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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best PHP development company?

Well, there’s a well-defined and very methodical way to choose the leading PHP development company for your project because the decision could directly affect your bottom line. So, let’s start. First, define your goals in black and white. Next, check pricing, portfolio, timelines, and client reviews of different PHP development companies and then narrow down to the one that best fits your business goals. Now, start warming up to their portfolio pages to yield an in-depth insight into the company’s experiences, expertise, and especially whether they have a perfect hold over trending PHP frameworks and technologies.

What is a custom PHP web development company?

A custom PHP web development company develops and deploys customized PHP-based applications and interactive websites in keeping with your specific needs and requirements. The PHP development agency typically comprises the best PHP developers with expertise in PHP framework, libraries, and tools and are highly skilled in building small websites to large-scale applications.

How does a PHP web development company work?

A professional PHP web development company gathers all the project requirements and shares a blueprint, milestones, estimated cost, and details of developers working on it.

They create a layout of websites, generate PHP code, develop plugins & extensions, and perform maintenance.

How much time do PHP development companies require to complete a project?

A PHP development project might take 2 weeks to 1 year. In fact, the timeline depends on several factors. For one, it could be the team size. Additionally, the expertise of the developers, the project complexity, the development methodology, and even the project management approach, among other factors, could play decisive roles when determining the project completion date. 

Here is the tentative timeline to complete a PHP development project: 

  • Small Project - 2 to 8 weeks 
    Services offered include developing a basic website or a web application. Also, minor changes and enhancements to existing apps or websites are handled. 
  • Medium Projects - 2 to 6 months 
    Services offered include building an above-average web app or an ecommerce website. Setting up a Content Management System and tailoring software solutions are also part of it and could take about 2-6 months. 
  • Large Projects - 6 months to 1 year plus 
    Services offered include the development of enterprise-level apps, web portals with comprehensive functionalities, tailored software solutions, integrated systems with multiple APIs, and more.    

All said and done. It is tentatively safer if you share your project details beforehand with a PHP development company, based on which an approximate timeline will be provided. 

How much does a PHP developer cost?

A PHP developer in the United States charges between $15-$300 per hour; however, the rates could go higher and touch $500 per hour or more depending on project complexity, developer experience, expertise, location, and urgency. Plus, it also depends on the kind of developer you are hiring: Full-time? Part-time? Contract? Freelance? or Remote? Please note: The cost of hiring an on-site developer will be more than that of a remote developer.  

Here’s an approx PHP developer Cost:

  • Junior PHP developer (0-2 years of experience): $15 to $40  
  • Middle-level PHP developer (2-5 years of experience): $40 to $80 
  • Senior PHP developer (5 plus years of experience): $80 to $500 and more

We recommend you talk to multiple PHP developers to get their quotes and see whether they fall within your budget requirements and project scope.

Is PHP development services suitable for large projects?

Yes, PHP development services are still suitable for large and multiple projects because of their high-end scalability, compatibility, versatility, and security, not to mention speed. Indeed, apps and websites built on PHP load faster than other programming languages, offer excellent customization and are ideal for creating unique functionalities and features. Not surprisingly, 80% of the websites still run on the PHP framework.

How to hire affordable PHP developers?

Hiring affordable PHP developers is easy with GoodFirms. We have listed both highly and reasonably-priced PHP developers in keeping with their experience and expertise, which makes the hiring process easier for you. You can even shortlist some top PHP web development companies first and then negotiate with them for affordable hourly rates.

How can GoodFirms help you to find top PHP developers for hire from the list?

GoodFirms research team has undertaken thorough groundwork to come up with the list of top PHP development companies. These companies are reputed for providing remarkable PHP development services.

Using filters, you can easily bifurcate companies based on their hourly rates, employee strength, location, and year of establishment. If these aren’t enough, you can check reviews of their previous clients and ratings on a 5-point scale. Additionally, our proprietary algorithm, “Leaders Matrix” makes it much easier to narrow down the PHP company of your choice.

Should you hire an in-house team or outsource PHP development?

Outsourcing PHP development saves time and costs on three parameters: recruitment, infrastructure, and technologies, which could be incredibly taxing for any company focusing on building an in-house team. So, if any of these three factors pinch you, choose outsourcing PHP development over hiring an in-house team without any second thoughts. 

On the other hand, an in-house PHP development team could be a better option if you wish full control over the development part. That said, even the outsourcing team can be put directly under your supervision and act like your in-house team to develop and deploy fantastic web apps and websites.

How many PHP companies are listed on GoodFirms?

With over 11,500+ PHP-specializing web development companies listed on GoodFrms. All of these PHP companies have verified user ratings and reviews, so find the expertise you need with confidence.