How Did They Make It Happen: Success Stories of The Leading IT Companies

Updated on :June 14, 2024

Though we discover thousands of ways but we definitely adhere these footsteps Decide.Commit.Succeed. to reach the level we desire. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders or managers haven’t got their position walking an easy path. They have worked vigorously for years to earn that position.

Yes, you are right! Success does not mean that your journey is over. It means that your journey has just begun. In order to sustain your position, you have to keep on updating yourself with the new trends and accept challenges that come your way to grow yourself and your business simultaneously.

You may have heard great stories of entrepreneurs who succeeded walking the difficult paths and you may have also heard stories of leaders who earned their leadership sauntering on easy paths. But did you hear anything about “How did they do it?” How did things happen to them? No…

Here is the Mantra:

Hard Work.Experience.Inspiration.Positive Attitude.Execution of Out-Of-The-Box Ideas. 

Yes, ideas! It’s one of the best approaches that distinguishes you from your peers. Everyone has a different perception towards their goals and ideas enlighten that perception. I never knew this but reading a few interviews of our clients I got to know.

Today, the purpose of me writing this blog is to share their success stories who took their companies to the next level doing what nobody ever imagined.

foOfys Solutions

 Akshay Kingar, the founder of foOfys Solutions.Before establishing foOfys Solutions, he was a founder of a company based in  Singapore. During that time, he outsourced a project to a company in Bangalore, India. However, soon he realised that the team  which was developing the product was not the kind of team he had imagined working behind his idea. This motivated him to  start his own company with only 4 members. Soon after, their competencies led them to grab an award for the best mobile  application. This was a game changing event and they started receiving good projects from multinational companies.

Over the period of time, they learned how challenging and crucial it was to develop good quality products and services.

And thus, they switched themselves to design thinking and service design and now they have extended to 26 full-time working employees.

At FoOfys, they make sure the requirements are crystal clear before aiming to design. Moreover, they also believe that the team and the clients should be aligned to a common goal and not only think of doing business.

Brightlivingstone & Webnexs

Davidraj, the founder of Brightlivingstone and Webnexs.

He said it true, every company is established with the aim to address a particular problem.

He also established these companies with an aim to provide end to end solutions to the clients i.e. from designing to development to marketing.Today; he has a strong reputation amongst his clients as he has been successful in delivering quality services to them.

 Initially, there were 2 people who started with the company and within the span of 6 months they expanded to a team of 10  professionals.  

Before these establishments, he worked with different companies which neither focused on delivering the quality app nor solving the issues and bugs on time. Their ability to maintain the relationship  with clients was also poor. This inspired him to establish these companies introducing the desired level of professionalism that that is expected from the clients’ end.


Have you heard of a company that believes in educating people and not just spending time in developing apps? No…

Ivan Gorshunov, the International Business Developer said that E-Legion devotes more time to educate students in Android and iOS apart from handling clients anddeveloping outstanding apps.

The team is not only expert in developing apps, they are great teachers too.

They have launched Android school together with Google and iOS offline activity with a mission to build a Mobile society around them.10000 users registered for the online course and 770 passed the final test and received professional certificates.

E-Legion is a Russia-based mobile application development company having 4 branches spread across the city. When it incepted, it was an outsourcing company. But in a few years, it evolved in terms of working, professionals, and styles and became what it is today.


We cannot deny the fact that technology has evolved the business working strategies. As a consequence, startups and enterprises are ruling in the commercial world.

As startups are burgeoning nowadays, many IT companies have started focusing on providing solutions to only startups and not enterprises. There is one such company which does the same thing but with a different approach.

Recrosoft is the name of that company. Shubham Rastogi founded this company with a vision to create a workplace where culture defines strategy.

No working terms. No stretched hours. Only Deliver Quality Work.

And this mantra really worked. He along with his genius team has gained expertise in implementing marketplaces, aggregators, landing platforms and syndicate platforms. It’s been 4 years and his company has been successful in providing end to end solutions to different sectors introducing quality standards in services.

The people whose success stories I shared focused on the elements that were missing to build the sense of responsibility and trust amongst the clients. They worked hard, build their team and did what they had aimed.

While reading these success stories, I was really inspired. And, you know what inspired me? Hard Work. I got to know that there’s legitimately no substitution for hard work. So, why not work harder with the positive attitude to achieve what you desire? The credit goes to the GoodFirms team which focuses on finding the most prominent, efficient, and well-performing IT firms through its well-curated research process. Did you get inspired? If yes, what did you learn? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

Being an entrepreneur, leader or manager, if you would like to share your story do reach us at [email protected]

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