Nov 28, 2016

How important in this digital era is it to have a strong online presence! With the increasing competition and demand for better services day by day, it has now become important to not only offer valuable services but also to market and talk about them. And the best and the fastest medium to spread a word about any product or service is to converse about it online through various platforms. Keeping in mind the current trend and need of having a strong digital presence, a lot of companies are offering a melange of services in this space.

Out of the many digital marketing agencies, a few of them have successfully helped strengthen the online portfolio of various companies with their marketing strategies. Using GoodFirms core research methodology, we have identified companies that have outshined through their excellent performances - Viral in Nature, Audety Inc, Mobio, and Creatlive Studios.

To understand and evaluate their services and performances, GoodFirms has diligently analyzed and appraised them on the following parameters - capabilities and experience, the diversity of their clients and industry sectors, their digital strategies, marketing & branding strategies, creative outlook, and content quality.


Viral in Nature:

Viral in Nature, with its client oriented approach and innovative ideas, have constantly been able to offer value added services. They are one of the premium social media agencies which cater to marketing activities on various platforms depending on the industry. Their social media strategies are based on the business goals of a company and they make sure that they are taken care of while designing their digital marketing strategy. Have a look at what the clients have to share about their experience of working with them –

Client Testimonials:

An extremely happy and satisfied client gave a full star rating review to Viral in Nature.

Another of their many clients left some positive comments about working with them.

Research Ratings:

Based on their Number of Reviews, Portfolio, Market Penetration, Experience, Marketing Strategy, Branding & Promotion, Viral in Nature’s score card highlights its performance by scoring 49 points out of 60.



Mobio is a company which offers unique digital marketing services and also one of its kind application marketing and promotion services. Based in Moscow, Mobio helps companies promote and market their applications through major tracking platforms and connect the product with the right audience. Through their focus in user acquisition and mobile app marketing, they are able to successfully optimize traffic and help their clients grow their mobile user base. Their reviews are all about praises from their clients –

Client Testimonials:

One of their many clients appreciated their performance by sharing a full star rated review.

In the one-to-one review call their client also shared how they found Mobio to stand out compared to different companies.

Research Ratings:

Their Number of Reviews, Portfolio, Market Penetration, Experience, Marketing Strategy, Branding & Promotion combined allows Mobio to highlight its performance by scoring 48 points out of 60.


Creatlive Studios:

As the name suggests, Creatlive Studios is a company where creativity is at the core and can be seen live in their projects. It is a multidisciplinary design agency that caters to digital marketing, branding and promotion, and creative design requirements of any company or brand. Their artistically creative designs are a part of every project that they work on, be it logo design, digital marketing for a brand, website designing or branding and promotion. The client testimonials say it all –

Client Testimonials:

An extremely happy client left a full star review for them -


Another of their clients has wonderful comments to appreciate them for their work –

Research Ratings:

Factors such as Number of Reviews, Portfolio, Market Penetration, Experience, Marketing Strategy, Branding & Promotion, has helped Creatlive Studios achieve a score of 48 points out of 60 to highlight their performance.


Audety Inc:

Audety Inc is an internet marketing agency that offers full service internet marketing solutions for small to large size companies across the globe. Their state-of-the-art advertising and marketing services have helped companies drive traffic, convert visitors and deliver according to clients’ investments and expectations. Be it brand awareness, improving your online business, or any sort of internet and web marketing, Audety Inc is a one stop solution for all your marketing needs. Here are some snippets of the amazing reviews given by their clients –

Client Testimonials:

A client of theirs gave an amazing feedback for Audety during a one to one conversation with us-

There were only praises that the client had for them –

Research Ratings:

Based on their Number of Reviews, Portfolio, Market Penetration, Experience, Marketing Strategy, Branding & Promotion, Audety Inc. score card highlights its performance by scoring 48 points out of 60.


The excellent performances of Viral in Nature, Mobio, Creatlive Studios, and Audety Inc have made these companies stand out as compared to their competitors. GoodFirms recognizes and appreciates their variety of products and services which have helped clients maximize their business traffic. With the aim of highlighting a company’s achievements, we frequently conduct research activities that promote leading companies in various domains. GoodFirms encourages digital marketing agencies to apply for inclusion in future research.

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