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Updated on :June 11, 2024
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CAD or Computer-Aided Design replaces the concept of manual drafting by an automatic process. CAD can be used by professionals in structural engineering design, interior design,  architecture, automobile design, product design, fashion design, etc.

While CAD packages were in use for more than a decade, now, the trend has shifted to 3D CAD software that can work on different dimensions. This allows the drafters to rotate the object views smoothly, and to observe it from different angles.

CAD tools are used by architects, drafters, or engineers to prepare the illustrations for several types of design requirements. The top CAD software comes with varied features that allow you to develop high-quality designs. But you must shortlist and use the one that matches your requirements well.

There are several CAD software available for popular CAD applications. To make a good selection, though, you must understand CAD well. 

What is CAD?

CAD or Computer-Aided Design is used in computerized drafting in various industries. It is computer software that helps you in making high-quality 2D or 3D models.

Across several occupations, CAD software helps in preparing the building plans, electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, technical drawings, blueprints. It can also be used to create special effects for TV shows or movies. 

Benefits of CAD

Traditionally, industrial design was manual, and so the designs were prepared on paper. The lines, curves were set using instruments such as rulers and protractors. Moreover, it required the designer to do lots of manual calculations.

Thus the manual design process was very time-consuming and error-prone. And errors were very difficult to correct, at times requiring the designer to repeat the whole exercise.

Now, CAD software has changed the process for the better. The designs created by CAD are easy to edit and require less time to create. It also helps you prepare designs in both 2D and 3D and view it from different perspectives.

CAD also helps in proportioning and calculations that are a part of the design. The design can be shared in real-time. The other significant benefits of CAD are as follows.

Works Instantly

The CAD software makes useful changes in the industry to prepare the drawings. There are several tools provided by the CAD software which make the blueprinting easy. You can work quickly through the use of CAD software as compared to a pencil or paper. Moreover, you will be able to create multiple blueprints. As a base, you can also use the initial ready-to-use templates. Thus, CAD helps to improve overall productivity in less time.

CAD Architectural Design

Easily Sharing & Storage

You will be able to share the blueprints in a USB pen drive, cloud, or easily on the computer. It enables you to search for the data easily and quickly. Also, you will be able to make the effortless blueprints for designs that you can share. It allows you to backup and restore your data effortlessly.


The CAD software is used by professionals to get a realistic view of design. For example, architectures can use CAD software tools to explain the architecture of the house to all the buyers even before the actual construction has started. This helps in getting user requirements clear. 

How to Choose the Best CAD Software?

The first step in choosing your CAD software is to list down your requirements. Then, you must compare your requirements with the feature set of the software.

Generally, you can find the feature set of every software on its website. Or, you can check the features offered by the software on its GoodFirms profile page. GoodFirms also allows you to filter the list of software on the required feature set.

Next, you must check the reviews of the software. GoodFirms, a research and review platform, can help you with this. You can also find very specific feature reviews if you search on the internet. 

Top CAD Software

The use of these feature-rich software facilitates creating the best computer-aided designs. However, if you have very specific and complex needs, you will have to identify the best CAD software that provides such features.

If you have comprehensive CAD needs, you can try the top CAD software listed by GoodFirms such as Draft it, FreeCAD, QCAD, BRL-CAD, and many more.

Here is the list of the best CAD software used in various industries for computer-aided design and modeling.


The MATLAB software is designed to analyze the data, create models, or develop the best algorithms. It can be used to combine the desktop environment for the design process. The toolbox of MATLAB software is fully documented, professionally developed, or tested. You will be able to scale all the analysis by use of software on the cloud. You can check the features and reviews of MATLAB here. For those who want to try before they buy, MATLAB comes with a trial version too.

Autodesk AutoCAD

AutoCAD needs no introduction. This CAD software can be used for the construction building design and product design for civil infrastructure. It also can be used for 3D visualization or work on the models as well. The software comes with an excellent feature for drawings, documents, or 2D drafts. The 2D features of the software can use dynamic blocks. You can use the automatic dimension styles to create the Excel spreadsheet. AutoCAD is popularly used by civil engineers and architects. 

Bentley MicroStation

Looking for the best home CAD software to prepare the architecture design? It is the best visual solution for architects and engineers. It offers the tool for modeling and object management for visualization tasks. The software is used for all kinds of infrastructure, communication networks, water networks, bridges, or several other projects in buildings.

Solid Works Premium

It is better known as a home comprehensive 3D design software that provides the services for advanced wire, pipe routing for engineering capabilities. You can use the simulation features to work on the product performance against motion or forces. Moreover, you can use the additional features of stack-up analysis functionality to sort out the problems of assembly in the design process or manufacturability.

Corel CAD

The CAD software is available for the Mac or Windows both. It provides 3D or 2D drafting tools. Moreover, it is the best solution for the drawing industry to come with high-quality designs. You can use the software for sharing and collaboration of the project work. It provides the customization and automation features for external use.

Types of CAD Designs

There are numerous uses for CAD software for different design requirements. Here are the common CAD designs.

Floor Plan

The floor plan is one of the most commonly used CAD design types. In the floor plan, scale diagrams represent the shape, placement, or size of other objects and rooms. All these things are a part of the structure. The floor plan is used to visualize the home structure for building a footprint. The floor plan is a great way to see the laying of furniture and place objects for the proper fittings.

Blueprints or Technical Drawings

A blueprint is a technical drawing that is a scaled version of a detailed plan. It is used to provide the right specifications. It generally represents things in the same proportions as the original product. It can be used to know how something is made. This drawing includes engineering, mechanical, or architectural designs. Blueprints are known as the reproduction of technical drawings. The blueprint is commonly used in product design.

Mechanical CAD

Instrumentation Diagram

The instrumentation diagram shows the relationship between instrumentation or pipe. It can be used to project several other components in the physical process flow. For example, it is quite suitable for showing the type of tanks, pumps, or other components in a large system. All these parts are linked to each other for functioning.

HVAC Diagram

The CAD software helps in designing air conditioning, ventilation, or heating drawings for sensitive spaces like hospitals and laboratories. HVAC diagram is very useful for visualizing the installation of an air conditioner, ventilation system, or heating system on the location. It can include the location of ductwork, connection, or size to regulate the units as well as to make the connection of several components. The use of CAD helps assess the constraints and keep the installation free from errors, which could lead to damage.

Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram is used for several purposes, including the actual connection of the wire to each other and home or building. It can be used to show the electrical system. Mostly, all the components are mentioned in the diagram. It is opposite to the electrical schematics. The wiring diagram can help to get a clear picture of the electrical system. You can check out the broad view of all the components that are connected. It represents all the components that are connected.

Electrical Schematics

In this diagram, you will be able to catch the overview of components in an electrical system. It also represents the relationship between all the components that are used for electrical purposes.

Site or Plot Plans

The site plan includes the footprint of landscape design, parking lot, drainage, and building or water lines. This type of design is commonly used in all kinds of construction work.

Top CAD Design Examples

Here are common examples of CAD designs used by different industries.However, there are many more across several industries. 

  • Wiring diagram
  • Contemporary house plan
  • Piping instrument diagram
  • The example of Fluid Power
  • Diagram of office electric plan
  • Power plant diagram
  • Residential landscape
  • Deck design

For all types of construction activities, the CAD software can be used to prepare the design. Some of the software offer specialized features to prepare quality designs. You can get a spectacular or an excellent view of the construction home building by the use of CAD.

Though effective designing will require technical knowledge of the field that you are designing for, the software is easy to learn. 

Machine Design CAD

To Summarize!

CAD software has been trending in the engineering, architecture, automobile, and design industries for decades. But, with the use of cutting-edge technologies, the software has become very advanced.

The benefits of using CAD software are listed above. Undoubtedly, the CAD software makes drafting and designing easy to create and modify. It gives more accurate and real-like views. It helps in the safe storage and sharing of design diagrams.

CAD also allows excellent version control. You can create different versions of the model to try different overlays. And, you can get back to an older version without hassle.

So, CAD can be used to demonstrate the idea, and then modify it according to the reviews and suggestions.

Modern CAD software comes with cloud-based licenses. So, the teams can create and review the design from different locations.

With the use of CAD software, your design is high-quality, less time-consuming, and error-free. There is a variety of CAD software available to choose from. Most of these have free trial versions too. And, for complex feature requirements, you can get the premium versions.  

Then there are some free and open-source CAD software options also available for you to try.

However, before you start using CAD software, do check its features and reviews. And if you have you tried any CAD software, don’t forget to post a review here!

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