Majority of Mobile Users Are Spending Most of Their Time on Less Than 6 Apps

Updated on :October 10, 2023
By :Mark Raymond

Over the past few years, there has been an exponential increase in active mobile connections all over the world, and inherently, mobile app usage has skyrocketed. 

According to the latest GoodFirms app usage survey, people now have an average of 51 apps installed on their mobiles, out of which they access around 13 apps throughout their regular day. In 2017, people were using around 9 apps a day, which translates into a mountainous growth of 144.44% in daily consumer app usage by 2019.

Interestingly, most smartphone users don't typically binge-use all the apps. When the participants were asked to intimate the number of apps they use all the time in a day, the numbers surprisingly proved the fact. 

Today's consumer spends most of their time on smartphones using just 6 or fewer non-native applications they’ve installed from the app stores.

Here are the detailed stats:

How many apps people actually use in a day?

Only 8.06% of the people reported that more than 6 apps consume most of their mobile sessions.

A majority of people (31.05%) said that only 5 apps consume most of their time spent on smartphones; while a second majority (25%) said they binge-use 6 apps in a day. Other responses from the participants were: 1 (1.21%), 2 (4.03%), 3 (14.11%), and 4 (16.53%).

Of course, those six apps vary from person to person. For some, their top six could include social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, or instant messaging like WhatsApp and Messenger, while others may spend more time in gaming or binge-watching an online series.

GoodFirms surveyed 450+ global mobile users to study current mobile apps usage, and conduct extensive research into the same. The article presents stats and insights about how people download, use, and even delete apps from their smartphones.

Read these insights in detail from Mobile App Download & Usage Report 2019: Stats You Must Know, surveyed and composed by GoodFirms.

The survey was conducted among a diverse socio-economic sample, where participants belonged to different countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Singapore, and others.

The research would aid mobile app makers and marketers, who want to dig deep into the app market; even for businesses who want to expand their customer base on the grounds where they actually hang out. 

Here are the other highlights from the Mobile App Usage Research:

  • Users rely on default, secured app stores such as Google Play, Apple App Store, and Windows Store to download apps.
  • Most people get to know about apps through friends/family (68.95%), app stores (60.08%), and websites (58.06%)
  • Examining paid promotions, most people find apps through social media ads (41.53%); that's huge, compared to app display ads (22.18%), YouTube ads (20.16%), etc.
  • Productivity and Social Media apps dominate most people's smartphones.
  • A majority of people use their favorite apps 21 to 30 times a day.
  • Most people hesitate to give app permissions to access their location, contact list, and storage.
  • People delete apps from their mobile when they no longer need it, didn't find it useful, or lack of storage.
  • People do reinstall the apps back if they need them back, or merely if they accidentally deleted it.


Currently, mobile apps prove to be the most assertive platforms of the omnichannel service-UX wave. So, it’s up to app makers and marketers to rise to the challenge.

So what should app makers do to leap out from the sea of apps? The secret lies in determining why audiences would use your application. Or to be dead blunt, why they may never download it in the first place. Understanding what apps pull their customers back again, and why, will aid you in giving layers to your app for customer satisfaction. After all, apps are no longer a novelty, and users do delete apps they never use.

Whether your businesses own an app already, or you are searching for proficient app makers to have your debut application, these app usage insights will make sure you get the foremost out of your investment. Additionally, businesses can even consult one of the best app marketing companies listed through the directories of GoodFirms to ensure the success of an app.

Mark Raymond
Mark Raymond

Mark is a Content Developer at GoodFirms, a proficient B2B research & review firm dedicated to IT Industry. He considers - Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic. With several years of experience in technical writing, Mark has always been fascinated by the wonders of technology; which inspires him to write and spread enthusiasm about the same.

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