Trends To Influence Web Design Landscape In 2023

Updated on :July 14, 2024
By :Erik Watson

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

-Paul Rand

Web design is an artistic endeavour, and every form of creation requires inspiration. Web design naturally becomes a significant aspect of your company in the digital age when your website serves as the face of your brand. But how can you pick the finest design for your website out of the many alternatives available when creativity is running wild? 

A big part of designing is knowing the audience that is going to be looking at your website's content and designing accordingly. You need to be familiar with the preferences and lifestyle of the current generation to design a website that is right up their alley. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you only design a website based on the current design trends and just to capture the attention of your target audience. All the best web designing agencies will let you know that the true purpose of a good website design is to reflect the nature, values, and style of the brand that it represents. 

To understand this better, let’s take a look at a few award winning websites so you can get a glimpse into the trending web design features that are going to dominate 2023.

Award Winning Web Design Features

To quickly summarize, a few techniques that you can incorporate into your web design that have proven to be quite successful are as follows:

1. Parallax Scrolling - A cool 3D effect is created when the user scrolls and different elements of the website, the background and the foreground, move at a different speed. 

2. Micro-animations - These are little features that are highly responsive to the movement from the user and keep their attention on the screen. It could be the cursor with a unique look or little icons popping up when your cursor hovers over them. 

3. Witticism - You can call them taglines, or clever one liners but they get the message across with crisp words. Gone are the days where websites were text heavy. 

Trends to Influence Web Design Landscape in 2023 Infographic

Concluding Thoughts:

Web design trends may be highly influenced by the social media and lifestyle trends that the general public is following at the moment. Depending on different social cues, such as latest tech, or social media sharing options, or even inclusive web design features, web designers can always take inspiration from the prevailing lifestyle and fashion trends to create unique and engaging website designs. 

A perfect web design is not only pleasing to the eye and gives a great user experience, but has a high rating in functionality as well. Many designers tend to overlook this detail in order to make their website stand out from the crowd but it ultimately ends up working against them when it comes to the utility of the design. 

Despite living in a globalized world, many brands prefer to hire talent from areas close to their company for a variety of reasons such as cultural knowledge, ease in communication, and project budget to name a few. A brand active in NYC will prefer web designers from NYC, just like brands and especially SMEs from Australia will prefer hiring web designers from the Australian continent.

Hiring local talent should be the goal. Before making the decision, remember to look at their talent pool, portfolio, and pricing, among other things.

Erik Watson
Erik Watson

Erik Watson, a content crafter at GoodFirms who intends to share his outlook on the fast-paced tech industry and all the new and exciting global trends with the audience through his writing. A writer by day and an avid reader by night, Erik enjoys exploring different genres that help him grow as a writer and an individual. 

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