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Nexrage Studios, a custom software company, was founded in 2012. Nexrage serves clients in the Dallas, Frisco, Plano, and Fort Worth area. Services include custom software, mobile application development, web design, and Search engine optimization. With flexible pricing models, excellent customer service, and a team full of industry leaders/top tier developers, Entrepreneur awarded Nexrage Studios “Best Company” three years in a row, from 2017 through 2019.

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United States
6600 Chase Oaks Blvd Ste 150, Plano, Texas 75023

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  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Progressive Web App
  • E-commerce Development

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Nexrage App Development Clients & Portfolios

Gem Wallet
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Gem Wallet
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Not Disclosed
30 weeks
Financial & Payments

Gem Wallet is a personal gift card database housed right on your mobile device. Never misplace or forget about another gift card again. Get insight into what kind of gift cards users have! Make a well-informed decision before you gift or trade with them! Know exactly which retailers your friends and family love by viewing the retailers they've "Faved!"

Nexrage Studios worked with Gem, to build a custom from scratch mobile application. Integrating with several APIs to ensure sharing and gifting your gift cards would work properly.

Glorious PC Gaming Race
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Glorious PC Gaming Race
  • Glorious PC Gaming Race screenshot 1
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$0 to $10000
30 weeks
Consumer Products

Nexrage and Glorious partnered to create an intuitive and fully personalized ecommerce website. Glorious PC Gaming Race is a legendary computer accessory retailer, providing top of the line fully customizable mechanical keyboards, mice, and other accessories geared toward avid gamers. We optimized their ecommerce platform, and built out their product customization flow, ensuring their customers satisfaction. Access the Glorious responsive ecommerce website from any device. Our team utilized Shopify, Numerous Custom Shopify Plugins, Custom built from scratch theme and responsive design. With these technologies we were able to deliver a timely and cost effective redesigned and optimized website.

Artis IQ
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Artis IQ
  • Artis IQ screenshot 1
  • Artis IQ screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
60 weeks
Financial & Payments

Artis Intel is an innovative and revolutionary complete commerce POS system. Built from scratch to house real
time transactions, marketing, location, product, and employee management. Artis makes business simple. The technology within Artis Intel will shape the future for commerce by reducing the need for cashboxes, and paper receipts while simultaneously connecting your business to the digital world we live in today. Vendors often jump through legal, government, and tax hoops to conduct their business, not to mention different platforms for tracking inventory. Artis brings contactless and simple transactions into the hands of legal cannabis vendors, providing analytics, showcasing customer’s favorite products, housing automated promotions, purchasing trends, and autonomously tracking inventory.
Artis solves the ever-present issue of manually tracking, lack of security in the market world as well as dispelling the archaic methods of transactions and finances. With the addition of the mobile application to accompany the POS application, merchants can connect to their valued customers. Allowing them to customize incentives, advertisements listings, control reviews posted on their merchant profile, and allow new customers to find their store easier than ever, increasing efficiency and profitability.
Through our initial meeting with the Artis team, we determined the most important factors to success were dependent on, timeline, scope, features, and technology.
1.    Built a Cannabis Point of Sale System
2.    Integrated with BioTrack and Metrc APIs
3.    Built a Cannabis compliance platform for the states of New Mexico and California
4.    Developed a contactless method of payment at the dispensaries
5.    Integrated customer’s medical Marijuana card during checkout verification
One of the biggest challenges our team faced while developing this new innovative POS system was developing a custom truly hands-free transaction flow. (A majority of POS systems market themselves as hands-free but in reality, user input is still required to some extent.) The importance of hands-free tech would determine the features and direction of the project and the success of Artis rested on this being properly implemented. To guarantee the success of this revolutionary idea our developers worked to integrate a custom solution using ibeacon technology to connect the merchant tablet with the user’s mobile application and seamlessly conduct transactions and reports in real-time with multiple state compliance systems.
The technology utilized to bring this project to success was React Native, .NET Core 3.1, Azure, and API Integrations. Due to the cross-platform compatibility and the shortened timeline, we decided to use React Native,
a JavaScript framework from the front end of both the tablet app and the user’s mobile application. NET Core 3.1, the latest version, was selected due to its modern interface and impact on security. Azure integrates seamlessly
with .NET technology, allowing for scalable apps, and an additional layer of security. We integrated with several APIs including BioTrack, Metrc, Jumio, OFAC, and Sovos. BioTrack is New Mexico’s cannabis compliant POS system, while Metrc is California’s cannabis compliant POS system. Jumio was utilized to authenticate the validity of government IDs and ensure sales were legal. SOVOS enabled Artis to verify Social Security Numbers further verifying the identity of customers. OFAC cross-references users’ legal names against the DOT’s sanctions and the latest guidelines. Protecting our clients against illegal activities and decreasing possible

University of Texas at Austin
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University of Texas at Austin
  • University of Texas at Austin screenshot 1
  • University of Texas at Austin screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
12 weeks

The University of Texas at Austin contracted us to build a custom app for their UT Austin Dell Medical School. The app was intended to demonstrate the interactions of nervous system receptors with chemical agents in the human body. This model was to be based off a rudimentary diagram designed by a UT Austin Medical professor and would be used to assist students and physicians in learning and retaining this information.

The display would have to accurately depict the actions of specific sympathetic and parasympathetic receptor types in the human body. The autonomic nervous systems receptors act as on/off switches that control the various unconscious actions in the body and when these buttons are toggled, specific actions happen in the human body.

The challenge was to create an interactive diagram that would allow users to visualize these effects and highlight each organ that was affected by different agents correctly. Our diagram would have to depict and properly show the effects of agonist and antagonist agents at the receptors both separately and simultaneously.

In our first meeting with the UT Austin team, we discussed the scope of their project, their timeline, and their features. The timeline was set at 3 months, our team was tasked to develop at a rapid pace to complete this project and accommodate for the aggressive timeline. We used the previous design and features as a launchpad for their new and upgraded application. The biggest challenge our team faced was providing a clear interactive modal to depict the changes as the user cycled through different agents.

We worked closely with the UT Austin team to ensuring the diagrams were both accurate and displayed information responsively across various devices. The importance of displaying accurate information was of great significance since this tool would be used by a prestigious university to educate students in the medical field.

The most important features and factors we developed in this project were:

  1. Creating Interactive Body Diagrams of both the male and female body
  2. Analytics Dashboard to regulate and track clicks and time spent on the learning tool for educational research purposes
  3. Accessibility
  4. Responsive Design
  5. Scalable platform to support multiple universities up to 100k+ users

To accomplish the project within their budget and timeline, we used React. React is a flexible and responsive framework, mainly dealing with user interfaces and UI components, allowing us to build custom graphics and elements to fit the client’s needs. .NET Core 3.1 was utilized for the backend to allow for modern architecture, scalability, and security.

The UT Austin Dell Medical School App brings responsive elements and visuals to students and educators for a unique and interactive learning experience. Allowing students to retain correct information while visualizing the effects on the body. Educators have seen a positive trend in student involvement and their performance.

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  • Wanderift screenshot 1
  • Wanderift screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
52 weeks
Travel & Lifestyle

Wanderift is a groundbreaking company that offers one of the world’s first membership-based airline travel booking platforms. Their platform requires members to pay a sub¬scription fee in exchange for a certain number of tokens. Each token can be used to purchase a one-way flight to any domestic location. This is an innovative approach to air travel booking, therefore Wanderift deemed that they must have a custom-made website that will accommodate their unique business model.
Wanderift is a cloud-based platform that offers membership-based airline ticket and travel bookings. Wanderift does not rely on the traditional model of placing a monetary price on flights. Members subscribe in exchange for “tokens”, each token is equivalent to a single one-way flight to any domestic location. Because of this business format, we took a custom and unique approach. Not only did our developers account for and strategize exchange of tokens, but also integrated with airlines, for ticket information, times, and locations, as well as ensure the large amounts of data load seamless¬ly.
In our first meeting with the Wanderift team, we discussed the scope of their project, their timeline, marketing, and features. As with any of our projects, the first step was doing our research. We worked closely with their team to determine what design aspects would be necessary to optimize the performance of their custom web application.
The desired timeline and potential scope of the app project was one year. The app would be built from the ground up by our team. Since nothing like Wanderift had existed, their team needed to capitalize and leverage as many marketing channels as possible. For this reason, we also built out an accompanying static website for marketing.
The most important features and factors in our development are:
1. Responsive Design
2. Stripe API
3. Integration with airline flight data from American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Jetblue, and Southwest
4. Built a subscription model or flight tickets
5. Advanced route planning algorithm for flight destinations

Traveling is already so frustrating and stressful, we needed to ensure that the product was UI/UX optimized. To guarantee that first-time visitors could quickly understand the product, we used React to develop the user interface. This choice was made because the dynamic frontend solutions within React’s library are perfect for creating an intuitive, easy to navigate user interface. The UI elements were custom designed in adobe creative suite and front-end features were built with React. Stripe, a payment processing service, was integrated for easy transaction processing.
In regard to the backend development of Wanderift’s booking platform, our team determined that the web app would need to be developed using a fully customizable framework. We chose the .NET Framework and developed the platform in C#, as these allowed us the most security and functionality. Flexibility was vital, because we integrated the platform with major airlines such as American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta, Frontier and JetBlue. We integrated the flights and routes into our database allowing us to create a booking process that takes under 20 seconds. With this data our team developed an algorithm that would compare route options for the users’ specified destination. SQL server was used for the database, sim¬plifying large-scale data management. Interconnected with the transaction flow, and Stripe API, we developed their subscription model.
One of the biggest challenges our team would face while developing was communicating with and relaying information from the different airlines in real time. We overcame this hurdle by incorporating flight data into our database. End solution allowed for users to search, book, and redeem tokens in exchange for airline tickets.
Every endpoint and function was rigorously tested to ensure the security and integrity of the product.
The end solution of our work was a flight booking web app that allows users to book flights using a to¬ken-based system. This was paired with a basic, static webpage that was used for marketing purposes leading up to their full product launch.
The Wanderift team says, “Nexrage Studios has been a great solution to Wanderift for custom software development. The team is second to none, and their attention to detail is fantastic. I highly recommend to any startup or company looking for software solutions.” Regarding our work on their business.

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