The Stakeholder Management Group

Recruitment and Employee Experience Measurement

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About The Stakeholder Management Group
We are a talent acquisition and research-based consulting and advisory firm built on the premise of re-positioning your human capital at the heart of the organization. Just like you, we know that today’s business leaders are facing the challenges of operating in a t...
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The Stakeholder Management Group
Recruitment and Employee Experience Measurement
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All our products have been crafted by professional, expert researchers in line with global best practices. The power of our products revolves around presenting scores in a single number based on proprietary algorithms while still being able to deep-dive into specific challenges, functions, offices or markets once a flag is raised or an issue is identified by your SMG expert. This is powered by online, interactive dashboards.

Key Products revolve around specific challenges, mainly:

  • Measure and Manage Human Capital Experiences: Employee Engagement (HC*Eng)
  • Measure and Manage Human Capita Satisfaction (HC*Sat)
  • Measure and Manage Affective Organizational Commitment (HC*AoC)
  • Predict and Improve your Retention Efforts: Our Human Capital Retention Generator (HCR*Gen)
  • Administer Exit surveys, Work Environment assessment, Compensation & Benefits exploration, Belonging, Inclusion & Diversity research to help identify your needs and gaps.

Our robust measurement products will help you offer a rewarding and fulfilling employment experience, lower employee attrition and increase performance.

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