The 9 Best Free and Open Source Digital Classroom Management Software

Updated on :October 19, 2023
By :Jemimah Rodriguez

“Digital classroom” is the buzzword in the education sector these days. Everyone is talking about the revolution digital classroom has brought into the education world. One of the biggest factors transforming the methodologies of education is technology. Including technology in education has enabled instant access to knowledge and made learning a fun activity rather than a burden.

The teachers of the current era are educating Gen-Z (people born after 1995) - the generation constantly surrounded by technology. This generation needs everything at their fingertips within a few seconds. Old methods cannot be used to educate this generation. To keep this generation engaged in learning, teachers need to find innovative ways by using technology. Technology plays a major role in imparting education to this generation in an interesting manner. Executing digital methods in teaching can help students to access the information quickly and grasp the concepts easily.

The best classroom management software not only helps in educating the students in an advanced manner but also facilitates teachers and administrators in the educational sector to streamline their jobs and decision making processes. It even helps parents to communicate with the teachers and stay updated with the teaching and learning methods.

Here, after thorough research, our team has come up with the top 10 free and open source digital classroom management software that can help educational institutes in imparting education using innovative methods. But, before we look into the details of each software, let’s have a glimpse of what exactly is the digital classroom, its evolution in the educational sector, its benefits, and key features to look for while selecting a digital classroom software that suits your requirements.

What is a Digital Classroom?

Any classroom imparting education, whether it is about teaching cooking, horticulture, or engineering, is accompanied by technology and is applying digital methods like computers, e-books, etc., is known as a digital classroom.

Although the list is manifold, some of the elements of a digital classroom include -

Elements Of Digital Classroom

A digital classroom makes use of the combination of any of these elements to provide an advanced learning experience to the students.

Evolution of Digital Classroom in the Educational Sector

Digital Classroom Evolution

According to 2016 Digital Survey Education Survey (Deloitte)

Classroom Management Software Stats

In the current scenario, modern classrooms use technology in the form of internet-connected devices and digital classroom management software, enhancing the methodologies of teaching, learning, and communicating. The digital classroom management software can also integrate with learning management systems and student information systems to provide versatile functionality, driving the education system to the next level.

Especially during pandemics like COVID-19, a classroom management software has been proven to be a boon for teachers and students both. Classroom management software made distance learning more interesting and at the same time allowed teachers and students to stay indoors preventing themselves from getting infected.

Benefits of Using The Best Classroom Management Software

John King, former U.S. Secretary of Education, had said in a statement that - “One of the most important aspects of technology in education is its ability to level the field of opportunity for students.”

Guiding students through each step of their education, interestingly engaging them, and ensuring that the classroom management processes are streamlined require a lot of time and consistent efforts. The best digital classroom management software can help in accessing information easily, impart and attain education in an innovative manner, eliminate the communication gap between parents, students, and teachers, maintain discipline, and streamline all the operational processes.

To be precise, digital classroom software can be an all-in-one solution for maintaining a productive and futuristic classroom environment.

Benefits Of Digital Classroom Management Software

Features to Look for in a Digital Classroom Management Software

With the increase in usage of devices in a classroom, it becomes a necessity to use a well-featured classroom management system software to make the most out of technology. Listed below are the essential features which you need to look for today while selecting the best digital classroom management software.

Monitoring and Controlling Multiple Devices

The digital classroom management software should enable the teacher to connect with the multiple devices available in the classroom, monitor and control those devices. The software should be able to broadcast the screen of the teacher’s device on students’ devices, and vice versa. The teacher of the classroom should be able to monitor the students’ activities on those devices, their task list and help them remotely.

Multi-device Friendly

The classroom management system software you choose should be multi-device friendly because in an educational institute, there are different types of devices used by the teachers, students, administrators, and it is not at all practical to execute software that works only on desktops.

Internet Security

The digital classroom management software should help IT managers to monitor and control the websites viewed by the students, teachers, and other administrative staff. The classroom focus should be on learning and restricting the websites which are not relevant to the study in your particular field. Moreover, malware needs to be avoided; otherwise, several devices within the campus can be affected by the virus and cause damage to the important data. The top classroom management software you select should address these critical issues.

Updating Software from Remote Locations

The digital classroom management software you choose should help IT managers to update the software from remote locations. Especially if the software is being used for distance learning, updating the software personally is just impossible. Updating software from a remote location with a few clicks is an important criterion that needs to be considered.

Ease of Use

Similar to other software, digital classroom management software should be user-friendly, helping students, parents, teachers, and other educational staff to use the system seamlessly. The users should be able to adapt to the interface easily and without any difficulties. The focus should be on teaching and learning instead of adopting a complicated software.

Customer Support

Regardless, of which purpose you are using the software, customer support needs to be quick and easily available. Round-the-clock customer support should be available either through email, phone, or chat.

Digital Classroom Management Software is the Future of Education System

A teacher lecturing the students and the students attentively taking the notes is something which used to happen in the past. The present & future is using a top classroom management software, where the teachers and students have access to the digital study material, artificial teaching assistants, and other innovative tools resulting in enhanced learning experiences.

The only drawback of using digital classroom methods is that they require considerable investment, and not all educational institutes and universities can afford to upgrade their traditional classroom to the digital classroom. After rigorous research and analysis, we have come up with these top 10 digital classroom management software which can help you in adopting new methods in educating the students, facilitating the teachers, and upgrading your education system without investing a huge amount.

Comparison Chart of Top 9 Free and Open Source Classroom Management Software

Top 9 Free and Open Source Classroom Management Software

#1 Veyon

Veyon, formerly known as iTALC, is a free and open source software used for computer monitoring and classroom management. It can work on Linux and Windows platforms. Focusing on the educational sector, Veyon helps teachers to monitor and control the computers of the students remotely.

Teachers or instructors can perform demonstrations by sharing their screen with the students for better understanding and enhanced learning. The teachers using a Linux computer can access the students’ computers using Windows and vice versa. It is one of the best free digital classroom management solutions for commercial solutions, available in multiple languages.



  • View the other computer screens on your computer in an icon view
  • Access all the other computers with a single click
  • Take screenshots of computers with one click
  • Highlight a particular section and display it on other computers
  • Integrate with your network using built-in LDAP/AD support


Veyon is a free and open source as well as a powerful digital classroom management software for business. It also has a user-friendly interface, which has been optimized for quick access to all the important features.

If you have already used Veyon, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 Edmodo

Edmodo is a centralized classroom for teachers, students, and parents where they can connect with each other and find the resources required for their learning course. It is a safe space for discussion where even students who are not outspoken and cannot speak in traditional classrooms can easily convey their views.

The teachers can assign work to the students, parents can track the progress of their children, and students can find lessons as well as discuss the issues relating to their studies. It can also be integrated with G Suite for Education, helping students to submit and review their assignments.

This digital classroom management is growing in terms of popularity and having 48 million users globally.




  • Facilitates safe and secure direct messaging for teachers, parents, and students
  • Enables open discussion of the students and teachers
  • An integrated mobile app which keeps parents updated with the learning and teaching methods
  • Can adjust settings individually for each student and teacher
  • Updates students with the last minute changes before they step into the classroom
  • Multiple devices friendly so can log in from anywhere
  • Works for any type of subject, in any classroom with an unlimited number of devices
  • Aids teachers to control the participation of the students


Edmodo is a free digital classroom management software, which is easy to use, quick, and versatile enough to help teachers to reach out to the students, improve teaching and learning processes, and make the most out of the education plans.

If you have already used Edmodo, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 Eliademy

Eliademy is a simple, secure, and free digital school management software that allows creating online courses, sharing documents, images, videos, etc., with the students, and providing high-quality training. It is a wonderful medium that has transformed the way teachers and students collaborate with each other and accomplish their goals.

You can create your online course using attractive images and videos, making it look appealing and worth participating as per students' perspective in just 3 steps. It can be accessed from anywhere, thus providing convenience to the students to attain the training wherever they require and whenever they require.



  • Create courses with an intuitive interface
  • Gain control over who can access the online courses created by you
  • Enable interactive discussions between teachers and students
  • Create tasks and quizzes within your course
  • Monitor the tasks and assignments of the students
  • Supports Youtube, SlideShare, etc., so you can even paste the link of the course you want your students to access.
  • Reward your students with certificates on completion of the course
  • Includes personal study calendar to schedule the courses
  • Sends notifications to the students about the schedule of an important class
  • View the progress of the student in terms of assignment submission, grades, etc.


Eliademy can work in 30 different languages, and moreover, you can upload an unlimited number of attachments, and all this is free of cost. You can upload an immense number of attachments, and all this is free of cost.

If you have already used Eliademy, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#4 TeacherEase

TeacherEase is a simple and intuitive digital classroom management software specializing in standards-based learning. It is the software designed for team collaboration, defining pathways for the students, building digital learning resources for the students, analyzing learning data and progress of the students, and many more tasks required to enhance the education system.

By deploying TeacherEase, teachers can share information with the parents, keep them engaged, and show them the data which cannot be printed practically. It works as a student information system, following a flexible data exchange mechanism. It also enables automatic grading after formative assessments and summative assessments, which saves time and increases accuracy.



  • Helps in forming a committee and sharing the workload amongst committee members
  • Enables students to understand their goals and take ownership
  • Facilitates students to self assess their results and progress
  • Designs formative assessment and summative assessment for the students
  • Generates grades of the students automatically
  • Can create data with varied depth of knowledge and share with the students
  • Generates standards-based grade books & report cards


TeacherEase is an easy to use software helping students and teachers, to collaborate with each other and help the organizations to improve the level of the education system. As it is free software, you can provide a wonderful collaboration platform for students and teachers without investing anything.

If you have already used TeacherEase, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 Insight

Insight is a flexible classroom management software that is easy to use, keeps students engaged, promotes collaborative learning, and monitors classroom activities. It can support multiple labs seamlessly and help teachers in creating an excellent learning experience. Moreover, it helps students to request and receive course material, raise queries from their devices, share their screen with other students, and study at their own pace.

Games, instant messages, and other browsing activities irrelevant to the studies can be blocked with a single click. From one central computer, you can control and monitor multiple devices running on various platforms. It is an enhanced knowledge sharing system, which is just perfect for organizations wanting to raise the level of their education system.



  • Creates a class list and automatically integrates the list in the software
  • Displays teacher’s screen to all the students in the classroom
  • Controls students’ devices from a centralized location
  • Displays a particular student’s screen to all the other students in the classroom
  • Helps in monitoring the students’ activities in a classroom at a glance
  • Enables communication among students and teachers through audio, chat, and broadcast features
  • Can blank the students’ screens and lock their keyboard and mouse to grab their attention
  • Enables teachers to place students’ devices on assessment mode by locking access to other applications, except the assignment or questionnaire
  • Helps in creating a multiple choice questionnaire for the students, enabling the students to reply to those questions digitally, and generating results automatically
  • Can restrict internet and application usage of the students
  • Ensures that the students are using only the organizations’ wireless network
  • Can remotely shut down or lock the students’ computers
  • Save time and accelerate the education system by instantly downloading applications and websites on students’ computers


Insight is a futuristic digital classroom management software not only helping teachers to monitor the activities of the students in the classroom but also helping them to generate innovative ideas to solve a problem and increasing their level of attention and creativity.

If you have already used Insight, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 LanSchool Lite

LanSchool Lite is a simple & reliable school management software that helps students in focusing on their learning in a safe digital environment. It helps teachers in teaching their students, eliminating all the distractions, and at the same time, monitor their screens to ensure that they are making the most out of their teaching time.

Any student having access to this software is sure to benefit as it allows sharing the teacher’s screen on the students’ devices and promotes collaborative learning. It also enables seamless communication between the teacher and students, helping them to complete the projects and assignments within the required time frame.




  • Helps teachers to monitor the students’ devices, using screen sharing
  • Teachers can broadcast their screen on students’ devices, enabling them to execute advanced teaching methods
  • Enables effective communication between teachers and students
  • Teachers can lock the screens and keyboard of students’ devices helping them to eliminate distractions
  • Enables students to send their assignments and teachers to collect those assignments digitally, thus helping them in saving time
  • The button bar on the top allows teachers and students to have quick access to the tools they use the most.
  • Allows simplified access to the students’ progress
  • Streamlines the operations and administrative processes of the organization


Using LanSchool Lite, the teachers, administrators, librarians, and tech coordinators can monitor the computers of the students easily without investing an amount. Create a safe digital environment for your student by implementing LanSchool Lite and experience a difference in your teaching and learning strategies.

If you have already used LanSchoolLite, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#7 NetSupport School

NetSupport School is a free digital classroom management software, providing high-end monitoring, collaboration, control, and assessment features, helping the teachers and students to avail the benefits of technology in the education process.

This software can work seamlessly on all types of devices and platforms; also, it is designed specifically keeping the needs of teachers in mind. NetSupport School has proven to be the complete classroom management solution for 30 years.Netsupportschool


  • Helps teachers to manage the students’ computers from a centralized device
  • Sets permissions & restrictions to the printer and another device usage for the students
  • Includes customized icons for the students’ use
  • Can view and print students’ register
  • Ability to distribute files & folders from the teacher's PC to students’ computers
  • Provides access to real-time information like the session topic, time remaining, etc.
  • Can show the teacher's screen to the selected students’ computers
  • Displays video and other content to selected students
  • Can deliver the recording of the entire session on the students’ computers
  • View students’ screens on a real-time basis
  • Monitor and control students’ internet usage
  • Create a library of resources and study material which can be shared
  • Setup tests and assessment questionnaires
  • Password-protected access to the software


NetSupport School is a flexible software that works on almost all modern platforms and devices. It saves time, money, and parallelly, ensures that students are focused on their study course. You can try its free trial for 30 days on 40 devices to determine whether it suits the requirement of your organization or not.

If you have already used NetSupport School, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#8 Netop Vision

Netop Vision is a free and open source digital classroom management software that helps teachers in completing their tasks in less time. It is a simple yet powerful platform with brilliant and innovative features.

With this software, the teachers can ensure that the students are paying attention to the details they want them to. Basically, it saves time, enhances learning, and ensures data security.



  • Teachers can view the students’ screens
  • Teachers can share their screen with the selected students
  • Students can display their screens with the other students
  • Teachers can lock the students’ screens and keyboards with a single click of a mouse
  • Same URL can be opened on multiple devices in the classroom with a push of a button
  • Restrict the use of the internet and websites


By using Netop Vision, the teachers can control what the students view on their devices in the classroom and avoid their distraction over other issues. Moreover, it is easy to use and reliable software, which is multiple devices friendly. You can try its trial version for 30 days before buying to determine its compatibility with your requirements.

If you have already used Netop Vision, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#9 OpenSIS

OpenSIS is an all-in-one solution for K-12 schools, high schools, virtual schools, and even patient education in the healthcare sector. It is a school information management software that is rich in features and captures the complete information about the student right from enrollment to graduation.

Each and every instance, whether it is attendance, report card, discipline report, or fees transaction, is recorded and maintained by Opensis. With a click of a mouse, one can access the student’s past information.




  • Create unlimited customized categories and fields for storing student and staff details
  • Schedule requests of single and group of students
  • Create report cards in the HTML format for easy download and reformatting using any word processor
  • Provide access to the parents to view the real-time data and get the required information
  • Provide access to the students to view the real-time data relating to attendance, grades, assignments, etc.
  • Reward students by allowing them to participate in clubs if they have achieved remarkable results in their examinations
  • Capture unlimited contact details of the students
  • Record health-related issues of the students relating to allergies and immunization
  • View attendance details of the students and teachers with a click of a mouse
  • Enable Google maps integration validating the address of the students
  • Record school events and holidays with the help of calendar functionality
  • Track the progress and milestones achieved for the students with special needs.


Opensis is a versatile school management software/school information software preferred by many schools and institutions to streamline their business and operations. Its free and community edition has all the required features significant to operate any single or connected multiple schools in a district.

If you have already used OpenSIS, please feel free to share your reviews here.

So, these were the 9 best free and open source digital classroom management software that you can consider deploying for your business. But, if you require high-end features not provided by the free ones, you can go for one of the most popular digital classroom software - Blackboard Classroom. Let’s have a look at its brief information -

Blackboard Classroom

Blackboard Classroom helps in increasing student engagement, boost teacher productivity, and deliver a personalized learning experience. It is driven by K-12 needs that follow a personalized and excelled learning system. Using this software, you can create rich digital, interactive, and reusable content in the form of audio/video, games, and much more. Basically, it helps teachers in providing a wonderful and appealing learning experience to their students. Let’s look at its key features -

Blackboard Classroom

Key Features

  • Includes state-of-the-art learning management system 
  • Helps in setting up cutting-edge HD virtual classroom
  • Enables teachers to showcase rich digital & interactive content
  • Includes unique personalized learning designer
  • Get assistance in implementation, training, and SIS integration
  • Provides smart analytical reports

If you have already used Blackboard Classroom, please feel free to share your reviews here.

The Key Takeaway

In the current scenario, when we are highly using technology in each domain, education should not be left behind. Streamlining education using the latest technology is exponentially significant, as that is only going to mould and shape our future. A proper blend of technology with education can -

  • Help teachers to collaborate and share resources with the students instantly
  • Enable students to gain research skills at a very young age
  • Provide access to a plethora of learning resources to the teachers and students both
  • Encourage students to learn at their own pace without any distractions
  • Make the learning process interesting for the students

Gone are the days when students used to sit quietly on their desks and listen to what the teachers are saying. Education today is much more collaborative and interactive than before. The use of digital classroom management software is already transforming classroom management and the way education is being imparted to students these days.

Just select the best among these top 9 free and open source digital classroom management software and introduce new ways of teaching, learning, and streamlining the operations in your organization.

Are you looking for more digital classroom management software with advanced features?

Just go through our comprehensive list of digital classroom management software, which also includes freemium and paid software like Top Hat Classroom, Classroom Management Software, Dyknow, LanSchool Air, and choose the one suiting to the requirements of your organization leveraging advanced education & training.

Have you used any of these digital classroom management software? Please leave your review here.

Also, if you are looking for applications used for other business sectors other than education, you can browse all software categories here.

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