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BloxBytes is a leading blockchain and web3 development company with a decade of experience in developing advanced blockchain solutions, web3 gaming ecosystems, NFT marketplaces, launchpads, DeFi protocols, DApps, DEX, Crypto Wallets, headquartered in the United States with global footprints in three different countries.

Being the development partner for startups, SMEs, enterprises, and one of the top five web3 game studios in the world, we have assisted companies with sustainable blockchain implementations in different industrial segmentations like gaming, fintech, healthcare, supply chain, retail, e-commerce, and more. 

From consulting through implementation and post-development assistance, Bloxbytes offers a full range of blockchain development solutions. Here are some reasons for trusting us.

Blockchain & Web3 Solutions

Web3 & Blockchain Development, NFT Marketplace Development, Wallet Development, Smart Contract Development, Decentralized Exchange (DEX), DApp Development, DeFi Platforms, DAO Blockchain, NFT & Token Development and Web3 & Blockchain Consulting Services.

Blockchains Technologies 

Solidity, RUST, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, Binance, Solana, Substrate, Polkadot, Celo, Algorand, Cosmos, Web3, Python, Javascript, Golang


Gaming, Fintech, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Logistics, Ecommerce, Real Estate, Banking, Retail and Consumer Goods, Education.

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CMMI Level 2
$50 - $99/hr
50 - 249
United States
122 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60603
+1 2315808240

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Blockchain Technology

Industry Focus

  • Gaming
  • Enterprise
  • Legal & Compliance

BloxBytes Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • Vulcan Forged
  • Elysium
  • Vulcan Dex
  • Adstaker
  • Cryptoamulets
  • Dadavault

AuraDogs - NFT Studio
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AuraDogs - NFT Studio
  • AuraDogs - NFT Studio screenshot 1
46 weeks


Aura Dogs is an altruistic animal punk movement that combines Art and Technology with the financing and commercialization tools of Web3. We are a decentralized altruistic community connecting Web3 to a mission of delivering investment and funding towards animal rights initiatives.

Partnership: Auradogs  X  Bloxbytes

The partnership with Bloxbytes will enable Auradogs to explore the benefits of emerging technologies and develop a unique ecosystem to support the animal punk movement. A user-friendly platform to mint NFTs, onboard the animal shelters, a place for artists to display their love for animals using AI tools, and many more exciting features for the community!


Auradogs is aiming to help fund Animal Shelter organizations and Adoption Centers for Stray Dogs, as well as provide a platform for Animal Rights advocates through Art. Aura Dogs is a frequency, full of style and vibes where all artwork is created with love and the utmost attention to detail.


  • NFT Minting Engine & NFT Marketplace
  • Smart Contracts Integration to make the entire process transparent and secure
  • A platform for artists to show their love and skills in animal art combined with AI Tools to support the artist
  • A transparent funding platform where the community can contribute and save animals, keeping a track of their funds.
  • Fund Raising Portal for animal shelters

Technology Stacks

  • ERC-1155 | ERC-20 | ERC-721 tech layers for DAO's treasury & Smart contracts. 

  • BloxBytes and Auradogs leverage blockchain, smart contracts, and NFTs to create a transparent and decentralized platform for animal welfare.

Bloxbytes has joined hands with Auradogs for a mission to develop a Web 3.0 ecosystem where animal rescuers can show their love for animals by buying NFTs and contributing funds for animal shelters. The system will entirely be managed by smart contracts and blockchain-based solutions enabling Auradogs to achieve its mission and expand its impact around the world.

PJPP - NFT Collectibles
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PJPP - NFT Collectibles
  • PJPP - NFT Collectibles screenshot 1
56 weeks
Art, Entertainment & Music

Project Overview

The Private Jet Pyjama Party (PJPP) sells unique Owl-based NFTs featuring iconic figures in luxurious jet settings, created by renowned artist Benny Robinson with collaborations in the music and fashion industry. These NFTs have achieved record-breaking sales, surpassing USD 100,000, and have been showcased in prestigious museums, depicting characters enjoying PJCFC, KFC, and Jack Daniels while listening to iPods.

Project Requirements

The client’s requirement stated the development of the PJPP website and the smart contract that we proposed ERC-721 instead of ERC-1155 for the reduced transfer fee. The client also required us to create programmatic images and provided us with the layers to develop an algorithm to generate NFTs. The requirement includes the creation of 10,000 NFTs that we had to develop within the limited time frame of 2-3 weeks. We expected to do image generation, launching of NFTs, releasing of NFTs, and revealing the NFTs on their platform.


BloxBytes released a 10,000-piece Male Owl NFT series, with early access for club members and three sales. The success led to a limited 3,333-piece Female Owl series, followed by a highly successful free Baby Owl sale five months later. Owl couples gifted Baby Owls to NFT holders, generating further engagement. Features

  • Bulk minting
  • Delayed release
  • Image generation
  • Royalty module
  • Image compression


BloxBytes contributed to the success of PJPP NFTs, exhibited in top museums, and achieved $100,000+ sales. PJPP stands as a prominent European NFT project, with plans for private jet launches and VIP Club access for NFT holders. Notable stats include Male Owl sales with a $1,150,000 market cap and 310 ETH, Female Owl sales at a $2,756,000 market cap and 870.24 ETH, and Baby Owl sales with a $364,400 market cap and 221.14 ETH.

AdStaker - Stake, Click & Earn
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AdStaker - Stake, Click & Earn
  • AdStaker - Stake, Click & Earn screenshot 1
56 weeks
Advertising & Marketing

Project Overview

Adstaker is a PTC (Pay-to-Click) portal. It is a unique built-from-scratch and one-of-a-kind stake-to-earn-advertising platform (STEAP) that promotes NFT sales, crypto affiliate offers investments, biz-ops, MLM, and more.

Project Requirements

The client wanted to create a portal that attracts people interested in making money online by clicking on advertisements, a platform where website visitors can earn by watching ads. The client also requested to create a system with an escrow mechanism, IP tracking for clients, Google Captcha and ad validation to stop automated programs from generating traffic. To do this, we had obstacles that included guaranteeing real-time users and obtaining organic traffic in order to reduce the use of bots. Furthermore, the client wanted full control over portal processes.


We suggested a client-controlled centralized system with an escrow mechanism instead of a smart contract for process control. To prevent automated traffic, we employed IP tracking to cancel views from specific shifting IPs. Additionally, we integrated Google Captcha, ad validation, and Cloudflare firewalls to deter bots and ensure genuine interactions with the interface.


  • ADSTKR Token: Tradable on Binance Smart Chain and Pancake Swap, users can stake for payments.
  • Advertisers Benefit: Reliable traffic, ad placement, token payments, and dashboards.
  • Viewers Benefit: Limited ad dashboard, staking rewards, referral incentives, and token-based rewards.


We developed a platform in which traffic originates from real people, not robots, and this model will involve human interaction only. Furthermore, viewers and advertisers can use it to get rewards and an additional offering of affiliate bonuses. There is a feature for adding any user using a referral ID as well as the primary referrer which provides a maximum of three referral levels.

Futbala - NFT Marketplace
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Futbala - NFT Marketplace
  • Futbala - NFT Marketplace screenshot 1
26 weeks

Project Overview

Futbala is a next-generation fantasy football manager game, where football players are represented by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It is the first and most comprehensive football metaverse using the most cutting-edge blockchain technologies.


The client requested to create a play-to-earn game with real-world rewards using blockchain technology for NFTs and in-game items. To manage user influx, they designed a controlled entry price economic structure. They established a transparent, secure, low-fee Blockchain network, deployed smart contracts for accessory-based NFTs, and introduced governance tokens. The game includes its marketplace, supports multiple wallets (Metamask, Fortmatic), and offers various features for players and collectors.


Creating a next-gen play-to-earn game, we assessed client needs and opted for Polygon Blockchain for security, transparency, and low fees. Smart contracts included ERC721 for user-minted NFTs and ER1155 for admin-minted accessories NFTs. A reliable protocol was chosen for the Futbala governance token (Clash) with a 420 million supply cap, allowing user voting. Our marketplace facilitates NFT trading, and auctions, and supports wallets like Metamask and Fortmatic. The game boasts diverse features and options for users.

Features of the Platform

  • Mint New Option
  • Token Swapping
  • Training Sessions (NFT) Rewards
  • Cheers (Meta)
  • Rare Skills


Futbala, a cutting-edge game, offers skill-enhancing training and rewards for matches played, including tokens and skill-improvement items. Revenue comes from Futbaler minting fees for scouting sessions, creating new players, and boosting team rosters. With a 4.9% transaction fee, below industry standard, sponsors can advertise on uniforms and within virtual stadiums. Day's earnings are divided: 60% for user rewards, 20% for Futbala Reserve, and 20% for Futbala Company.

Kudoe - NFT Marketplace
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Kudoe - NFT Marketplace
  • Kudoe - NFT Marketplace screenshot 1
38 weeks
Information Technology

Project Overview

The marketplace is multi-chain enabled, allowing users to perform transactions on various blockchain networks. With BloxBytes' commitment to using cutting-edge technologies and Kudoe insights into their user's requirements, the platform will also feature a customizable watchlist for NFTs, providing a seamless and efficient NFT trading experience.


We created a secure platform that allows users to engage in NFT trading with ease and perform transactions for any type of token by prioritizing performance, reliability, and compatibility to ensure a large number of users/transactions, with minimal disruptions, is accessible across devices/browsers.


  • A multi-chain enabled NFT marketplace.
  • A marketplace that supports multi-token support.
  • A combination of the latest features and functionality.
  • Admin dashboard to manage the marketplace dynamically.


  • Multi-Wallet Support
  • ERC721 NFT for Minting
  • Buying/Selling of NFT
  • Auction and Bidding for NFTs
  • Multi-contract support (ERC721)
  • Buying/Selling with ETH or any ERC20 token
  • Watchlist functionality with customization
  • User dashboard -Notifications Center
  • A full-fledged Panel for the Admin

Contracts For Kudoe Marketplace

  • ERC-721
  • ERC-20
  • Marketplace Contract
SentiPay - South Africa's First Digital Wallet
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SentiPay - South Africa's First Digital Wallet
  • SentiPay - South Africa's First Digital Wallet screenshot 1
34 weeks
Financial & Payments

Project Overview

SentiPay is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that allows cryptocurrency transactions, including different wallets (crypto and fiat), so users can perform transactions with multiple currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. SentiPay Wallet enables consumers, merchants, and investors to transact, store, swap, send, buy, and earn cryptocurrency from a single mobile application. It holds your private key and has 100% control over your funds.


The client wanted to develop a mobile wallet and launch it in the non-crypto market of South Africa. Only now, there has been a means for users to trade cryptocurrencies in that country. 


We developed SentiPay wallet that enables credit card purchases of cryptocurrencies, converting South African Rands to preferred cryptos linked to USDT. The app offers ZARC ERC-20 token for UniSwap trading, dual consumer/merchant modes, instant mode switching, and KYC verification through a local provider to meet data regulations.

Features of the SentiPay App

  • 2FA for registration/login
  • Biometric Login
  • QR Payments
  • Multi-Currency Support (USDT & SAR)
  • Username-based transactions
  • Download transaction history in Xls and PDF
  • A simple withdrawal system for ZARc (for South African users only).
  • Back up the wallet using a mnemonic phrase.
  • Secure Display to view private and public keys.
  • Reward points history and balance displays.


SentiPay offers Rand Cash (ZARc), a stablecoin on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, urging users to switch to low-fee cryptos like XPR, XLM, and BCH for efficient transactions. Supported cryptos include BCH, XPR, XLM, USDT Tether (SLP), and ZARc. Transactions are free, users earn 1% reward points, and merchants cover fees. SentiPay ensures $2 worth of points for covering fees, making it a faster, cheaper, and decentralized payment solution developed by BloxBytes.

Elysium – Layer 1 Blockchain
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Elysium – Layer 1 Blockchain
  • Elysium – Layer 1 Blockchain screenshot 1
100 weeks
Information Technology

Project Overview

Elysium is a new blockchain, retaining the characteristics of EVM-compatible chains built on the substrate core framework. It is a highly specialized Layer 1 chain that mirrors Ethereum’s Web3 RPC and APIs. Elysium’s relay chain has developed on Substrate, a blockchain-building framework that distills Parity Technologies’ learnings in building Ethereum, Bitcoin, and enterprise blockchains. The interactions are based on Parachains and processed in parallel and enabling highly scalable systems. Their transactions are spread across chains and allow so many other transactions simultaneously.


We initially faced challenges finding Rust expertise for our client's high-performance, low-gas fee blockchain ecosystem. We aimed for full EVM compatibility, but Rust's limitations led to setbacks in achieving 100% compatibility and successfully upgrading the blockchain. Despite the initial outdated version hiccup, we resolved it and established compatibility with EVM and Metamask. Additionally, we integrated a database explorer with indexers and shared the comprehensive process with the client, highlighting the platform's value beyond just a blockchain, and facilitating collaboration with VulcanForged without requiring extensive blockchain knowledge.

Features of the Platform

  • 100% EVM Compatible
  • Code Base Structure
  • Metamask Compatible
  • SDKs with APIs
  • Minting Engine
  • Cloud Wallet

What's More

  • An Energy-Efficient Protocol
  • Smart Contract Languages and Tools
  • DApps


Using our plug-in one-play solution, any gaming community can develop a blockchain without prior knowledge of blockchain development; they need a plug-in pin to incorporate our APIs into their applications to integrate into their blockchain.

Vulcan Forged - Web3 Game Studio
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Vulcan Forged - Web3 Game Studio
  • Vulcan Forged - Web3 Game Studio screenshot 1
100 weeks

Vulcan Forged is a platform, an ecosystem, and a game studio that is revolutionizing the blockchain industry. It provides crypto and blockchain enthusiasts with a marketplace to trade NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and a DEX (decentralized exchange) where they can buy and sell their NFTs. The Vulcan Forged team has built a rapidly growing community of over 20,000 members. As a top-5 Games Marketplace, it boasts one of the most active communities in the gaming industry. The expanding foundation seems to be an ideal place for developers to build their first PYR games.


As a blockchain consulting and development partner, we created a completed web3 gaming ecosystem with an NFT marketplace where users could buy and sell NFTs and create their own Vulcan Forged NFTs (using the ERC-721 network). We also created an admin panel to allow owners to verify submissions and manage listings and payments. As their biggest requirement was security we created a dedicated decentralised exchange for Vulcan Forged that would enable users to trade their tokens with another. We also developed a multi-vendor marketplace where users could create, buy, sell, and collect NFTs (using the ERC-721 network).

Components of the Ecosystem

  • Gaming DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Multichain Blockchain
  • Admin Panel
  • Token Development
  • Multi-dApp Platform

Core Features

  • An NFT Marketplace: Where users can buy, sell and trade NFTs (ERC-721) from Vulcanforged games.
  • Agora: An advanced multi-feature NFT marketplace where users can create, explore and sell NFTs.
  • VulcanDex: A decentralized exchange for gaming tokens where users can trade, stake, and participate in pools and farms.
  • My Forge: A cloud computing wallet management system.
  • PYR (Native Platform Currency): It is used as the settlement medium, staking (for privileges), and as an in-game gaming utility token within the entire Vulca Forged ecosystem.
  • Elysium: An Ethereum-compatible layer 1 blockchain built on Substrate.

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