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About Whyttest SRL
We are an outsourcing company, with a friendly culture, with testing sites in Eastern Europe: Bucharest, Romania and Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2014, we are now 120+ Whyttesters, in a mix of veterans of the industry and enthusiastic “young bloods”.  ...
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Romania, Serbia
Whyttest SRL
Quality by default
0.00/5 (0 Reviews)

Functionality Testing - Is the main and most common type of testing involved when checking a software product. We look out for problems within the title itself such as game mechanic & systems, performance, stability, environment, sound or game asset related issues.

User Acceptance Testing - Is a form of user acceptance/fresh eyes testing that provides our partners with valuable targeted or non-targeted feedback on their product during the different phases of development. 

Compatibility Testing - Our teams are equipped with a wide range of PC configurations and mobile devices, permitting to assess if the partner product is compatible with the desired hardware and outputs the targeted performance on them.

Compliance Testing - As every first-party vendor has strict requirements for all titles that are to be released on their platforms, we validate that the product complies with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and mobile devices technical guidelines.

Dev QA - We provide on-site support to help the Dev teams in the early stages of their project, as well as to coordinate with the on-site and off-site testing structures throughout the product evolution.

Network Testing - Our multiplayer teams ensure that the title handles appropriately deprecated network conditions such as Latency, Packet Loss, Bandwidth Limitation and that the end users are being provided with a smooth online experience based on their network connectivity.

Localization  - We ensure that the localized version of the product is flawless and that the feel of the game is as close as possible to the source-language version.

Software Testing - Helping, by any means, the development team reach the release date by ensuring that the application meets the required quality standards at any point during the development process.

Customer Support - We go beyond basic Player Support to help create accurate and high quality assistance to developers and players.

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Whyttest SRL
Siret 95, Bucharest, Bucuresti 021013
Whyttest SRL
Balkanska 44, Belgrade 0000
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