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List of the Top Java Developers Companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Java development companies do?

A Java development company assists their clients in building Java based applications using Java programming language. Their services include mobile app development, web app development, system integration, testing of apps and software, deployment, and support and maintenance. These companies have expertise in Java framework and can successfully see to your technological requirements.

What kind of services does the Java developer provide?

Well, a Java developer has several roles and responsibilities to perform throughout the development lifecycle of an app or software. However, some of the basic services a Java developer must undertake include tailoring bespoke applications leveraging Java frameworks, system integration, testing, deployment, and, finally, Java support and maintenance for the final product.  

What are the key benefits of outsourcing Java development services?

Outsourcing Java development services has many advantages; out of those, the key benefits of outsourcing to a Java development company for your project include: 

  1. Cost-effective development as hiring on the payroll full time is expensive.
  2. Skilled professionals 
  3. Maintenance and support services for your software or apps. This way, you can save your business resources and focus on your core business activities. 
Why should I hire a Java development company?

A primary reason to hire a Java development company is that you get access to the best technological stack required for your project and a highly skilled and dedicated team of Java developers working on your project. Therefore, hiring a Java development company only ensures that you get the best services per your project requirements while focusing on your core business activities.

How much does it cost to hire a Java development company?

The average cost of hiring a Java development company can be around $20,000 to $100,000, but the precise price will depend on various project-specific factors such as complexity, team size, scope, resource, and more. It’s more or less given that larger projects call for more resources and could be a huge expense for the company.   

That said, here’s a guesstimate of how much Java development companies generally charge: 

Small Projects: $5000 - $20,000 
Team Size: 1 - 5 developers

Projects include developing small web apps and adding or enhancing simple features or modules for existing systems.  

Medium-scale Projects: $20,000 to $100,000 
Team Size: 5 - 15 developers

Projects include developing a complete app or software solution with selective features and functionality. 

Large-scale Projects:  $100,000+
Team Size:  15+ developers

Comprises designing complex systems, microservices architecture, as well as high-performing solutions.  

The cost could and should be one of the key factors while zeroing down the top Java development company. Still, taking a broader approach is nice because the company’s experience, expertise, and reviews matter in the long run. 

How do I hire the top Java developers?

A great way to hire top Java developers is to visit a reputable online review and listing platform, like GoodFirms, where you can browse through the list of eligible Java development companies and filter them as per your location, budget, and other criteria to select your top choices for hiring. After reviewing the various companies using the review and rating features provided by GoodFirms, you can narrow your top choices and contact them for further discussion about the project.

How much do Java developers charge for their services?

Java developers in the United States can cost you anywhere between $15-$160 an hour based on their skills and expertise. They could even go up to $400 an hour if the developer comes across as exceptionally skilled and experienced. 

However, you need to remember that these costs are subject to change given factors such as skills, experience, resources, location of the Java developer and market conditions. 

That said, here’s a guesstimate of Java developers’ hourly rates: 

  • Junior Java developers: $15 - $35 per hour 
  • Mid-level Java developers: $35 - $70 per hour 
  • Senior Java developers: $70 - $120+ per hour 

Also, you can browse through the top Java development companies page on GoodFirms to know the hourly rates of various leading companies to help you set a budget estimate for your project.

How do you plan Java software development, including KPIs and timelines?

A project management lifecycle comprises 5 main phases, that is, Initiation Project Planning, Project Execution, Project Monitoring, and finally, Project Delivery.  These 5 phases form the crux of a successful project. 

Here’s a brief overview of the 5 phases: 

  • Initiation - The ideation phase of the project.
  • Project Planning - This phase defines the project scope, risks, resources, and budget. Plus, timelines for each phase, KPIs, and communication channels to be used. 
  • Project Execution - The name of this phase is self-explanatory; the project is underway.  
  • Project Monitoring - Real-time monitoring of the tasks, activities, risks, timelines, milestones, resources, KPIs, etc., to check whether everything is on track or not. 
  • Project Delivery- This is the final stage of the project, where it is completed and ready to roll out. 
Which industries do these Java development companies serve?

Given the popularity of the technology, Java development companies serve a wide range of industries. The versatility of the Java programming language makes it very developer-friendly, and it is prominently used in sectors such as Finance and Banking, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Logistics, Manufacturing, Information and Technology, and Gaming.