Why GoodFirms Added �Write a Review� Feature In Its Pocket

Updated on :June 18, 2024

This blog is in the continuation with the recently published one that details about - How GoodFirms is beneficial for Service Seekers & Service Providers.

The buzzword ‘Grow Organic’ has brought revolutionary changes in the way business are now being carried out. Thus, GoodFirms extends help to capitalise the most out of the radically changing scenario. Client reviews & related content is a major portion contributing to this and emphasising on a company’s performance with respect to client’s requirements.  

A client review helps a partner company to boost its online reputation and also the service seekers in evaluating their capabilities. Thereby assisting them in making the right decision and picking the appropriate partner that best fits their needs.

The Need For "Write A Review" Feature

GoodFirms has a very extensive research process that deeply scrutinizes every company based on their services and product quality, industry outreach – sectors and categories served, types of projects delivered – complexity and challenge level, seriousness to commitments – on timelines and price points, media presence, awards and recognitions, publications – case studies, whitepapers and other resources, overall industry experience and client satisfaction rate. Client Reviews play a very significant part in GoodFirms evaluation and carries a heavy weightage.

Being the most important parameter of the research, the review submission, verification and evaluation is time-consuming. Traditionally, companies were required to fill up the client reference form available through their profiles and submit all the details of the clients and the projects. Once a client reference is added, GoodFirms carries out a verification process to screen for the genuineness of the reference added. After this process only the client is contacted for a short review for their respective partner company.

But the roadblock here was - the companies added client references without the consent of clients and thus when GoodFirms reach out to them, it appeared a little difficult to establish a connect. This task is a little time consuming for the companies since they had to gather all client details and then seek prior permission from their clients to share a review about their recent performance.

The traditional client references still exist but in order to streamline and shorten the client review process GoodFirms introduced “Write a Review” feature.

With this the clients can directly pen down their honest experience, whether it is good or bad or ugly, about their partner company with an option of anonymity.

While reviewing the clients we found that 3 out of 10 clients did not want to disclose their names. Thus, GoodFirms now has an option of posting reviews anonymously which means when a review makes it to the board, it won’t reveal your identity to anyone. The clients can themselves let us know if they want to opt for anonymity or else we make sure to take an anonymity confirmation at the end of each review call.

This also removes the roadblock we mentioned above to some extent as the client reviews (or the guest reviews as we name them) come directly from the clients and thus we know that we already have the consent of the clients and this eases to establish a connection during the review call.

It also cuts down the verification step since the client only gets to submit a review using his/her LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google signups. Thus, we already know if the review that has made to our inbox has come from a genuine reviewer or not.

How “Write a Review” works?

This is the most asked question by the partner companies as well as their clients. A client review is a serious business for us and it is way more than - “They were awesome” kinda reviews. There are tons of reviewing companies that publish hundreds of one liner reviews that leave the service seekers puzzled.

Here is what goes into GoodFirms’ Extensive Client Reviews:

GoodFirms write a review

Step 1: Adding A Review

Can Never Be Easier Than This!

goodfirms write a review

Step 2: Reviewer Verification

You Are Not A Robot, Right!

Once a review is submitted, GoodFirms does a reviewer screening to make sure that the review comes from a genuine person which is the client of the company for which the review has been added. We get the reviewer details from their signup profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google) which reduces the time involved and fastens the process. If there’s still anything required, we prefer gathering them during the next step, which is Review Call.

Step 3: We Will Need Your 5 Minutes Over the Phone

A Quick Feedback!

Client reviews are the best testaments to scan the capabilities of the company, thus once the review is with us, our team calls the client to learn about his experience working with the partner company. The client/reviewer needs to rate the partner company on several parameters and share company’s strengths & improvements.

At the end of the call, we take clients’ confirmation on anonymity and shall the client choose to keep the review confidential, we do not post their identity with the review.

write a review goodfirms

Step 4: Publishing Client’s Feedback

Off To The Board!

Once our team is done with the interview, we transcribe it and publish the entire feedback in the review section. This helps other service seekers to make a right decision while choosing a partner company for their dream project, and it helps companies to improve their online reputation plus client experience.

Ending Note:

Today, various companies need a strong online presence to grow and scale their business. In such a situation, providing quality and requisite services is the primary concern of the provider. The more quality services they provide, the more traffic they drive to their website. No matter how the website looks what matters is the reliability, trust, and quality a seeker looks for in the company. And, that’s where GoodFirms swirls its magic wand.

Want to review a company? Visit our website and follow the simple steps.

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