease. You can use it to suffice your company's targets, track meetings, and others. 
  • It provides a free and zeroes pricing model for the basic service.
  • It offers greater flexibility with free iOS and Android mobile applications.  Access it from a desktop browser. 
  • All crucial and sensitive data gets secured with robust cloud storage. 
  • It provides real-time synchronization, in-line editing, data filtering, activity log, voting feature, developer API, ten supported languages, and many more features.
  • Trello also offers drag and drop functionalities, search functions, text size that supports any device, deadline reminders, upload attachments, etc. 
  • It is much easier to add any task in Trello. All you have to do is create a new card and type the title for it. 
  • Trello even offers you the advantage of task automation. It has an assistant robot that can automate the tasks built into the app. This assistant robot is known as Butler. 
  • The productivity software tool has a net and intuitive interface, which allows you to manage even complex tasks with ease. 
  • One of the exciting features of this open source productivity software is that it can solve the loopholes and problems even before they occur.

5. TaskQue

TaskQue is one of the leading and extensively used open source and free productivity systems that help organizations manage and streamline their activities and enhance productivity. You have the facility of optimizing all your task assignments automatically and allocate resources when employees are available.

Since you are optimizing the tasks, it helps you to improve your efficiency and quality of the work delivered. Using this advanced software tool, the employees can perform to the best of their abilities and bring more transparency in the working process. It also helps the team members and managers to establish better collaboration to produce faster favorable results. You can even customize the software according to your workflow process. 

Product Demo

TaskQueImage source: TaskQue


  • TaskQue has a unique task assignment process Queue, which allows companies to assign tasks to any available resource. You can even allocate any task automatically to any group.
  • It also has task management software that allows organizations to build workspaces and multiple projects simultaneously and separately.
  • The manager can even reopen and reassign a task back, which has not been completed correctly.
  • TaskQue offers customizable workflow and templates.
  • You will also get a notification for conducting new tasks, email management, deployment with Slack Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • The native mobile applications of TaskQue can be installed both from the Android Google Play Store and iOS from Apple App Store. 
  • You get streamlined summary reports that make it easier to monitor workspace, project, and resource performance. You also receive a quick overview of the new project status and even private activities.
  • It also provides a document management key.
  • You can avail of both the free as well as the premium plan. The open plan is available for a lifetime for up to 5 users. It also has a free trial plan for two months.
  • The target audience of TaskQue is a small business, medium and large enterprises. Even it is highly suitable for freelancers.

6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is popular time-tracking open source productivity software that you can install and run both on desktop as well as your mobile phone. You can send an invoice to your clients and even view the efficiency of your employees after tracking the accurate working hours.

Hubstaff is incredibly useful for employees and workers working from remote locations. In times of pandemic today, most employees around are working from home. Hence, Hubstaff can prove to be more than a handy asset for the companies.  The open source productivity tool also provides an array of other benefits such as GPS tracking, home health care, maid service, and others. You can schedule your tasks in advance; add automatic payroll processes and online timesheets.

You can track time for each of the individual projects, which allows you to monitor the employee activities and time dedicated to a task. You can know which employees are very productive and less efficient based on the results. 

Product Demo

HubstaffImage Source: HubStaff 

Core Features 

  • Hubstaff allows you to track employee activity minutely and analyze his efficiency level.
  • The best open source productivity tool records the screen's activity, including idle time, browsing history, keystroke recording, and much more.
  • It is a highly useful tool when it comes to GPS tracking.   The features include alert and notifications, driver management, mobile monitoring, people tracking, routing, and others.
  • The free productivity tool also helps to generate billing and invoice, compliance, and payroll management, amidst others.
  • You can even use this open source productivity software tool for work order management, recurring appointments, job management, sending quotes and estimates, etc.
  • As mentioned before, the free and open source productivity system proves handy for people working from remote locations. It establishes improved collaboration, remote support, employee work monitoring, etc.
  • also keeps an eye on the time clock where it monitors tracking the sick leave, timesheet, punch card, salaried employee tracking, and so on.
  • You can try it for free up to 14 days and then decide whether you want to use the premium version.
  • You can deploy this open source productivity software on all devices; Windows, Mac, Android, web-based, Cloud, etc.
  • It offers 24x7 online support.

7. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is an open source productivity software suite and the successor of the IBM Lotus Symphony. You can regard it as a subsidiary of LibreOffice and NeoOffice. It provides all the features and benefits that you will have in the Microsoft Office, such as word processor, spreadsheet, presentation application, drawing application, formula editor, and much more.

The Apache OpenOffice includes an extensive range of products such as Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and Math. One of the key points that go in its favor is the simple usage of the software and free software. 

Product Demo

Apache OpenOfficeImage Source: Apache OpenOffice


  • The word processor allows you to create texts, books, letters, and various other documents. Apache OpenOffice uses different fonts, such as DejaVu, OpenSymbol, and Gentium. You can also export files to HTML, XML, and Adobe Portable formats.
  • The Calc is the spreadsheet that helps in doing advanced analysis, preparing the reports, and the decision-making process. It has more than 300 functions for statistics, mathematical, and financial operations. You can even design 2D and 3D charts, integrated with other documents.
  • Impress is a popular multimedia software tool that helps you to create interactive animation and advanced graphics. It is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and allows you to create impressive slideshows and presentations.
  •  As the name suggests, Draw is a vector graphic tool that allows you to design any image from simple to 3D figures.  You can define your connection points through Smart Connectors.
  • You also have Base, which usually provides simple databases for day-to-day use with a simplified interface. You can create and edit forms, reports, tables, and other documents as well as manage the database simultaneously. You can edit and analyze the relationships in the diagrams.
  • The Math or Formula Editor is the equation editor of the OpenOffice. With this tool, you can easily design complex equations, symbols, and characters. Math is also a stand-alone software tool.
  • The article has highlighted the 7 Best Free and Open Source Productivity Software. But the discussion would rather be incomplete if we do not spotlight on the most popular open source productivity software. Here we are going to discuss Marvin, which is the best open-source productivity application. 

Comparative Study of the Best Free and Open Source Productivity Software

Free and Open Source Productivity Software Comparison Chart

The article has highlighted the 7 Best Free and Open Source Productivity Software. But the discussion would rather be incomplete if we do not spotlight on the most popular open source productivity software. Here we are going to discuss Marvin, which is the best open-source productivity application.


Marvin is one of the best and incredibly personal, feature-rich, and customizable open source productivity software. It helps to make your business more productive and organized. Since it has a powerful customization tool, you can implement a system that works best for the business. Also, it provides a wide range of workflow templates to try out different productivity methods with one click. You can transfer all your tasks with much ease, even if you are using some other productivity software. 

Product Demo


Image Source: Marvin 


  • The best open source productivity tool provides unlimited nested categories and projects to organize the tasks efficiently.
  • Every day you will get a different todo list.
  • The free productivity tool has a fully-featured calendar to view all events in one place.
  • Synchronize your events and tasks according to the calendar
  • You can even create artificial deadlines for the projects.
  • Schedule your task according to the do dates.
  •  Easily track your time spent on different tasks.
  • Plan projects and tasks for particular weeks
  • Get a one month trial period to try out the software. 
  • It is compatible with all devices and supports all types of business sizes.
  • You can even purchase monthly, yearly, or even lifetime plans. 

 It's over to You

Global Cloud-based Productivity Software is anticipated to reach around $29.4 billion within the next few years. Open source productivity helps to streamline your entire business activities where you can focus on building a much smart workforce.  The efficiency of the employees will escalate as they will come across various innovative and advanced tools.

The article above has emphasized and highlighted the top 7 Free and Open Source Productivity Software in addition to one another popular software. But that’s not the end of the story. You have an extensive array of options to explore such as Carv, DeskTrack, Evernote, G SuiteWeek Plan, and much more when you want to choose optimal productive software. Most of these software offers a free trial version for the users. 

You are also free to give your valuable reviews or feedback if you have used any of the above-mentioned productivity software. 

Hence now it's up to you to choose the productivity software after comparing the various parameters such as features, pricing model, device support, and above all, the specific requirement of your business.

Please pay a visit to all software categories, if you are interested in some other tools or software and want to get more information about it. 

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