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Alpha Corporate Sales offers public relations PR and neuro-marketing services in New York City and internationally. We help companies find AND close new business globally using neuro-psychology. Alpha Corporate Sales is a leading global business development, public relations...
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Alpha Corporate Sales
Helping Companies Grow Since 1997
5.00/5 (1 Reviews)
1 Review
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George DayReviewed 5 months ago
Alpha Corporate Sales Public Relations PR Neuro Marketing Patent Services NYC
Role: Product Manager at Lendingblock
Reviewed 5 months ago by George Day
Role: Product Manager at Lendingblock
Alpha Corporate Sales Public Relations PR Neuro Marketing Patent Services NYC
I needed help with patenting and marketing my invention and so I reached out to Alpha Corporate Sales in January 2020, and within 60 days I had my MVP ready and we began to market my product globally. I started seeing small $4,000 checks arriving to my mail box within 30 days. Today, I market my product full-time with the help from my dedicated team led by Victor at Alpha Corporate Sales. My wife was able to retire from teaching school after 23 years on the job. We purchased a new car and a speed boat. Our cash flow keeps increasing every week because more customers buy my product every day. I have learned so much from Fred, Victor, and Sam that it would be impossible to do this project on my own. Not possible to do this solo even if I watched every self-help marketing video on YouTube. I'm grateful to Alpha Corporate Sales team for listening and believing in me and in my dream and for helping me materialize my multi-million-dollar vision. I'm beyond happy and, naturally, I recommend that every inventor who needs help marketing their idea call Alpha Corporate Sales. They're very friendly and informal. They will help you make money if you have a great idea! Next year, we plan to partner with a large manufacturer to take my production to the next level. All thanks to the connections my team has brought to me. There is no way I could have gotten the CEO of that mega company on the phone and interested him in manufacturing my product. Making $20,000 per week was fun at first. Now, I have to prepare myself to dealing with 6-digit figures (upwards of $180,000 per month) going forward. It's hard to believe this is happening to me in real life, but every time I go to my bank to deposit my weekly checks I realize how fortunate I am for having called Alpha Corporate Sales to get their help. If you have an invention, call Alpha Corporate Sales and ask for Victor and he will help you with your invention marketing from A to Z. You won't regret it. They are the best at what they do. There is no other PR marketing firm in NYC or in the world that has the level of experince and marketing expertise of Victor and his team at Alpha Corporate Sales.

What do you like most about the company?

Alpha Corporate Sales team listens to what my issues are and then they deliver on their promise.

What they should improve on?

Alpha Corporate Sales is best public relations PR and neuro-marketing firm in New York City and possibly in the world.

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