The Best 10 Free and Open Source File Sharing Software

Updated on :June 19, 2024
By :Sophia Jayden

Globally, connections are growing faster, be it business or personal. Digital interaction majorly involves communication and collaboration through shared files. It covers public and private sharing of documents, pictures, videos, files, reports, contracts, deals and so on. Managing files; interoperability, compliance, controlling access and understanding the security issues involved, etc., often results in added concern and complexity. Sometimes, you tend to share information that is absolutely not necessary and many-a-time skip sharing key files that are critical to sharing. Also, it gets difficult to decide on the sharing protocol that best fits for your business. Fortunately, today we have File Sharing Software that quickly irons out such issues and makes the process easy, secure and effortless.

What is File Sharing?

File sharing refers to a process of transferring data in the form of a document or a folder or images, videos, etc. from one system to another system digitally. The intention is to move data across networks quickly, share it with a large number of people at a time, enable access to specific users, allow people to work simultaneously and collaborate efficiently without wasting time, money and resource.

Mankind in this digital era is packed with desires to share information. What matters is the means by which you share your files; the method and the information that you share.

Let us analyze the evolution of file sharing process:

Working Dynamics in the Past

A few years back, when there was no internet and, home networks people used to carry letters, documents, travel between buildings, cities, countries to meet each other and exchange files in the written form. Working together was different in those days. It was more of a “Face-to-Face” job.

file sharing in the past

From Face-to-Face, slowly, file sharing happened physical via tapes, cassettes, floppy discs, CDs and USB drives

File sharing via such means although suited the need of that era, today, as we move to a complete digital collaboration level, every organization have huge data to deal with. Such means have their own drawbacks.

File sharing in the past

These systems have almost come to near obsolete and have paved way to file transfer protocols with the advent of the internet.

Working Dynamics with email and Instant Messages

Post-internet era, the collaboration level took off to a different level. Email systems allowed people to transfer small amounts of data, images, videos, and audios. Generally, there is a limitation of the size of files that can be shared. Today, even this method also has a setback…

past working dynamics

In the 1990s, Napster, a (peer-to-peer) p2p file sharing software took off.

What is P2P file sharing?

The process of sharing content digitally via a direct connection between two nodes over the P2P network is termed as P2P file sharing. BitTorrent is one of the top-rated file sharing protocol. But, the process went through a high level of criticism as it was popularly used to disseminate pirated content. It generally spreads Malware.

p2p file sharing

Working Dynamics Today with File Sharing Software

Today, we conduct meeting virtually, use video conference, share important files digitally and work as a team even sitting miles apart. New sharing capabilities have emerged. File sharing software solutions are gaining more popularity. Open Source file Sharing software solutions are changing the dynamics of collaboration and communication. Today, we collaborate and work smarter with “digital and virtual intelligence.”

file sharing

Key takeaways:

This outlawing of the older file sharing technology has been the key motivator for the evolution of file-sharing and the efficiency of data sharing. File sharing is here to stay, and the future is likely to depend majorly on the methods of file sharing.

Apart from the file sharing process for personal use, almost all the industries including Banking, Insurance, Government, Public & Private sectors, Software and Technology, Healthcare, Retail, Entertainment, Legal, Education, etc. are going to rely on the file sharing phenomena severely.

How Can You Choose the Best File Sharing Software?

Commercial, high-end File sharing software comes with a price tag. One can even try them for some time and upgrade later. Teams are extensively working on free and open source software to collaborate and communicate.

Before you decide on any of the File Sharing software solutions, you need to check the following aspects;

  • Features
  • Storage Capacity
  • Backup and Reliability
  • Customization Level
  • Integrations

Which File Sharing Software Solutions are the most simple to use and set-up?

The following section of this article will discuss some of the best free and open source File Sharing Software Solutions that are simple to use and easy to set-up. Additionally, they are absolutely free to use. When in an open source version, these software solutions have the best chance to evolve every now-and-then.

The Best 10 Free and Open Source File Sharing Software

free and open source file sharing software list

Find below a comparison list of the 10 Free and Open Source File Sharing Software. It can quickly help you understand the software at a glance.

#1 FileZilla

FileZilla is one of the most reliable and feature-rich cross-platform File Sharing Software. This FTP Client software is free to use and is an open source version allowing room for improvement always. The best thing about FileZilla is that it offers an intuitive graphical user interface that makes working with this software easier. Most of the web browsers support FTP file transfer protocol.

FileZilla file sharing software

          (Image Source: FileZilla)


  • The software is easier to use
  • Reliable
  • Supports bulk file transfers
  • It flawlessly supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Runs on platforms including; Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
  • The software comes with IPv6 support
  • The software is made available in multiple languages
  • Facility of Bookmarks
  • Drag & drop facility
  • Allows Network configuration
  • Supports remote file editing & file search
  • Easy directory browsing
  • Users can transfer large files of more than 4GB
  • Tabbed user interface
  • Intuitive Site Manager and transfer queue
  • Restore and reconnect facility
  • Multiple server transfers

FileZilla Pro, a professional version of FileZilla comes with added support for cloud storage protocols. FileZilla Pro can be used with WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure File Storage, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, OpenStack Swift and so on.

Have you tried FileZilla Pro? Then share your review with us. 

#2 HFS

HFS is yet another feature-rich free and open source file sharing software that guarantees to contain zero malware. Sending and receiving files via HFS is much easier. The software uses web technology thus making it more compatible with the latest Internet. The software has been successfully tested.

HFS File sharing software

               (Image Source: HFS)


  • Easy and effortless download and upload facility
  • Options of Virtual file system
  • Highly customizable
  • Facility to use HTML template
  • Complete Bandwidth control
  • Options to switch between Easy and Expert mode
  • Total control over connections
  • Dynamic DNS updater
  • HTTP file server

Have you tried HFS? Then share your review with us. 

#3 Arbore

Arbore File Sharing Software allows anyone to send pictures, data without any limitations. The software assures complete privacy as the transfer happens directly from the sender to the recipient. Just create your identity, manage contacts, share and relax. Since this is an open source software solution, it has enough space to iterate, validate and enhance to make it more acceptable.

Arbore file sharing software

            (Image Source: Arbore)


  • Create your account and have as many identities as you want
  • Easy to build your contact list
  • Easily share files, documents, images of any size
  • Offers total privacy
  • Share without limits
  • Multi-platform support - Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • No spyware
  • Absolutely no user tracking
  • No troubling ads
  • Share any type of files
  • Chat facility

Have you tried Arbore? Then share your review with us. 

#4 ProjectSend

ProjectSend is absolutely free to use file sharing software. It is an open source software solution allowing total freedom to the users. The software is secure and easy-to-use. Anyone who wishes to send/ transfer files can use ProjectSend. Businesses, non-profits, individuals, start-ups, etc. are some of the top users of this software. 

ProjectSend file sharing software

                            (Image Source: ProjectSend)


  • Share files safe and securely
  • Can be installed on your own VPS or web hosting account
  • Suits all file sharing needs
  • Upon enabling the option, even the receiver can upload a file to share with the sender
  • Detailed panel to the administrators
  • Share files to individuals or groups
  • Share files on any server
  • No limitations of size and number

Have you tried ProjectSend? Then share your review with us. 

#5 Ares Galaxy

Download and share anything like files, documents, movies, music, games, etc. quickly with Ares Galaxy, the free file sharing software. Ares is one of the most secure P2P platforms.

Ares Galaxy file sharing software

       (Image Source: Ares Galaxy)


  • No unsolicited Malware or Adware
  • The latest version supports Bit Torrent protocol
  • Hashlinks functionality
  • Supports Shoutcast radio stations
  • Join chat rooms
  • Quick Downloads
  • Efficient library organizer
  • Free 24/7 technical support
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Privacy Protection

Have you tried Ares Galaxy? Then share your review with us. 

#6 Limewire

Limewire is one of the most popular and the most easily downloadable free file sharing program. Although a version of this software was shut down, few older versions are still functional. More than 100 million monthly users are taking total advantage of this open source file sharing software.

Limewire file sharing software

                    (Image Source: LimeWire)


  • Uses Bit Torrent protocol
  • Supports Mac OS9
  • Automatically sets-up packet forwarding
  • Compatible with major platforms
  • Runs over Gnutella network
  • Well established code-base
  • Friendly software
  • Built-in Audio & Video Player
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Easy scanning of search results
  • User-friendly
  • Graphical interface

Have you tried the free downloadable versions of LimeWire? Then share your review with us. 

#6 StrongDC++

StrongDC++ is yet another powerful free and open source file sharing software that allows P2P file sharing effortlessly.

StrongDC++ file sharing software

           (Image Source: StrongDC++)


  • Requires no installation
  • Securely share files
  • Segmented file sharing
  • High-speed sharing
  • Totally customizable
  • No Adware
  • Identifies files through Cryptographic hash value
  • Universal Plug and Play protocol
  • Network Address Translator
  • A distributed hash table
  • Proxy server
  • DHT search engine

Have you tried StrongDC++? Then share your review with us. 

#8 OwnCloud

OwnCloud is an Open Source file sharing software ideal for every level right from individual users to large enterprises. The software allows synchronizing and sharing files easily. All data shared are secured by SSL/end-to-end encryption.

OwnCloud file sharing software

               (Image Source: OwnCloud)


  • Open & flexible architecture
  • Safe & Secure file synchronization
  • Allows sharing one or more files easily
  • Shared data is accessible from any device and at any time
  • Access anything and share with anybody
  • Facility to power up the file search with Elasticsearch server
  • Trace activities easily
  • Phone notification
  • Share with email
  • Powerful permission management rules
  • Extensible with App framework
  • Password protection
  • Anonymous and full access sharing
  • Link expiration

Have you tried OwnCloud? Then share your review with us. 

#9 NextCloud

NextCloud is a powerful open source file sharing software that allows users to share, protect, monitor and control data across easily and effortlessly.

NextCloud file sharing software

                (Image Source: NextCloud)


  • Easy and transparent access to data on any storage
  • Extensive auditing capabilities
  • Mobile friendly
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Easy collaboration of large files
  • Secured transfer
  • Unlimited number of sharing
  • Facility to share-view only documents
  • Smart and intuitive sharing menu
  • Powerful group folder integration

Have you tried NextCloud? Then share your review with us. 

#10 Pydio

Pydio is an easy to deploy-and-run file sharing software that allows a safe and secure way of sharing files. Designed to fit every business need, Pydio can be deployed right on your servers or anywhere you wish as cloud-based. Written in Golang, Pydio is capable of handling large files.

Pydio file sharing software

         (Image Source: Pydio)


  • Secure access to files anywhere and at anytime
  • Facility of online chat
  • Single point of access for all the data storage
  • Compliant with data management, audit and reporting tools
  • Intuitive interface
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Developed on a micro-service architecture
  • Admin console for better analysis

Have you tried Pydio? Then share your review with us. 

Other than the above listed free and open source file sharing software solutions, there is yet another name which is getting more popular these days. Let us know this software in detail;


D-Lan is a LAN file sharing software that enables users to share large files freely and easily within the local area network environment without any additional configuration.  The software, being Open Source software, is continuously enhanced to add better features and added experience to the users.

D-LAN software

              (Image Source: D-Lan)

Key Features:

  • Easily share files and folders in a local area network environment
  • Facility to transfer files in the distributed pattern. Such a facility can improve both file sharing performance and reliability
  • Transfer files without any additional configuration
  • No central server
  • Indexed search
  • Facility to easily browse files and folders of others within the network environment
  • Easily add, delete and re-order the download queue
  • Chatting facility with peers within the network environment
  • D-LAN runs without graphic interface
  • Users can control the software remotely
  • Safe and secured

File sharing is a critical task for all organizations and individuals. If you are looking for advanced features in a file sharing software, then probably, you can look for some commercial or paid file sharing software. There are plenty of popular file sharing software solutions that offer exceptional features for a reasonable cost. One such software is Binfer, a software that makes large file sharing simple and easy without uploading.


Binfer allows its users to share large confidential files securely using a military-grade AES 256 bit encryption. Interestingly, sharing files does not depend on server speed.

Benfer file sharing software           (Image source: Binfer)

Key Features:

  • High-speed file transfer
  • No restrictions on the type of file, size or quantity
  • Secured file sharing
  • Facility to share files directly to the recipient
  • No uploads or downloads
  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Drag and drop files
  • Facility to send 10GB+ video files
  • Detailed tracking facility of all file sharing
  • Advanced and customized reports

The software is free to use upto 200 MB data. Apart from this, there are six different monthly subscription plans and pay-as-you-go plans too.


In the near future, most of the transactions and business operations will happen online which will demand file sharing big way.

If you are involved in the File Sharing industry/business or aim to be, then this blog is sure to offer you an inclusive point of view. The market surely demands you to keep your knowledge up to date regarding the best file sharing software solutions and its purpose. Collaborative work culture requires teams to gain access to files, objects, and resources instantly. A proper file sharing software can be of great help that can contribute to effective collaboration, great teamwork, better decision- making capacity, timely project completion, and efficient business process. Hope this post allowed you to understand the importance of file sharing, and some of the best free and open source file sharing software solutions.

Thanks for reading this article; you can also get individual software wise listing of file sharing software here. Simultaneously if you are keen on checking other categories, you can do by clicking our all software categories. Also, if you have been using any of the above-listed software already, please share your opinion.

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