The Best 7 Free and Open Source Data Entry Software

Updated on :June 19, 2024
By :Andrea Hernanadez

Companies can gain business with a proper data management system. The growth of the company depends on its data. Rigorously, the data entry teams are toiling hard to enhance their business operations. There are two ways to collect data of the company, one is manually, and the other one is digital. 

If we talk about manual data, then it has become challenging to maintain as it comes with certain limitations and is time-consuming too. On the other side, automated data entry tools can efficiently enhance the business operations as it simplifies the data management functionalities and saves time.

What is the role of data entry software in this digital era?

Data entry software is the system that replaces inefficient and expensive manual data entry tasks with robust automated data entry processes. The data entry automation software eradicates the tedious manual data entry process. This system provides tools to simplify the data ingestion processes. 

What are the few notable features of data entry software?

The features of data entry software are as follows:

  • Electronic forms – The data entry software features electronic forms that enable the user to create custom forms to keep the critical data that can be entered into the system. With the help of autofill functionality, the user can effortlessly fill the forms and check the standard errors. The data entered in these forms are converted into more complicated and classified formats by the data entry tool. These formats are used for better storage and analysis.
  • Data extraction – The feature of data extraction in data entry software helps in taking the unstructured data and further classifying and processing data which can be used in the business.
  • Data validation – The process of data validation is performed to ensure that the standard errors should be avoided at the time of data entry so that data gets entirely correct and useful for the users. 
  • Data Cleaning – This feature takes the set of data (like a table, record set, database, etc.). All the data undergo the scanning process to clean the data from the specific specified errors, discrepancies, and blank spots.
  • Data Classification – The data classification feature takes the data entered into the system and converts it into a format to make it more beneficial for future use and analysis.
  • Scanning- This feature allows to scan the images that can be stored with the data. The advanced data entry software can scan in spreadsheets and other types of physical data sets that can be converted and classified into usable data in the system. This feature helps in storing visual information. 

data entry software

Other essential features of data entry software are as follows:

The crucial elements of data entry software are:

  • The data entry software can recognize multiple forms of data. The data entry tool can effortlessly integrate with the ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system.
  • The data entry software notifies the team members when the data needs a manual review.
  • The data entry software collects and syncs the content in real-time.

What are the advantages of data entry software?

The benefits of employing data entry software are as follows:

  • Reduces Errors- The automated data entry system can considerably lessen errors. It can save a significant amount of money for your organization. While entering the data, the data entry tool serves as a reliable means of preventing a mistake. 
  • Saves time - Company can manage the data more efficiently and can simplify the entire data management process with the help of data entry software. In seconds, the data entry tools can collect information from any business documents. The data entry system can seamlessly manage emails, PDFs, faxed order forms, hard-copy invoices, and receipts. There are no manual delays in the business proceedings as the data entry tool captures the data from each document once it has arrived.  
  • Increases accuracy- The data entry software checks that the data is valid and then imports it into your core business programs like ERP system (Enterprise resource planning system). The automated system will keep data free from mistakes or incomplete information. 
  • Saves money- The data entry software simplifies the business operations efficiently. In this way, it becomes easy to save money on daily activities. Organizations don’t have to spend money on outdated processes. 
  • Lessens paperwork and costs– A lot of money is required to maintain and organize the high volumes of paperwork done daily. The business organization has to pay for filing cabinets, ink, printer, labor needed to assemble the paperwork. Rental offices have to pay for the office space required to store all the files. All these issues can be eliminated with the help of a data entry system.
  • Enhances clarity and efficiency- Organizations can reduce clutter in the workplace by replacing physical documents with digital copies. The data entry tools can make all records available to the authorized personnel at any time and from any device with access. By employing data entry software, the users don’t have to search for misfiled documents. 

data entry software

Other advantages of data entry software system are:

  • The data entry system provides more resources to allocate to other tasks.
  • The data entry system makes employees more satisfied and engaged. The automated data entry system frees up employees so that they can focus on more engaging and useful tasks. 
  • The data entry tools allow companies and businesses to get their data completely backed up. 
  • The forms can be processed quickly with a data entry system.
  • The data is accessible for users from any place and at any given time.
  • The data entry software can create a simple and systematic system for the company’s data. 
  • The data entry process becomes scalable with the data entry system. 
  • The data entry software eliminates manual efforts associated with document processing. 
  • The data automation system accelerates business processes and helps in improving productivity.
  • The employees have up-to-date and accurate information right at their fingertips with a data entry system that helps in improving customer service.

data entry software

Role of Machine learning in data entry software 

The machine learning technique helps in analyzing data. The algorithm in ML provides accurate and precise results. Let’s discuss how Machine learning (ML) helps in data entry system:

  • ML algorithms in an automated data entry process can reduce the time taken in completing the project.
  • Within an unstructured format, the ML algorithms can search and identify data efficiently. 
  • ML can manage large volumes of data seamlessly.
  • The integration of ML in the data entry process can help in remaining competitive in the business world.
  • ML makes the process of analyzing data effortless and more precise.
  • ML algorithms provide more detailed and structured forecasts as they can organize and identify the variables efficiently that help businesses make educated decisions.
  • ML makes the data entry process cost-effective, efficient, and quick. It serves as a flexible and highly- adaptive system.

After knowing that data entry software streamlines business operations, the challenge is to know about the top-quality data entry software that can serve the business purpose seamlessly. The small businesses or start-ups with low budget costs can pick the option of free data entry software. If the companies prefer to customize data, the apt way is to have an open source data entry system.  

The market is flooded with data entry tools. This article provides the list of premium quality free and open source data entry software that can meet your growing business demands without any fuss. Let’s move ahead to discover the renowned open source and free online data entry tools. But before that, have a quick glimpse of the comparison chart of free and open source data entry software systems.

comparison chart of free and open source data entry software

Free and Open Source Data entry software 

1 FormTools (free and open source)

FormTools is the free online data entry software that provides powerful and flexible solutions to its users. This open source web-based data entry system efficiently manages the forms and data. The users don’t require any specific programming knowledge to create new forms. The software has a data visualization module that offers an easy and simple way to export the data, which can be used in other applications as per the requirement.

FormTools(Source: FormTools)


  • Form Builder
  • Data Visualization
  • Report builder
  • Custom Fields
  • Data Management
  • Plug n ’play module
  • Visualize and Export
  •  Create new forms
  • API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Customizable user accounts

2 Docparser (free)

If you are looking for free data entry software for small business, the Docparser is the apt option. The user can effortlessly automate their business operations with Docparser. This free online data entry software can extract data from delivery notes, price lists, work orders, payroll, scanned invoices, bank statements, shipping orders, PDF forms, and invoices. The software can automate the document-based workflow by offering fast, secure, and accurate document data extraction tools.

Docparser(Source: Docparser)


  • Powerful Integrations
  • Non-disruptive workflow automation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Invoice and accounts payable processing
  • Convert purchase and sales orders
  • Document Extraction
  • Standardized contracts and agreements
  • Shipping Orders and delivery notes
  • Product and price-lists
  • HR Forms and applications
  • Unstructured data extraction
  • Fillable PDF form processing

3 DKAN (free and open source) 

DKAN is the open source data entry software that offers the freedom to organizations and individuals to publish and consume structured information. This free data entry tool is flexible and agile for the users. It is easy-to-adopt and simple-to-use. The software is community-driven that can share, collect, and utilize data in the real world. This full-featured application serves as a ‘ready-to-use’ tool.


(Source: DKAN)


  • API-first
  • Front-end decoupled
  • Data Cleansing
  • Open data platform
  • Image extraction
  • Schema-centered
  • Unstructured Data extraction
  • Web scraping and crawling
  • Disparate data collection

4 CKAN (free and open source) 

If you are looking for one of the best open source data entry software, you can go for CKAN. This free online data entry tool serves as an influential data management system. The software has high-quality data entry tools that can simplify the tasks related to publishing, sharing, finding, and employing data. Without any difficulty, CKAN makes data accessible to users. With this application, the user can create their data discoverable and presentable.

(Source: CKAN)


  • Datastore
  • Federate-harvesting functionality
  • Extending guide
  • Powerful RPC-style API
  • Metadata
  • Geospatial
  • Visualization
  • Theme
  • Search and Discovery
  • Publish and manage data
  • Filestore

5 GADS (free and open source) 

GADS (Generating Availability Data System) is the free data entry software that helps collect and report validated GADS performance data and event data in standard formats. GADS/OS (open source) is used in a wide range of companies. This open source data entry tool supports equipment availability analyses and other decision-making processes in the business. The user interface of this software is available in both Spanish and English. The software has GADS/OS Data entry, GADS/OS Analysis and Reporting, and GADS/OS Wind tools.

GADS(Source: GADS)


  • Collect and report validated data
  • Data duplication
  • Data Retrieval
  • Data Transfer
  • Separation/Classification
  • Variation Detection
  • Data Entry Verification

6 Kamisha Soft (free) 

Kamisha Soft is the free online data entry tool that creates data entry forms and paperless offices without any programming skills. The software is apt for all business sizes. This software provides a unique data entry form builder to the users. Kamisha Soft has the capability to add a limitless work folder to the application. The software does fast data entry with the help of a smart phone book and data archive. The user can automate the business operations with the help of this software.


(Source: Kamisha Soft )


  • Smart phone book
  • Data entry form builder
  • Add limitless work folder
  • Incoming and sending letters
  • Integrated with MS word, word template, and report
  • Organizational chart and staff
  • User permissions
  • Data Archive
  • Unlimited working folder

7 MoreApp (free) 

MoreApp is the free online data entry software that helps in saving precious time with digital work orders, inspections, and reports. The software can efficiently build digital forms. The user will find this application easy, intuitive, and powerful. The user will find this application secure and reliable. The app can change the logos and colors of the images to suit the style of the user. The software can integrate with favorite tools.


(Source: MoreApp)


  • Build digital forms
  • Great variety of widgets
  • Build a smart form with rules
  • Send an email after filling the form
  • Fill in forms
  • Integrations and branding
  • Manage data
  • Secure and reliable
  • API Access

The above-mentioned list of free and open data entry software can make the data management process of any organization manageable and convenient. Apart from this software list, there is also one more data entry automation software system- Intellichief Data Entry. Though this software is not free and open source, it is gaining popularity for its outstanding features. Let’s explore the core functionalities of Intellichief Data Entry:

Intellichief Data Entry (popular)

Intellichief provides end-to-end automation for the data entry process to its users. The software can effortlessly process invoices and create sales orders. This tool can complete other time-intensive workflows. The user can efficiently run their business by collecting, categorizing, and entering the required information. It provides simpler solutions to the users.

Intellichief data entry(Source: Intellichief Data Entry)


  • Collects data-containing documents
  • Extracts and validates data
  • Import data into the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Reuse the data to simplify workflows
  • Automated data validation
  • Data Transfer and retrieval
  • Data Duplication
  • Data-driven workflows
  • Image Capture

Conclusive statement

Businesses run on data in this data-driven world. The manual process of data entry can be replaced with the automated data entry system by employing the latest technology. 

Businesses of all sizes can capture, organize, and validate data more easily and quickly by employing a data entry software system.

Users can make the data management process simple and efficient by employing one of the best free and open source data entry software mentioned in this article. Choose the apt free online data entry software that can meet your increasing data management needs. In case you prefer to have more advanced features of the data entry tool, then explore the GoodFirms page of best data entry software where you will come across with all the accessible data entry software systems. Receipt Bank, Autoentry, SaasAnt, Knack, BMP Database, and Xtracta are some of the software that can provide incredible outcomes.

We are always eager to know the valuable viewpoint of our dear readers. If you have ever worked with any of the data entry software mentioned in this piece of article, then feel free to share your opinion with us.

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