9 Important Findings From GoodFirms’ Web Design Research for Small Businesses

Updated on :October 17, 2023
By :Nathan Sebastian

Each day there is something new to discover while browsing through different kinds of websites on the web. Someday you find an animated picturesque landscape on the homepage and sometimes there are chic introductory videos. Then suddenly you will encounter a brilliant site that is organized only on the basis of innovative typography. And sometimes, you find the perfect and neat use of flat design by top brands massively appealing. Well, each experience will open up your mind to a new trend or technique that makes that particular website a feast for the eyes!

The technical point is, the trends and tools for web designing keep evolving in the market. And as a business or a client, how do you make sure of keeping up with upcoming or the current vogue? How do you save your website from being tagged as outdated from time to time? How do you get hold of the news on the latest tools being used? How do you avoid the mistakes usually SMBs make while designing their website? To answer these questions briefly, the research team of GoodFirms carried out a survey of 200+ web design agencies and freelancing designers to present you with accurate answers.

The intrinsic details obtained in this survey from the professionals with various statistics allowed GoodFirms to fetch prime findings like the cost of designing a website with basic features and the time taken for the same. Moreover, the favorite UI/UX tools of the designing maestros and their latest experiments with design are on the research charts too! Below is a glimpse of one such chart to give you a glance at what’s waiting in this web design research article by GoodFirms.

factors influencing cost of web design

When it comes to research, the most sought thing businesses search for is mistakes. What has been done wrong until now or what has been lacking in the current scenario of the website design? Therefore, this survey has helped figure the most common mistakes, especially by small businesses while redesigning their websites specifically.

Further, the top reasons that compel the visitors to leave a website and the exact circumstances when you can be sure that your website needs redesigning have also been discussed in detail. The most interesting take of this survey was on the pros and cons of hiring a web designing specialist versus a website builder software. The answers by the best designers belonging to top web development companies will make it pretty clear for you to hire which resource depending on your present state of affairs.    

If you just want to know the comprehensive details directly; then here is an overview of the survey to brief you about the percentile findings corresponding to various angles of web designing:

  • The average cost of designing a website with basic features is $3200.
  • Required features and functionalities, User Interface and User Experience, making the design responsive to multiple devices and browsers are the key parameters that influence the cost of web designing.
  • The average time that is taken to design a website with basic features is 2 months.
  • The UI/UX tools that are mainly used by proficient web designers turned out to be Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and InDesign.
  • Flat design, expressive typography, broken grid layouts, virtual reality video, voice user interface & search have emerged as the latest trends in web design that have been able to capture the minds of users successfully.
  • The most common web design mistake made by SMBs while designing their business site is overcrowded designing content, with the affirmation of 84.6% of the survey participants.
  • Slow loading speed, lack of mobile responsiveness and bad navigation of a website have occurred to be the top 3 reasons for a visitor leaving a website. Hence, the top 3 features that are frequently requested by the clients are responsive design, simple & user-friendly navigation and fast loading speed of the web page.
  • If your conversion rate is low and bounce rate is high; be assured that you are in sheer need of redesigning your website.
  • Acquiring a completely customized website is revealed to be the foremost reason for gaining assertion from 53.8% of the survey takers; for hiring a professional web designer rather than using a website building software.


The sassy design is what gives life to a website. The more you want your website to look smart and act intelligent, the more brilliant a mind is required for the same. GoodFirms help you identify those minds from the available resource in the market. The research team at GoodFirms know how important it is to find the right designing agency for your small business that can fit in your requirements concerning the functionalities & features along with the budget.

Hence, GoodFirms has listed the top web design companies to assist you in hiring the one that is capable of understanding all the mentioned factors in the research and can shape your website with their expertise.

Nathan Sebastian
Nathan Sebastian

Nathan is a Content Writing Expert at GoodFirms.co, a dedicated research & review firm for web designing companies, showcasing their genuine portfolio and clienteles to service seekers. Nathan has been in the content development of marketing & technical spheres for two years now. His focus stays occupied with SEO friendly content for the web to assist GoodFirms in making its IT research reach millions.

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