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Are you looking for a helping hand in digital marketing? We're here to help with Paid Advertising SEO Content We understand that every client is unique, which is why we tailor our strategies to your specific needs and goals. With us, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution - instead, we work closely with our customers to create a customized plan that really thinks just for you!

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  • MaxGaming
  • Arla
  • Starbreeze

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Information Technology

Increase installs with multichannel paid marketing
Blue Hands has successfully driven conversions (installs) for Starbreeze's game PAYDAY 2, while reducing the cost per install more than tenfold. Several paid social channels were used to initially build engagement, invite new players to join the PAYDAY community and increase game sales.
About Starbreeze Studios
Starbreeze Studios is a well-known Swedish game distributor whose game PAYDAY 2 is one of the top 10 most played games on Steam (PC-Games Streaming Platform).

The overall mission of the game is to rob banks, dominate an underground network with the 4 iconic characters Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains.

Time and tracking are the golden combination
Previously, Starbreeze managed its advertising in-house, but experienced a lack of resources. Blue Hands Digital stepped in ready to deliver a fair amount of optimization time and expertise within the various platforms.

From the beginning, Starbreeze had implemented an extensive advertising campaign that spanned more than 10 countries, aiming to reach a wide audience. The broad strategy created challenges in pinpointing target groups related to interests and demographics, within the desired reach. Additionally, all previous campaigns aimed to drive conversions (installs), but lacked proper tracking to effectively target conversions, creating difficulties when it came to generating new conversions.

When Blue Hands took over the account, we immediately began A/B testing a wide range of audiences, countries, behaviors and interests, as well as content until we identified the most lucrative audiences for Starbreeze. Setting up the right tracking was also a big priority as this allowed us to effectively target quality users who were more likely to take action.

From banner production to overall responsibility for marketing and content production
Our collaboration started with us creating assets and content in the form of banners for their social media campaigns. Following the great success of this campaign, this led to the birth of a long-term partnership where Blue Hands now manages Starbreeze's various multi-channel marketing efforts, along with on-demand content production.

Below is a list of services we have provided:

  • Tracking Setup
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Google Ads Campaigns
  • Paid Advertising Setup on META, TikTok and Twitter
  • Paid Social Promotions
  • Content creation (moving banners)
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Workshops weekly
  • Reporting

A strategic journey with PAYDAY 2
However, driving conversions alone meant that the concept of PAYDAY 2 still remained foreign to many of their new target audience members. That's why, after generating many new conversions, we chose a more strategic approach that involved more steps in the customer journey. An example of this is how we tailor each platform and campaign to their specific goals.

Along the way, we have achieved impressive numbers for each stage of the customer journey, such as an increase in CTR by +151% (engagement) and over 12 million total views (awareness). This was achieved through continuous optimization as well as working closely with the PAYDAY team to develop new, relatable ideas.

Over +12.1 million impressions and +3200% increase in conversions
As a result of strategically creating multiple campaigns across different channels, we received over +12.1 million impressions and increased average monthly conversions by +3200%. This was made possible by our use of multiple campaign objectives to maximize the unique results of each campaign.

Because we continuously optimized to get new users interested in the product, we managed to reduce the average cost per conversion by 1250% compared to before. Getting the most out of your budget is a Blue Hands guarantee!

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  • ARLA screenshot 1
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Information Technology

Improved digital presence and success in recruitment campaigns
By implementing and tailoring a digital presence that attracts and engages potential talent, Blue Hands Digital has succeeded in creating a strong online profile for Arla. This included presence on social media platforms and implementation of digital marketing strategies. The result of these efforts was, among other things, increased visibility for desirable candidates in recruitment and a positive reinforcement of Arla's employer brand.

About Arla

Arla, a leading player in dairy products, is known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, which is reflected in their employer branding and recruitment strategies that Blue Hands has been involved in and reinforced.

Successful recruitment via digital advertising
Blue Hands Digital met Arla's challenge of attracting high-quality candidates to their program in a competitive and digital recruitment environment. By understanding the specific needs and objectives of Arla's recruitment strategy, we created a tailored digital presence to maximize attractiveness and competitiveness in the labor market.

Strategic target group analysis and brand-strengthening content
Initially, Blue Hands carried out a thorough target group analysis for Arla, which led to an in-depth identification and segmentation of their target groups. Through this strategic foundation, we were able to tailor our marketing efforts to fit the exact needs and preferences of these target groups. This, in parallel with continuously optimizing the campaigns, led to maximum effect.

In addition, our content creation has been a key component in strengthening Arla's brand identity. By creating engaging and brand-strengthening content, we have contributed to building a strong connection between Arla and their target groups.

  • Target group analysis : Identification and segmentation of target groups.
  • ‍ Content development: Creation of engaging and brand-strengthening content.
  • ‍ OptimizedMeta campaigns : Adaptation and implementation of Meta ads .
  • ‍ Data -driven Tracking: Follow-up and analysis of user behavior.
  • ‍ Reporting : Clear and insightful data analysis.
  • ‍ Continuous Optimization : Ongoing improvements based on performance data.
  • A dynamic strategy for increased brand presence
  • Our retargeting strategy has enabled a continuous presence and reminder of Arla's brand for the relevant target group. Through careful target group identification, we aimed for precision to find the right candidates and maximize the impact of our efforts.

Data-driven decision-making has been a central part of our strategy. By using insights and analyzes of user data, we have been able to adapt the campaign strategy along the way. This methodology enabled a dynamic and adaptable strategy that responds to current trends and customer behaviors.

  • Retargeting : Reconnecting with previously engaged individuals.
  • ‍ Target group identification : Precision in finding the right candidates.
  • ‍ ContentTesting : Experiment with different content formats.
  • ‍ Multi-channel strategy : Use of different platforms for maximum reach.
  • ‍ Data -Driven Decision Making: Using insights to guide campaign strategies.

An explosive growth of applications by over +300%
After careful strategy development, creative conceptualization started, where engaging campaigns were designed and developed to not only inform but also involve the target audience. The result was campaigns that not only grabbed attention but also created a strong connection between Arla and potential candidates.

Consistent optimization led to measurable progress:

  • An increase of over 300% in the number of applications, which clearly indicates an increased demand and interest in Arla's products.
  • An impressive total of 1,200,000 impressions, strongly indicating the extensive exposure and reach of the campaigns.
  • An increase of over 500% in engagement rate, indicating a very positive response and interaction from the target audience.
  • These significant successes have not only resulted in a significant strengthening of Arla's brand, but have also greatly strengthened their position in the market, particularly in terms of recruitment.
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  • MAXGAMING screenshot 1
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Information Technology

Maximized digital success for MaxGaming

Increased turnover via advertising on Meta and TikTok

Through innovative campaigns on paid platforms, specifically Meta and TikTok, Blue Hands has introduced MaxGaming's e-commerce across multiple markets and increased their turnover, while contributing to a reduced cost per purchase.

About MaxGaming

MaxGaming is an e-commerce player in gaming and esports, which offers a wide range of game-related products. Their range includes everything from gaming mice and headsets to smart home accessories and clothing.

Successful market establishment
‍ MaxGaming's main challenge was to successfully establish itself in the Finnish market while striving to improve returns and traceability in all markets where they were active. Reaching a new market while simultaneously optimizing results and traceability in existing markets required a strategy that was both focused and goal-oriented.

Success on Meta and TikTok
‍ Our collaboration started with us creating assets and content in the form of videos for their social media campaigns. This led to a long collaboration where Blue Hands now manages MaxGaming's various marketing efforts on Meta and TikTok.

In recent years, our most extensive effort has been during Black Week. Blue Hands has been working to strategically support and manage various aspects of their Black Week campaigns to maximize results and effectiveness.

Below is a list of services we have provided:

  • ‍ Dynamic Product Ads: Implementation of dynamic product ads to display relevant products.
  • ‍ Market segmentation : Adaptation of content based on specific target groups.
  • ‍ Traceability improvements : Enhanced ability to follow the customer journey and conversions.
  • ‍ Budget management : Effective redistribution and increase of spending.
  • ‍ Contentcustomization : Tailored content to match the product range.
  • ‍ Category targeting : Focusing on specific product categories for targeted marketing.
  • ‍ Target group categorization : Detailed target group analysis to reach relevant consumers.

Optimized marketing
‍ We implemented a product-focused advertising strategy by using detailed product data to create ads that were relevant and attracted the target audience. Through a data-driven audience analysis, we identified the core target groups, which enabled more precise and effective targeted campaigns.

To meet each market's unique requirements, we applied customized strategies within the multi-market expansion. This meant tailoring our strategy to each specific market, resulting in a targeted and effective presence. Budget optimization was at the heart of our strategy, and we placed great emphasis on smart allocation of resources to achieve maximum efficiency.

By carefully monitoring and optimizing our campaigns, we ensured that every kroner invested provided optimal returns and the best possible results.

Results-driven adaptation of marketing
Blue Hands focused on tailoring the strategy to meet MaxGaming's unique needs and goals. It included identifying the right channels, targeting and determining key messages to maximize impact.

To increase engagement and highlight the products, we created unique and engaging content for each product category. By adapting the content to the target group's interests and preferences, we were able to create a strong connection between the brand and the consumers.

Performance analysis was a continuous process where we evaluated campaign performance and adjusted our strategy based on performance data. By carefully analyzing the results, we were able to identify success factors and areas for improvement, enabling a dynamic and adaptable marketing strategy.

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