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How B2B Customer Experience Is Taking The Center Stage And Prime Ways To Master It

How B2B Customer Experience Is Taking The Center Stage And Prime Ways To Master It

Customer experience is a term that we hear quite often these days, and this refers to the best possible services that a business/brand can deliver to the end users. While customer experience has always been in the limelight for the B2C sector, it is slowly becoming an integral part of the B2B industry as well. Personalization stands as the key enterprise strategy. 

GoodFirms Leaders Roundtable is a series of podcast discussions where the company will go the extra mile to have conversations with the experts and market leaders across the globe to support the startups with the right insights.  

Here in this Leaders Roundtable Podcast series, GoodFirms initiated a discussion with the Co-Founder of Brainium Information Technology, Mr. Sourav Sinha. 

Sourav is an enthusiastic writer who posts frequently on LinkedIn about leadership and sales. He wrote the book, “The Diamond Way” wherein he shares a step-by-step approach to enjoying the sales process.

For the Podcast discussion, GoodFirms interviewed  Sourav on the growing need for customer experience in the B2B sector and the changes required to thrive in the market that is increasingly becoming people-centric.

The discussion focuses on these key areas:

  1. The growing importance of customer experience in the B2B sector
  2. Need for personalization to strengthen the customer relationship
  3. B2B marketing tactics that can help retain clients for longer
  4. How B2B companies can leverage the Omnichannel market to their advantage

In the B2C sector, customer experience has always been a very. thing of top priority, but a B2B industry, we have noticed a different thing, but since, things are slowly changing and B2B companies are also putting customer experience at the front.

Supreme Customer Experience = Manifolds Of Revenue In The Years To Come

Customer Experience has become one of the most important factors to consider, as each industry is already flooded with competitors willing to work at a low cost, offer additional work, or even go the extra mile to run their business.

If you are unable to provide a better customer experience, customers will switch to another service provider, resulting in direct profit cuts and poor customer retention practices.

How B2B Customer Experience Is Taking The Center Stage

“Business is P2P means it's People to People or Person to Person. Why because, finally its one decision taker and how you create the relationship and how you deliver on that promise is how you grow in business. Once you deliver, this person then refers you to others so you see its always P2P. Deliver supreme customer experience and it will return you manifolds in the years to come. With the advent of social media it has become even more important that you deliver on your promise,” said Saurabh Sinha.

We all know that personalization is one of the pillars of customer experience, but how does Brainium tailor its needs to add a touch of personalization for their B2B clients?

B2B Personalization The Driving Force Of Loyal Advocate

As per a recent survey from Salesforce: 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, yet 66% say they’re generally treated like numbers.

Here’s how Brainium Information Technologies have been offering exceptional customer experience with 3L Strategy:

  • Learn: Devoted personnel attend to all of the client's needs, requirements, and timelines.
  • Lead: A dedicated accounts manager and project manager are provided to ensure that the product development journey runs smoothly and that all milestones are met on time and with quality.
  • Launch: Make it an occasion by creating a video call and launching the product in front of the client's team and our team while delivering the product.

“ This gives a wow experience. Also we provide a Customer Relationship Manager post delivery so that in the future if he or she has any need, they can easily get in touch. Personalisation matters if you want to succeed in business today,” added Saurabh.

The customer journey that a client goes through can make or break a deal. What in your opinion are the best B2B marketing practices that companies can adapt to bag clients and retain them for longer?

Sell The Benefits - Not The Features.

Brainium Information Technologies follows a simple B2B marketing strategy of "Why" and "How"

“WHY” Includes:

  1. Position Your Brand.
  2. Find Your Ideal Customer Base.
  3. Study Your Competitor Pattern.
  4. Invest In Platforms That Matter.

“There is only one simple motto that I follow when it comes to marketing and that's the art of storytelling.”

“HOW" Includes:

  1. Define Your Services.
  2. Share Supporting Facts & Tips.
  3. Testimonials Needs To be Highlighted.
  4. Make Achievements Your Marketing Display.

How B2B Customer Experience Is Taking The Center Stage

66% of B2B buyers mentioned that product specifications are the top content they want to read. Sourav Sinha explains in this way “We explain our "why" and "how" via customer and employee testimonials and we also tell stories on how Brainium is a backend partner of tech entrepreneurs.”

Because of the rise in omnichannel experiences offered by B2C companies, B2B customers are eager to see the same tech-savvy and customized solutions in their professional work. Please provide our readers with some tips or key takeaways on how to master omnichannel CX in the B2B world.

Omnichannel Experience Leads To Seamless Customer Journey And Sales  

An omnichannel marketing strategy applies to all the  touch points across multiple platforms that a customer will use at each stage of his buying journey. It is possible to create a seamless customer experience by integrating multiple platforms, cutting-edge technology, and mapping the customers’ journey.

According to McKinsey research, 83% of business leaders believe that omnichannel selling is a more effective way of securing new business than traditional "face-to-face only" sales approaches.

Here are a few Omnichannel Marketing Steps one needs to take: 

  1. Anticipate Your Customers' Requirements.
  2. Recognize your customers' preferred modes of engagement and communication channels.
  3. Utilize Big Data Analytics to identify ways to create personalized ads, content, and improve customer response time.
  4. Remove roadblocks in the business process.
  5. Pay more attention to insight into customers’ purchasing habits and website analytics.
  6. Improve customer support with the help of Artificial Intelligence and automation software.

How B2B Customer Experience Is Taking The Center Stage

“When the "Why" of your organization is aligned with all your team members then all will speak in the same tone. It's finally about the values but how you measure it is equally important,” clarifies Saurabh.

To know more about the discussion, listen to the podcast. 

What Next?

Gone are the days when customer experience held its importance only in B2C segments. Today, B2B clients increasingly seek the same transactional ease and experience that customers get, including the omnichannel facilities. Building each process around the needs of your customers is the key to mastering the B2B customer experience. Each step is important for onboarding a client and keeping them for a longer period of time, from the sales cycle to providing the best UI/UX to providing post-launch support.

About GoodFirms Leaders Roundtable 

Leaders Roundtable is a campaign undertaken to discuss the pain points of budding entrepreneurs. In this campaign, we talk with representatives of successful IT companies and take their views regarding topics in technology, business strategies, and more. 

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