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Frequently Asked Questions

Are web development companies in Dublin competitive globally?

Yes, web development companies in Dublin are highly competitive due to the increasing availability of skilled professionals in Dublin. Most established web development companies in Dublin are active in the global markets and have a team of qualified, experienced, and highly trained developers who excel in building and optimizing websites as per the domestic and international market demands. Dublin Web Developers undoubtedly remain at the forefront in web development and design, offer better communication throughout the project development cycle, and deliver the best service post-launching the website. Moreover, Dublin’s favorable laws and lower taxes allow website development companies here to offer competitive prices in the market. Additionally, Dublin web developers’ global presence automatically expands the web development company’s scale of operations, giving it access to more projects and a more extensive customer base. Such progress has been helping them create a competitive advantage by undertaking complex assignments needed to add a significant portion of the value chain.

How to find the best Dublin-based web development company?

Finding the best Dublin-based web development company is easier if you browse through a reputed B2B reviews and rating websites like GoodFirms. Here, you can check the list of the top web development companies in Dublin and use the filters for various parameters like services, cost,  reviews, industries, etc. Upon shortlisting a few companies based on your requirements, target audience, business goals, and budget, you can talk to them, brief your project, and discuss further. Such a process will give you a broad idea about their work style, project management capabilities, pricing, post-launch support, etc. Narrowing down your final preference is easier at this stage. You are then set to finalize the best Dublin web development company that can handle your project.

What are the steps involved in the website development process in Dublin?

The steps involved in the website development process in Dublin are as follows;

  • Assembling all the essential information like the project goals, business goals, target audience, market scope, etc.
  • Finalizing the budget and the timeline
  • Evaluating the frameworks, languages, and coding necessities
  • Generating a sitemap and wireframe
  • Deciding on the page layouts, functions, features, navigation, integration, and customization
  • Proceeding with the approval cycle
  • Content management
  • Coding frontend and backend
  • Designing
  • Testing, reviewing, and launching
  • Post-launch maintenance and regular updation

Which technologies does a Dublin web development company use?

  • Progressive Web App
  • open-source web application development framework based on PHP5 for better debugging and testing capabilities.
  • open-source JavaScript web framework like Meteor JS based on Node.js for low
  • page load time.
  • Angular framework for dynamic web application development
  • Laravel for PHP framework
  • Ruby on Rails for server side development
  • frameworks on Python following MVC architecture like Django
  • Languages like Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby and scalable languages
  • Motion UI
  • Blockchain
  • APIs
  • Serverless architecture

How long does it take in Dublin to develop a website?

Developing a website in Dublin from a professional website development company can take anywhere from three months to five months, depending on the type of website, number of pages, elements, functionalities, features, UI/UX, integrations, and other complexities. Multiple stages are involved in website development, from discussion to generating a wireframe to coding to testing the site. Understanding the project thoroughly, and communicating the progress at every stage by the development team will speed up the process. Handing over your project to the best website development company in Dublin can ease the entire task and reduce the timeline to a great extent.

What questions do you ask when hiring Dublin-based web developers?

When hiring Dublin-based web developers, there are certain questions that you should ask like;

  • What are your core competencies?
  • How many websites have you successfully launched to date?
  • Are there any services that are out of your scope?
  • Will you customize our project as per our requirements?
  • What is the timeline and budget?
  • Will you assist us in marketing, SEO, etc.?
  • What if you fail to deliver the project within the stipulated time and committed budget?
  • What is included in the cost, and what is not included?
  • Who are your current clients?
  • Are they international or domestic customers?
  • Can you briefly describe your development process?
  • What about your development team? How skilled and experienced are they?
  • How are you going to communicate the development stages?

Questions like these can help gauge the website development company’s ability, working culture, limitations, and scope.

Is it better to hire a developer or outsource from a web development company in Dublin?

Numerous factors typically help you decide whether to hire a developer or outsource from a web development company in Dublin.

  • A thorough evaluation of your web development project, its complexities, your budget, and your timeline will help in making the right decision.
  • You can outsource from a Dublin-based web development company  if you lack the proper infrastructure and have limited resources and budget to invest in the latest technologies and tools.
  • You can outsource your development if you have a shortage of developers to hire.
  • When you outsource, you save on the cost and have the flexibility, scalability, and access to the best development team and experts in the latest tools, frameworks, and technologies.
  • If your project requires extensive monitoring and continual focus on the development, then an in-house developer can be the best choice.
  • If you are not able to find a development company that agrees to work in your timezone, then hiring a web developer will only work.

So, evaluate your business goals and make a wise decision.