Top 50 Online Freelance Translators & Agencies for Hire

Updated on :June 21, 2024
By :Nathan Sebastian

There is a rising need for translation service providers, as more businesses are expanding their roots in foreign countries. Several companies that operate at the global level prefer to set-up their own internal translation department rather than outsourcing the services. This department acts as a life-saver when some extremely urgent translation assignments arise. However, most of the time, these in-house translators might not be capable of handling entire translation projects due to a lack of linguistic as well as subject matter expertise. Moreover, setting up an in-house department costs more as the company needs to invest in software tools and incur the training expenses of the translators.

Hence, businesses nowadays are opting to hire the best translation service companies to avoid the issues mentioned above.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Translation Agencies/Freelancers?

  • Access to Professional Translators having Extensive Experience

By outsourcing the translation needs, the company ensures that a competent native translator handles the content. Businesses can opt for the right translator from the vast pool of candidates having relevant experience. This aids in maintaining the authenticity of the translated work as well as optimizing the entire translation process.

  • Meeting Deadlines without Compromising Quality

Professional translators are dedicated to reducing the turnaround time of the translation. Most translation service providers create a steady communication channel with their clients’, thus timely receiving critical reviews and feedback. The experts then resolve any errors or suggestions to deliver an accurate document while maintaining the quality of the product. All this finishes within the pre-decided time frame, which can be mere hours every so often.

  • Cost-effective Alternative

Assembling an in-house team of translators is expensive for companies, especially when there aren’t projects round the year. However, by hiring freelance translators, companies obtain the freedom to shortlist and select the right candidate that fits their budget. The translation agencies also use a wide range of professional tools and software to deliver high-quality service to their clients.

What Types of Industries Require Translation Services?

  • Medical

Content that is related to the healthcare industry, such as labels, instructions, packaging, clinical trial paperwork, research papers, quality management certificates, and the like, requires accurate translation. Medical translation requires utmost attention as a trivial mistake can be life-threatening. A translation agency with experience in the healthcare industry that comprehends the intricacies of the various requirements is the best bet for the service seeker.

  • Legal

Legal translation involves the translation of official documents issued by the government or authorized institutions. These documents include birth certificate, marriage certificate, legal agreements, will, memorandums, contracts, etc. The top translator has to consider the various underlying contexts that the document intends to represent. Hiring a freelance translator with a legal background can ensure that the translation abides by the socio-cultural as well as politico-legal aspects of the source and target language.

  • Technical

The texts, such as instruction booklets, manuals, user guides, online help handbooks, etc. containing data related to professional fields, are termed as technical documents. These documents, at times, require translation of screenshot and infographics into the target language. The incorrect interpretation of these texts can result in massive complications at a later stage. For instance, an inaccurate manual can cause installation failure of a crucial instrument in a factory, resulting in massive losses. An efficient translator is familiar with the terminologies and jargon used in that particular industry and can deliver the information correctly. 

  • Financial

The financial translation may require the conversion of a minimal amount of content. However, it has to be done precisely to avoid miscommunication and blunders. The financial documents like bank records, account statements, ledger books, etc. are frequently translated. Most professional translators offer corporate non-disclosure agreements to ensure the confidentiality of their clients. As different countries have different guidelines regarding formatting, numbering, and terms, it is advisable to opt for a freelance translator that possesses the knowledge of the financial vocabulary and phrases.

  • Literary

Literary Translation denotes the translation of literary works such as stories, poems, novels, and plays. Translators ensure the essence of the text is preserved while translating. It is commonly considered as the highest form of translation since it involves embracing the cultural nuances of the source and target languages, as well as translating emotions, humor, feelings, and other subtle characteristics of the work. The translator needs to convey the uniqueness of the project while preserving the rhyming words, idioms, puns, anagrams, etc. included in the text.

What Are the Top Key Qualities to Look for in Freelancers?

The right translation service provider is one whose merits are not just limited to linguistic knowledge and accuracy — instead, someone who possesses the knowledge of industry-specific vocabulary and comprehends the tone of the document.

There are certain key features to look for while searching for the best freelance translator.

  • Passionate

A passionate translator will never lose interest in their jobs. This ensures that they are always giving 100% into the task at their hands.

  • Translation Skills

Mastering a foreign language is not enough to be the best translator. It is also vital to master the art of translation.

  • Vocabulary

Having a rich vocabulary means that the online translator can understand the implication intended by the source language and convert it into the target language to convey the exact meaning.

  • Accuracy

The best translator knows that maintaining the authenticity of the original text is pivotal in translation jobs. The professional translators ensure that the final document does not contradict or incorrectly represent the source.

  • Resources

The client can hire the top translator for their project, but if the online translator does not utilize all the resources at their disposal, they cannot deliver quality work.

  • Clarity

While attaining the aforementioned quality work, it is essential to focus on the clarity of the text. Unless the text demands the use of complex structures, the top translators must avoid complicated phrases and ambiguity.

How to Shortlist Freelance Translators?

  • Qualifications

The top preference for the translation project should be given to the one with extensive knowledge and experience in both the source and the target languages. Look out for the educational background before hiring the translators to ensure a smooth flow of the project.

  • Industry Experience

To receive optimal results, businesses must hire the most qualified translator who specializes in the required field. Translators who have previously worked on a dedicated discipline, are familiar with the guidelines and the vocabulary of the industry.

  • Rates

For any client-company, the budget can be deciding factor while shortlisting candidates. Most experienced translators tend to charge more than freshers as they are apt for translating complicated documents. Moreover, they can deliver the product in a shorter turn-around time due to extensive practice. However, for non-technical and straightforward materials, companies may opt for newly starting freelance translators to save money.

  • Native Language

It is imperative while hiring the translators, to ensure that the first preference is given to someone who is either a native speaker of one of the languages (target or source) or is bilingual. This can help them deliver the translation with added proficiency and accuracy.

  • Reviews

Most freelancers with experience will have feedback and reviews from their former clients on the project they have accomplished. These inputs can aid the clientele in determining the potential of the translation service provider along with their ability to abide by the deadlines.

How Can You Find the Best Translator for Your Project?

After shortlisting the top online translators, the next task is to scrutinize them and find the best candidate for the project.

  • Communication

Each language has a different tone and complexity level, therefore discuss whether the translated document should have a professional and technical tone or should the translation be simple and straightforward? It is always a crucial factor to hire someone who readily responds to urgent messages and emails.

  • Approachability

Translators should be open to suggestions and criticisms to enhance the quality of the translated document further. Inquire whether the translator is susceptible to analyzing and correcting specific errors? Their answers can offer insights into their work ethics and flexibility. Clients must communicate regarding the suitable timings to reach out to the translation service provider to ensure the effortless completion of the project.

  • Geographical Location

For a freelancer, location seldom matters. However, depending on the type of service and the severity of the project, the client may require to seek out a locally-based freelance translator or translation agency. The location also matters while translating vast volumes of physical documents. For example, it would be challenging to courier numerous papers to and fro between the client and the translator if the translator is located very far from the client.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Freelance Translation Provider and/or Agency:

  • Are the Translation Charges per Source Word or Target Word?

Source word is the original language of the document, and the target word is the final language in which the text will be translated. Translating documents from one language to another can, at times, result in increment or decrement in the number of words. For example, translating to Spanish or Mandarin can result in an increase in the count of final words as they add several extra articles to explain certain words. This change in number can result in the translation being more expensive than the initial estimation. However, confirming the pricing model in advance allows businesses to stay clear and avoid any future conflicts.

  • Is Proofreading Included in the Service?

Certain translation agencies and freelancers do not offer proofreading services along with the translation. If the service provider proofreads the translated document, then confirm whether a separate expert does it or not. A second expert can pin-point certain errors that have been overlooked by the initial translator. A fresh outlook enhances the authenticity and credibility of the final product. It is advisable to inquire about it so that the company can calculate the cumulative charges.

  • Does the Service Include Reviewing of Corrections and Suggestions Offered by the Organization?

‘To err is human.’ It is entirely possible that the document received contains some errors and problems despite being translated and proofread by the top translator in the business. Considering this, it is crucial to consult with the translation provider the ways to tackle this possibility. Communicate regarding the number of revisions offered by the translation agency along with the turn-around time of these corrections. Additionally, discuss the method to leave suggestions for the changes required.

  • Does the Translation Enclose a Certificate of Accuracy?

The Certificate of Accuracy verifies the authenticity of the translated documents. However, not all service providers offer this facility, whereas those who offer may or may not include the cost of the certification. The client might have to request and pay for the certificate separately. Another additional service that the best translation agencies may offer is notarization of the translated document. It is critical to state the requirements and their respective rates before commencing the operation.

  • What are the Security Measures Employed by the Translator?

Maintaining the privacy of the document is a crucial factor for every translation company. It is also important that the client coordinate with the translation provider regarding the safety measures required to ensure that the access to the document is limited to only the most trustworthy individuals. The best freelance translators and agencies understand the prominence of preserving the privacy of the project. Hence, inquire about their precautionary measurements as well as whether they are likely to partake in signing non-disclosure agreements.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Translator?

Getting the desired quality of translation requires patience and time. Whether the task is straightforward or challenging, it is vital to provide translators a sufficient amount of time to work without them feeling burdened. 

The charges of hiring top freelance translators vary based on certain definitive factors.

  • Difficulty and Volume

The completion time of projects depends on its level of complexity, along with the number of pages needed to be translated. The budget for projects in bulk/ huge volume should focus on the effort spent by the translator to translate and proofread the document.

The average rate can vary from $25 to $60 per hour based on the difficulty level of the text.

  • Language

The language pair of translation can change the range entirely for the cost. Businesses will find freelance translators for the more common / widely-spoken languages with ease. This can reduce translation rates due to heavy competition. While for rare language pairs, the cost can be much higher.

For popular languages like Chinese, Spanish, German, etc. the range generally falls between $15 to $40+ per hour.

Whereas, the rates for uncommon / niche languages such as Finnish, Swedish, Korean, etc. can range between $25 to $55+ per hour.

  • Experience/Expertise

The translation rates further depend on the years of experience possessed by the online translator as well as the focus of their translation jobs. A freelance translator working in the industry for decades is bound to charge more than someone who has recently started scaling the field. Moreover, the top freelance translators offering specialized solutions such as medical, financial, or legal translations will have a specific price range for their services.

The rates for experienced translators are approximately $40 to $70+ per hour.

As for the specific metier, the expert translators can charge $45 to $80+ per hour.

With more businesses building a global platform for their brands, the demand for translation services has skyrocketed. Moreover, new translation companies and freelancers are constantly emerging. This ever-growing number of service providers can make the task of finding the ideal partner offering translation solutions extremely tedious. To counter this, we have curated the following list of top online freelance translators and professional translation services agencies that can efficiently fulfill all translation needs.

Freelance Translators

Let us commence with the list for top freelance translators.

1.Christina Bagkaki


Christina is a native Czech and Greek speaker. She is an experienced freelance translator and has worked in this field for over four years. She possesses the experience of translating documents from Czech to Greek, Czech to English, English to Greek and vice versa. Having completed an Intensive Translation Program along with a 10-week course in medical terminology for professional translators, Christina is an excellent choice for businesses looking for medical translators.

Expertise: Medical Translation

Languages: Czech <> Greek <> English

2.Amanda Hong


Amanda is a top English-Chinese translator based in Taiwan. Having lived in native English-speaking countries has allowed her to translate the text accurately while capturing the intent and nuances of the language. Her degree in Advertising and Marketing allows her to translate ad campaigns that are enticing to the natives. She is also apt to translate marketing proposals, product descriptions, product labels, etc.

Expertise: Marketing Translation

Languages: English <> Chinese

3.Yinping Huang


Yinping is a professional English to Mandarin (simplified/traditional Chinese) translator. He believes in delivering 100% human translation with high-quality services. He has worked for businesses like Google, Mayor's Office of the City of Chicago, The US-China Chamber of Commerce, and many more, while he resided in the USA. He possesses experience of over six years in which he has successfully completed 80+ projects.

Expertise: NA

Languages: English <>  Mandarin

4.Chris Méndez


Chris possesses experience of 7+ years in translation, localization, and proofreading services. He offers professional translation solutions between English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French. The Global Translation Institute also certifies him. He is apt in performing legal, medical, technical, app translations, and many more while maintaining the high-quality of the service. He prides himself on providing translations that are 100% human, that is without the use of translation engines. He is skilled at proofreading, editing, and revising previously translated materials.

Expertise: Medical and Technical Translation

Languages: English <> Spanish <> Italian <> Portuguese <> French

5.Reiko Ando


Reiko is a certified Japanese-English translator. She specializes in Business, Financial, Medical translations, among many others. She is also certified by Microsoft to perform Technical translations. She is a professional translator with over three years of experience in Japanese-English translation and has worked for several bilingual businesses in the U.S. and Japan.  She has also worked as an in-house translator in Microsoft Japan. Reiko has a bachelor's degree in Business (Finance) and a degree in Japanese Literature.

Expertise: Business Translation

Languages: Japanese <> English

6.Léa Levy


Léa grew up in France as well as in the United States, therefore, has bilingual proficiency in both English and French. She studied Spanish all through her high school, as well as continued the study in college. Léa graduated with a double major in Spanish and Anthropology. To further enhance her language skills and cultural understandings, she also spent a semester in Spain. 

Expertise: NA

Languages: English <> French <> Spanish

7.Bram Reusen


Bram is equipped in translating product manuals, meditation guides, as well as official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. He is also apt for translating blog posts, news articles, and a wide variety of texts. He also has experience in translating travel-related documents. As he believes in thorough research of topics and has an eye for detail, he is a competent contender to translate documents from English to Dutch and vice versa.

Expertise: NA

Languages:Dutch <> English

8.Sophia Veil


Sophia is a talented and professional Japanese to English translator and the other way around. Her experience encompasses six years of translation projects, in addition to proofreading, transcription, and interpretation. She further holds expertise in translating documents related to IT and Finance. However, she is also apt to work on the topics related to general business, gaming, casino, and tourism on a daily basis.

Expertise: IT and Finance Translation

Languages: Japanese <> English

9.Fabio Salsi


Since 2003 he has been working dedicatedly as a freelance translator, language lead, and Italian language specialist for significant translation companies across the world. He has also founded a translation company named Fabio Salsi Traduzioni in 2009. He has experience in localization of software, apps, documentation, etc. into Italian. He is ideal for proofreading, editing, and offering feedback on already translated documents. 

Expertise:IT and Technology Translation

Languages:English <> Italian

10.Eva Stiekema


Eva has long-standing expertise in the field of translation.  She possesses the experience in translating texts from English, French, Dutch, and Spanish into German. She has expertise in translating documents related to IT, Software, Technology, Marketing, Sales, Business, Telecom, any many more. She has obtained a translation diploma in Germany, France, and England. She has worked for renowned translation service providers like Lionbridge or Fasttranslator. 

Expertise: NA

Languages: English > German

11.Mikhael Abi-Saleh


Mikhael is an expert freelance translator based in the USA. He has worked in this field for 16+ years and understands the demand for delivering error-free translations without changing the tone of the text. Hiring top freelancers is a quick way for businesses to bridge the language barrier that hinders their relationship with their global partners and clients. It is an added benefit when online translators such as Mikhael also offer proofreading solutions.

Expertise: Legal andTechnical

Languages: English <> German

12.Ela Kremer


Ela is a native German speaker and is experienced in translating legal and financial documents into English. She has a firm grasp of English fluent in both UK and US spelling. She formerly worked as a lawyer. This allows her to translate legal documents accurately and without any hassle. She additionally freelances as a lawyer-linguist at the Court of Justice of the European Union. She has experience of over a decade in translating white papers, website content, business plans, academic content, etc.

Expertise: Legal Translation

Languages: English <> German

13.Anderson Elias


Anderson is an experienced translator, converting documents from English and Spanish to Brazilian Portuguese. He holds a master’s degree in Translation Studies and has offered his service to numerous fast-paced, multicultural, and diverse industries. An accredited member of the Brazilian Translators Association (ABRATES) and National Translators Union (SINTRA), Anderson holds expertise in content translation for Marketing, Retail, and eCommerce. He is capable of game localization, translation of financial summaries, contracts, emails, blog articles, IT, and legal texts.

Expertise: Marketing and Financial Translation

Languages:English > Brazilian Portuguese | Spanish > Brazilian Portuguese

14.Renate Döring


Renate is an experienced English to German (not vice versa) translator. She holds a strong ground in translating Medical, Educational, and Legal documents. Since she has worked in the healthcare industry for eight years, she is highly familiar with the terminologies and medical devices. This allows her to translate the material rapidly without errors. She also aids businesses in proofreading German texts and materials.

Expertise: Medical Translation

Languages: English <> German

15.Anne-Lise Pellat


Anne-Lise is a well-established freelance translator. She possesses experience of over 19 years in the field of translation. She has additionally volunteered as a translator at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). She is an expert in translating a wide range of documents, such as novels, marketing materials, along with websites,  as well as legal documents. Hiring a freelance translator like Pellat allows businesses to receive high-quality service.

Expertise: Legal, Technical and Marketing Translation

Languages: English <> French

16.Daura Domínguez


Daura hails from Spain and is a native Spanish-speaker. She possesses advanced English skills (IELTS certified – Level C2) as well as an intermediate level of French (DELF certified – Level B2). This makes her a suitable candidate to handle French-Spanish-English translations. She is dedicated to deadlines and can work swiftly under pressure. It is critical to hire translators such as Daura, who are flexible and efficient for the successful completion of the project.

Expertise: NA

Languages: English <> Spanish

17.Susie Jackson


Susie is a native English-speaker (British English), working in the field of translation for over four years. She has the experience of translating texts from Spanish, Portuguese, and French into English. She is an associate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and received a degree with first-class honors in Spanish and Portuguese, which attests to her credibility. She offers translation, revision, and proofreading services to clients worldwide.

Expertise: NA

Languages: Spanish > English | Portuguese > English | French > English

18.Anna Jedrzejewska


Anna hails from Poland and is bilingual (Polish/English). She has experience of over a decade in translation. Along with translation skills, she has acquired in-depth knowledge of marketing tactics and new and emerging technologies. She offers a wide range of translation services such as Marketing & PR, Legal, IT Localization (Web/ Software/ Mobile), Medical, General Business, Literature, etc.

Expertise: Marketing Translation

Languages: Polish <> English

19.Justine Rabia Baer


Justine is based in France. She has worked for over five years in New York, allowing her to understand and incorporate the cultural nuances within her work as a translator. She has acquired a degree in Translations, Foreign languages, and Literature, which further aids her to improve the quality of her work. With the experience of over eight years in the industry, Justine has offered translation and transcribing solutions to a wide array of businesses, locally and globally.

Expertise: NA

Languages: English <> French

20.Eugenia Gres


Eugenia is an experienced English to Ukrainian/Russian Translator. Her expertise in translating texts related to fashion, beauty, hospitality, and other lifestyle products and brands has made her a likely candidate for world-class marketing and translation agencies. However, she is more confident in translating legal and political documents. She also possesses experience in the localization of software and apps.

Expertise:Legal and Political Translation

Languages:English > Ukrainian | English > Russian

21.Darina Leonidova


Darina has been working as a freelance translator for almost a decade now. She has worked with numerous big brands on significant projects based in different countries across the world. For instance, she worked for Health-Tourism (USA), Geniusbeauty (USA), Meetrip (France), BIBS (Great Britain), Speakerclub (Russia), Japanhoppers (Japan), etc. Hiring top translators like Darina aids brands receive efficient and accurate translation work within the pre-decided time.

Expertise: Tourism, IT and Medical Translation

Languages: English > Ukrainian | English > Russian

22.Christel Berland


Christel is one of the leading French to English and vice versa translators in the market. She specializes in the field of Tourism. As she has a diploma in Tourism, she is up-to-date with the terminology and understands the need to translate the text accurately to reach out to tourists and travelers. She assisted several Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in attracting English speaking clients to their business. 

Expertise: Tourism Translation

Languages: French > English

23.Catherine Prady


Catherine has worked as a freelance translator for 11 years now. She has spent a substantial amount of time in the UK and France. This helped her in gaining knowledge of both cultures, simplifying the task of adapting the documents for the targeted audience. She offers advanced translation services from French to English and the other way round. She additionally provides proofreading services in English. She also has an elementary knowledge of Italian.

Expertise: Scientific and General Translation

Languages: French <> English

24.Regine Allezy


Regine is an expert translator. She has worked in this industry for over eight years. With extensive experience in marketing translation, she is one of the best options for English, Norwegian, and Chinese businesses looking to convert their press releases, contracts, and other documents into French. She ever prepares glossaries of her translation to ease the reading experience of the clients. She additionally offers localization of websites.

Expertise: Marketing Translation

Languages: English > French | Norwegian > French | Chinese > French

25.Shelly Lu


Shelly hails from Taiwan and is a native Mandarin speaker. She has been offering translation services since 2009. She is an expert in translation texts and documents related to Travel & Leisure, IT and Applications, Popular Science, Common Social Topics, and many more. She has been working with National Geographic as a contracted translator for both books and magazines since 2013. Her background includes working with Marketing, Social Welfare, Entertainment Industry, and Financial Public Relations agencies.

Expertise: Marketing Translation

Languages: English > Mandarin

26.Francesca Setta


Francesca is living in Italy and offers professional translations into Italian from English/French/Spanish. She has a master’s degree in Foreign Languages for Business and International Cooperation, making her an ideal contender for general business and marketing translations. She is also capable of delivering Medical Translations. Hire best translators like Francesca to convert documents easily into the language that fits best with the clients.

Expertise: Marketing Translation

Languages:Italian <> English <> Mandarin Chinese

27.Leonie von Hartmann


Leonie is a top-rated freelance translator. She has been remotely working as a translator for 5+ years. She has displayed excellent talent in providing transcriptions as well as working as a voice-over artist. Her educational background in Philosophy and Politics has helped her maintain a hold over political and general translations. She is an expert in translating a huge volume of books within short turnaround time. She also offers proofreading services (preferably in German).

Expertise: Political Translation

Languages: German <> English

28.Vanessa Walsh


She prides herself on delivering professional quality translations within quick turnaround time while maintaining the accuracy of the text. She specializes in literary, website, academic, and business/marketing-themed translations. However, she also has experience in translating texts related to legal, medical, financial, and technical documents, including CVs, licenses, and other certificates. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and International Studies with honors. 

Expertise: Literary and Marketing Translation

Languages:French > English | German > English

29.Valora Fanell


Valora is a bilingual resident of the United States. She is proficient in performing business translations due to her extensive experience at the Frankfurt stock market. She has worked with several notable brands such as P&G, Cake HR Software, Google, Prestashop, Response Ware, etc. She has also translated a few books by AJ Tipton and Kathryn Taylor. Additionally, she skillfully translated certain games and applications like RAW Emojis, WitchCraft, Ziango Block Placer, etc.

Expertise: Literary and Business Translation

Languages: English > German

30. Huan W.


Huan has worked as a translator and interpreter for over five years. She previously offered quality translation and interpretation solutions to 50+ corporates and individual clients in this duration. Her portfolio includes working with top clients like Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, East-West Marketing Corp., Huzhou (Zhejiang Province) Tourism Administration, and Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. She graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and is suitable for performing Medical Translations.

Expertise: Medical Translation

Languages: English <> Chinese

Translation Companies

Find below the top translation agencies with their research score based on the results of the thorough analysis performed by the GoodFirms team:


1.     LanguageLine Solutions


LanguageLine Solutions is one of the world’s best translation agencies. The team of experts enable communication and build relationships by eliminating any language barrier, country of origin, and other circumstances. The best translators are passionate about their clients and strive to bridge the gap between the multiple cultures and communities.

LanguageLine Solutions can effortlessly and accurately translate any text to aid the growth of their clients’ business. The language solutions company offers document translation services to enhance language access in numerous industries, such as Health Care, Financial Services, Insurance, Government, etc.


2.     TransPerfect


TransPerfect has helped businesses build their presence across the globe. The company was established over 25 years ago and has upheld the goal to aid companies in navigating the global marketplace. The company has its headquarters in New York, along with offices in 90 cities across six continents. The top translators have provided services to several industries like retail, legal, e-commerce, media, finance, entertainment, advertising, manufacturing, industrial, and many others.

As one of the top translation companies, TransPerfect offers multiple levels of service based on the requirements of its clients, such as summary translation, certified translation, multi-step translation, and proofreading.


3.     Donnelley Language Solutions


Donnelley Language Solutions is a part of SDL. It is a global innovator in the field of language translation technology with the experience of more than 25 years. Donnelley has offices all over America, Asia, and Europe and provides support to its clients globally 24/7. A few fundamental services offered by the company are Language services, Translation, proofreading, Website translation proxy, etc. To aid brands to bridge the communication gap by providing quality translation. The team of expert translators converts text into over 190 languages daily to ensure that the content delivered resonates with the target audience.


4.     Lionbridge


Lionbridge, established in 1996, is a pioneer in the field of translation services. The company employs over 50 thousand expert translators who can efficiently translate a wide array of texts and documents in 350+ languages. They focus on retaining the meaning, style, and tone of the document while translating it from the source language to the target language.

The main aim of the translation agency is to convey the accurate meaning of every word extracted from the source text to help businesses achieve their targets. Lionbridge delivers an unmatched solution using a combination of top translators and machine intelligence.


5.     Amplexor International


Amplexor is a leading content management & translation service provider offering solutions globally. Top translators and cutting-edge technology power the company and deliver content with speed and precision. Founded in 1987, the company has served industries such as Automotive & Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Life Sciences, Finance & Public Sector, out of many others.

Amplexor offers translation to help companies attain great heights in the global markets by developing and delivering engaging, accurate information for the target audience. The team of best translators possesses in-depth industry knowledge and business-domain expertise ensuring effective, customized communication across all formats.


6.     SeproTec Multilingual Solutions


SeproTec, founded in 1989, is a part of the Sepro Group. The company has over 30 years of experience in the industry of translation providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions. The company has offered services to industries such as infrastructure & architecture, financial, legal, manufacturing, advertising, marketing, publishing & broadcasting, etc.

Communicating with the consumers in their native language is a prerequisite for businesses to promote the brand. The key focus of the translator at SeproTec is to support their clients in terms of translations and localizations. Hiring top translation agencies assist businesses in scaling their brands across the world.


7. Welocalize


Welocalize equips brands to grow their global audiences and reach them by communicating in over 200 languages. The company offers a wide range of solutions such as translation, adaptation, localization, and automation. The team of expert translators transforms the content over different platforms, devices, etc. so that it resonates with the patronage and delivers unmatched customer experience across the world.

Welocalize has offices all across the USA, Europe, and Asia. The company consists of top translators having professional translation skills and support over 500 language combinations. The language professionals are local, native speakers having certified experience in addition to advanced degrees in linguistics.


8.     Interpreters and Translators, Inc.


iTi is a multicultural language solution that has provided service to a wide array of industries such as healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, education, legal, government, marketing, and others. The team of translators offers the client with flexible and custom solutions in a short turnaround time.

iTi creates accurate translations that maintain the content, style, tone, and format that the original document reflected. It is essential for businesses venturing in foreign countries to be apt in communicating their ideas and visions to the locals. Hiring top translation agencies such as this one help businesses achieve this goal.


9.      Ubiqus


Ubiqus is a leading translation agency offering language solutions since 1991. The company has over 20 offices strategically placed all over North America and Europe along with its headquarter located in Paris, France, to serve the language needs of clients worldwide.

The company has its hold over numerous industries such as Retail, healthcare, eCommerce, NGO, media, legal, entertainment, advertising, finance, among many others. Apart from translation services, it also offers interpretation services, audience polling, transcription of audio and video, audio recording, etc. Ubiqus has a team of top translators offering reliable, cost-effective solutions, using customized tools and technologies.


10.      Xplanation


Xplanation is a global translation agency that offers solutions across several key industry sectors like medical, banking, finance, retail, legal, marketing, energy, and advertising, etc. It has several offices with the base office situated in Leuven, Belgium.

The team of experienced translators aid localize software, online help, product manuals, website content, and offers multilingual publishing. To help businesses grow in the international market, the best translators understand the brand and deliver quality content each time. Xplanation additionally offers custom NMT solutions to translate more content in a smart and accurate way.


11.      Lingo24


Lingo24 was founded in 2001 with its headquarters located in Edinburgh. It has over four thousand in-house and freelance translators well-equipped to assist any language pair requirements. The company has bagged several awards and recognitions for its extensive work in the field of language.

Lingo24 focuses on producing and delivering a consistent and reliable translation that matches the tone, style, and terminology of the brand. Moreover, the translation agency provides a team of experienced and dedicated translators to ensure successful completion of the project, while saving crucial time and money for the business.


12.      Day Translations


Day Translation consists of professional translation experts who are dedicated to providing accurate translations to customers ranging from a wide array of industries. They strive to meet any deadline that their clients present with precision and efficiency. The professional team of certified translators offers services in all of the major languages of the world.

Apart from translation, the company also offers human-powered interpretations and website localization services. The best translators understand that mistranslation can not only cost financially to the businesses but also hinder the reputation, therefore Day Translation -ensures that error-free translation is delivered with their 5-step inspection of the content.


13.      TranslateMedia


TranslateMedia is one of the top language solution companies offering top-notch translation and transcreation services. It offers a specialized team of translators, a robust quality management process as well as a dedicated translation management platform to providing excellent translation services to their clients.

TranslateMedia offers creative translation that ensures that the brand message is conveyed while maintaining the style, tone, and context of the country, language, region, and targeted audience. The company also offers several technologies to give its clients control over the localization process while drastically improving the ROI.


14.      CCJK Technology


CCJK is one of the dominant translation service providers, offering translation solutions in over 80 language pairs. It has numerous native and industry-specific linguistics to ensure round the clock delivery of translation along with the fastest turnaround. With almost 2 decades of experience has helped them deliver fast, accurate, and effective translations.

The professional translators offer Document translation, Proofreading, Glossary creation, Terminology / TM management, Style guides creation in addition to Website, Mobile apps/games localization, Script translation, etc. To offer unrestricted and hassle-free service, an online agent is always on-site to help the customer.


15.      Mars Translation


Mars Translation is a leading international translation services provider that offers an intuitive, cost-effective, and transparent solutions. It has an online portal for customers to easily receive texts, web content, video content, etc. translated while ensuring high-quality and speed. The professional translators have served brands like GE, Samsung, Herbalife nutrition, Siemens, Shayla, Melesta Games, Gilson, etc.

Mars Translation employs certified linguists who are apt at handling lengthy translations within deadlines. They also offer proofreading services so that the client receives error-free texts. Moreover, with their translation memory, the clients are spared from paying twice for the same segment of translation.


16.      Prestige Network


Prestige was founded in 1991 with its headquarter located in Newbury. The company has multiple offices in the United Kingdom equipped to serve the requirements of businesses and brands across the globe. It has served companies ranging from start-ups to international clients such as Dow, Honda, University of Oxford, Bechtel, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, etc.

Prestige is an ISO certified company as well as a proud member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC, 2019). It offers a wide range of translation solutions such as machine translation, multilingual desktop publishing, desktop translation, website translation, etc.


17.      Wordbank


Wordbank was established in 1988, and since then has been aiding its clients to create global standing for their brand. They build a bridge between the companies and their targeted audience by delivering the content in the native language. This allows the brand to connect with prospective clients and earn their confidence.

Wordbank has over 4,000 language professionals and cultural consultants who are apt to translate texts into over 140 languages, across the world. It has served for 90 markets and several notable brands such as Maserati, Mazda, Forevermark, Philips, Disney, and Hilton.


18.   Semantix


Semantix is a notable player in the field of professional language services of the Nordic region. It has a dedicated network of over 7,000 interpreters, translators, and language consultants focused on delivering extraordinary service to every client. It has worked with businesses from industries like Retail, eCommerce, legal, medical, media, finance, advertising, etc.

The team of top translator deliver high-quality translations within short turnaround time and that too at an affordable rate. It also offers Machine translation to enable the business owners to handle translations more swiftly, effectively, and securely.


19.   Morningside Translations


Morningside Translation, founded in 2000, is one of the fastest-growing translation services providers in North America. It specializes in legal, life sciences, and patent translations which require utmost precision and expertise in related terminology. The company is ISO 9001 certified and offers translations in over 150 languages.

With its headquarters located in New York City, Morningside also has offices in San Francisco, London, Hamburg, and Jerusalem, placed strategically, to ensure its reach to a global audience. It also utilizes revolutionary CAT tools to improve efficiency and affordability for the clients. They also support terminology management tools to manage client-specific glossaries.


20.   Straker Translation


For over a decade, Straker Translation has served businesses worldwide and assisted them to deliver their content to their prospects in any language. It has multiple offices across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia Pacific, USA, and Canada. There are over 10 thousand professional linguists working round the clock to deliver the utmost services with quality and accuracy.

Straker has served businesses from industries such as eCommerce, finance, gaming, legal, marketing, medical, tourism, etc. It offers solutions for corporates translations, translation automation, and personal translation. They offer per hour translation as well as project-based rates based on the requirements of the clientele.


Final Thoughts!

Pick the most suited translator from the list mentioned above for your translation projects!

The team at is constantly scrutinizing upcoming as well as established professional translation services provider companies and freelancers that can offer top-notch language solutions to the businesses. The list is regularly upgraded to incorporate the names of deserving contenders. Moreover, the rankings are constantly evolving based on the reviews of the customers along with the deliverables and support offered by the translation companies. To be considered in the above list for our following round of research, we would like to invite talented freelance translators and translation agencies to share their attributes by commenting below. 

The numerous advantages of employing translation services have encouraged organizations to hire the best translators who are capable of efficiently and accurately conveying business ideas and proposals to clients globally. So, explore and evaluate the above list, and engage with the ideal translation services company for the success of your translation project.

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