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Discover Derivate X, the #1 organic growth agency dedicated to helping businesses thrive with increased visibility, engaging content, and a strong digital presence.

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Got 25+ Leads For Futurise Via LinkedIn Automation Organically In Less Than 45 Days
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Got 25+ Leads For Futurise Via LinkedIn Automation Organically In Less Than 45 Days
  • Got 25+ Leads For Futurise Via LinkedIn Automation Organically In Less Than 45 Days screenshot 1
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2 weeks
Advertising & Marketing

Client Overview
Futurise is a design agency based in Raipur, specializing in innovative design solutions for businesses. Their mission is to help companies enhance their brand identity through creative and effective design strategies. They cater to a diverse clientele, including startups and established businesses looking to revamp their visual presence.

Initial Situation
Before partnering with us, Futurise faced significant challenges in generating quality leads. Despite investing in Meta ads, Google ads, and LinkedIn ads, they were unable to attract leads with genuine interest or sufficient budgets. This led to a considerable waste of resources and time, and they needed a more effective, cost-efficient strategy to drive organic leads.

Goals and Objectives
The primary objective for Futurise was to increase the number of qualified leads organically. Unlike previous campaigns, this initiative did not focus on specific KPIs but aimed at establishing a sustainable lead generation system.

Strategy and Execution
1. LinkedIn Profile Optimization
We began by optimizing the LinkedIn profile of Futurise’s founder to make it more appealing and professional. This involved enhancing the profile description, adding relevant keywords, and showcasing the founder’s expertise and achievements.
2. Content Strategy and Engagement
Next, we devised a content strategy to post regular, high-quality content on the founder’s LinkedIn profile. This content was designed to engage and attract the target audience. Additionally, the founder actively engaged with other profiles, commenting on posts, sharing insights, and building relationships within the industry.
3. LinkedIn Automation
We utilized LinkedIn automation tools to streamline the process of reaching out to potential leads. A curated list of prospects was developed, and automated messages were sent to initiate conversations.
Implementation Steps
Profile Optimization: Enhanced the founder’s profile with a professional summary, relevant skills, and accomplishments.
Content Posting: Consistently posted valuable content related to design, industry trends, and case studies.
Engagement: Actively engaged with other profiles by commenting, liking, and sharing relevant posts.
Prospect Outreach: Used LinkedIn automation to reach out to a targeted list of potential clients.
Lead Interaction: Engaged with leads through personalized messages and discussions.
The campaign yielded impressive results within 45 days:
Lead Generation: Generated over 25 qualified leads.
Increased Engagement: Post impressions increased from 1,253 to 1,390 in the last 7 days.
Follower Growth: Followers increased from 3,863 to 4,133.
Profile Views: Profile views in the last 90 days doubled from 271 to 408.

How We Grew The Organic Traffic from a mere 5k to 20k/month for Madpackers Hostels
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How We Grew The Organic Traffic from a mere 5k to 20k/month for Madpackers Hostels
  • How We Grew The Organic Traffic from a mere 5k to 20k/month for Madpackers Hostels screenshot 1
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2 weeks
Advertising & Marketing

Client Overview
Madpackers Hostels Private Limited is a renowned chain of backpackers’ hostels spread across 15+ locations in India, including popular destinations like Manali, Amritsar, Rishikesh, and Goa. Founded in 2014, their mission is to encourage solo travel among Indians, particularly targeting the 18-30 age group who have a passion for exploring new places.

Known for its unique vibe and exceptional guest experience, Madpackers has largely grown through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Initial Situation
Before engaging with Derivate X, Madpackers Hostels had minimal organic traffic, with most visitors finding them through branded keywords such as “Madpackers Hostels“, “Madpackers Rishikesh“, etc.

They had no comprehensive SEO strategy or content marketing plan in place, which hindered their visibility in non-branded search queries and overall organic growth.

Goals and Objectives
Madpackers sought to enhance their SEO performance and adhere to best practices in order to boost their organic traffic. While there were no specific KPIs outlined, the overarching goal was to increase non-branded organic traffic and improve keyword rankings significantly.

Strategy and Execution
1. Website Optimization and Setup
Technical Setup: We began by optimizing Madpackers’ website, setting up Google Search Console, and configuring Google Analytics to track performance effectively.
On-Page SEO: Improved website copy for better SEO optimization, ensuring relevant keywords were naturally integrated into the content.
2. Keyword Research and Content Creation
Conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify high-potential search terms relevant to the travel and hostel industry.
Developed and published blog posts targeting these keywords, focusing on valuable content that would attract and engage their target audience.
3. Backlink Building
Implemented a backlink strategy to enhance the website’s authority and improve search engine rankings. This involved reaching out to relevant websites for guest posting and link-building opportunities.

Implementation Steps
Technical Setup: Website optimization, Search Console, and Google Analytics setup.
On-Page Optimization: Improved website copy and integrated targeted keywords.
Content Strategy: Created and published SEO-optimized blog posts.
Backlink Building: Engaged in strategic link-building activities.

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