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About InfoAnalytica, Inc.
InfoAnalytica is a Marketing Consulting company helping the world’s leading B2B enterprises drive net new customer acquisition through their data-driven demand generation solutions, sales & marketing analytics, and marketing research offerings. How do we help (O...
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InfoAnalytica, Inc.
Valid - Accurate – Reliable
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Demand Generation Solutions

Leveraging its proprietary ‘Data Preparation Platform’; InfoAnalytica processes raw data like firmographic and B2B contacts acquired from crowdsourcing, trusted publisher and partner networks, and text analytics to help enterprises drive net-new customer acquisition, improve the sales pipeline velocity and, leads’ conversions.

Content Syndication Services

InfoAnalytica’s unique ‘Predictive Lead Scoring Model’ and a comprehensive ‘Content Syndication Programs’ help enterprises get over the challenges of inadequate sales intelligence.

InfoAnalytica’s Lead Scoring model analyzes the information available through CRM/MAP, prospects’ digital footprints (including the ‘Intent’) through third-party sources to identify, unique patterns and relationships that form the basis of scoring leads and qualifying them as MQLs and SQLs.

Sales (CRM) Operations

Through its ‘Managed Services’ teams; InfoAnalytica can validate high-volume of inbound leads and, rout it in CRM/MAP in near real-time.

Their Managed Services and Content Syndication teams also run, multi-channel campaigns to score and segment leads based on additional data points and intelligence. With set processes, leads can directly be routed to the respective SDR teams to decrease the response time and improve the velocity.


Marketing Research

InfoAnalytica’s marketing intelligence and research insights help their customers create differentiated value propositions and engaging customer experiences.

InfoAnalytica team conducts primary research and, in-depth mystery shopping exercises to help enterprises get highly actionable competitor intelligence to stay ahead of their rivals. Under their competitive intelligence program, they provide sales battle cards, and specific information about a rival organization such as current strategies, roadmaps, capabilities, pricing data, market information, market messaging, marketing channels, brand health, market shares, customer perceptions, product strengths, and weaknesses.

Their customized approach to market sizing and segmentation research not only includes key findings and estimation but also enables their customers to know bottlenecks that could limit market potential in the future.

Other Marketing Research offerings: Voice of Customer (VoC) & Sentiment Analysis and, Global CSAT and NPS Tracking.

Marketing Analytics

InfoAnalytica’s tailormade lead scoring model for every enterprise help them derive target accounts (from their sales pipeline or the CRM), provide positive and negative outcomes and external data, signals, and indicators. InfoAnalytica’s Marketing Analytics offering not only help enterprises devise specific messaging for various target accounts, but the sales intelligence help enterprises target their existing buyers, better.

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