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About Arfadia
With years of experience,  has transformed in to a leading digital agency in Indonesia. The company’s services and reputation is unquestionable. Arfadia is Full Service Digital Marketing Agency and Creative Media Company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We o...
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Spark Creativity and Innovative Solutions
4.8 (2 Reviews)
Tessar Napitupulu
Tessar Napitupulu
Tessar Napitupulu
CEO, Arfadia

Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the company?

With the support of skillful staff and years of experience in Full Service Digital Marketing, Arfadia has craved its place in the world digital agency. Due to its optimum services and well-developed products, the digital agency has won many awards and obtained many certifications.

Unlike other companies or individual services that offer lower prices, Arfadia is very knowledgeable and understands the steps to market your digital assets in the Search Engine, the results that Arfadia offers are very clear and measurable.

Arfadia has conducted research on companies or other individual services that do not provide clear indicators of the output of their work. While Arfadia makes a complete package, the results of which you can feel for a long time. The foundation of your digital assets values that will be maximized, is the key to the success of Arfadia's work. Not only optimizing your digital assets, but Arfadia will also optimize other online media so that your business will dominate in the Search Engine Results so that you will have greater opportunities for potential customers/investors/partners for your digital assets, this is what Arfadia calls " The New Generation Of SEO ". I am The CEO and Founder of The Company.

Mention the objectives or the parameters critical in determining the Digital Marketing Strategy for a client.

Our potential clients will have a personal digital marketing expert who will accompany them from the beginning to the end of the process. The expert shows the real conditions and what they need to do to develop them for better digital marketing performance and results, and our experts will explore information such as :
a. Short and Long Term Objectives
b. Investment and budget
c. Time and road map

Then Arfadia will spend time analyzing and building a strategic plan that is suitable for them.

How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?

Arfadia specializes in 360° Marketing Campaigns Integrated with Experiences of Communication Strategies and Information Dissemination on various Channels/media both online and offline. Arfadia is the Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Indonesia - consistently delivering transformational growth to customers. Arfadia has won many awards and obtained many certifications from both National and International. We have a different method than other companies. We have years of experience in this industry and have a proven track record of successful results.

What industries do you generally cater to? Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what ratio of clients has been repetitive to you?

Industry that we serve :
•    Non-Profit Organization
•    Government
•    Consumer Goods
•    Insurance
•    Education
•    Cryptocurrency
•    Broadcast Media / Online Media / Publishing
•    Management Consulting
•    Tourism
•    Entertainment
•    Financial Services
•    Mining & Metals
•    Food & Beverages
•    Political Organization
•    Information Technology and Services
•    Transportation / Airlines / Aviation
•    Venture Capital & Private Equity
•    Marketing and Advertising
•    Small and medium micro businesses / Startup.

Our customers are 95% repetitive.

Please share some of the services that you offer for which clients approach you the most for?

We work with insurance companies, securities, international organizations, travel, and ministries in Indonesia. We provide full 360 marketing services to market the products/campaigns they want. The target is all Indonesian people who have been segmented at the beginning. The services we provide include :
Communication Strategy, Digital Blueprint Strategy, Channel Strategy (360 degrees), Content Pillar, Visual Style, and Guideline, Campaign Theme, Digital Activity (with Influencer), Visibility In Social Media, KOL / Influencer Marketing Activity, Search Engine Optimization All In One (Google Search Domination), Google Maps Optimization and Local Citation, Youtube Video Optimization, Online Reputation Marketing, Article (Content Marketing) Production, Graphic / Motion Design, Media Press Release, Distribution, and Monitoring, Email Marketing, Paid Advertising, Native Advertising, Social Media Maintenance, Data Management Platform (DMP), Video Marketing Production and Distribution, Interactive Video (HTML5) Production for Ads, and Web Design.

What do you find to be some of the most key factors for running a successful agency in the field of Digital Marketing?

1.    We know how to structure the strategy in time and content: If the management of the brand image of the different online marketing strategies is left in the hands of a professional, it will be possible to correctly manage both the way in which you want to relate to potential clients. How to publish or comment on posts or posts both on the website and on social networks. It is necessary that marketing strategies are always personalized according to the claims of the brand image that the company may have.
2.    Tools and resources: Our Team knows how to correctly use tools, analytics, among others. Knowing how to correctly use the tools that exist to manage and know the ROI of online marketing strategies can save time and money, as well as providing numerous benefits.
3.    Experience: Professional experience working every day in different companies of the industry, with tools and knowing the actions of the competition, in the same way that favors the realization of professional reports, personalized methods for analysis of the competition, and success in achieving client objectives, making us very proficient in carrying it out.
4.    Customized strategy: When you leave the contract in an amateur and not in the hands of professionals you can fall into the error of improperly managing digital marketing.
5.    Being up to date: Everyone knows that in the world of new technologies the advances are constant and staying behind can have a considerable impact on the success of online marketing actions.

What are the key factors that you consider before deciding the cost of a project?

In my experience, there are 8 main factors that determine the cost of a project.
  1. Scope of Work - What are the specific services and deliverables required? How many revisions will be needed?
  2. The client - Is the client new or existing?
  3. Expertise - The expertise to do the project.
  4. Resources - How much human resources are needed.
  5. Scheduling - How much time will it take to do the project? How many people need to approve the work for each milestone?
  6. Quality - How high is the quality expected by the client for this project?
  7. Cash flow - What are the stages of payment from clients? is there a down payment or payment based on progress, or payment after work is complete?
  8. Collaborators - Does anyone else need to work on this project (ex. Third Party)?

What kind of payment structure do you follow to bill your clients?

Depending on the services needed and KPI achieved, it can be a monthly payment, once in 3 months, or payment based on output.

What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2019?

In 2019, we had projects from 5k up to 500k (USD)

Name a couple of activities that you think provide the best ROI in terms of benefit/impact when it comes to different areas of Digital Marketing.

Content is fundamental, whether Articles, Images, Videos, or Podcasts. Content is a digital asset that will provide future benefits to us. Like this GoodFirms interview content for example. This content will be useful for our company and GoodFirms as a medium. After the content is created, how to distribute and convert this content to become customers (Conversion Rate Optimization). This is an important factor in getting ROI.
Contact information
Raudha Building 1st & 2nd Floor. JL. Kuningan Barat II No. 21, Mampang Prapatan., Jakarta, Jakarta 12710