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About Shift Markets
Shift Markets provides cryptocurrency exchange solutions, brokerage trading technology, liquidity, and digital asset listing services to a global clientele. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York City, we also have locations in Europe and Asia. Our team continues to l...
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Shift Markets
Power Your Business with Our White-label Solutions
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Here at Shift Markets, we strive to bring you and your business the best-in-class products and services the industry has to offer. We specialize in three categories with over 40+ years of cumulative experience such as our crypto products, tokenization services, and Forex. 


Crypto Products:

- White-label crypto Exchange 

Shift Markets’ bespoke package provides a turnkey solution to launch your own crypto exchange, featuring proprietary trading technology, proven legal & compliance solutions, aggregated liquidity, and 24-hour support. We offer real-time trade settlement so your transactions occur instantly for both seller and buyer. With our white-label package, it also provides multi-currency trading. Our exchanges trade in a wide variety of currencies, both digital and fiat. Our robust systems and responsive customer support team allow your exchange to keep trading around the clock for true 24/7 trading.


- Crypto Licensing and Regulation

Get set up in a compliant jurisdiction with licenses for your crypto business.


- Crypto Payment Gateway 

Start using crypto for your business with no commitment, no hassles, no upfront or hidden charges. Shift Markets offers instant processing, fiat conversion, a user-friendly dashboard, no fraud or chargebacks, no setup or ongoing fees, and bank settlement at any time. 


Tokenization Services

- White-label Tokenization Platform: 

Shift Markets offers a secure platform for the issuance of digital asset tokens. Tokenize traditional assets or securities and create your own ecosystem on blockchain technology. The platform allows issuers to turn traditional securities into tokens to provide a variety of benefits including greater liquidity, dividend distribution, faster settlement times, and secure compliance for accredited investors.


- Create Your Own Stablecoin

Stablecoins are a new kind of digital currency that will help you solve these old-world problems using decentralized blockchain technology, without the volatility of a traditional cryptocurrency. The stablecoin solution will allow the value of a blockchain-based asset to be pegged to not just any government-issued currency, but also to any real-world asset, such as a currency, stock, commodity, or precious metal. 


- Security Token Offering

Convert any traditional security into a digital token for easy, automated, fractional ownership. Tokenize securities and create your own token ecosystem on the blockchain. Convert traditional securities into tokens for greater liquidity, lower transaction costs, automated & faster settlement times, secure compliance, fractional ownership, and a true 24/7 market.


White-label Forex Product

We provide a turn-key solution to get your business up and running. From inception to sale, Shift provides tools and services tailored to meet the unique needs of your brokerage as it scales. Shift Markets specializes in helping brokers get started and has helped over 100 new brokers around the world launch their brokerages. Each Shift customer is assigned a Dedicated Business Consultant who will be your single point of contact for everything you need to get up and running. Our business consultants will work closely with you throughout the evolution of your business and ensure you get the most out of our process.

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