How to Refine Your Niche and Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2024 and Beyond: GoodFirms Survey

Updated on :June 20, 2024


Whether you are a startup, an SMB, or an established corporation, you are visible only when you make an attempt to be visible. Modern marketing is all about empathy, the way you create stories about yourself that revolve around your understanding of your customers. YouTube allows you to do exactly that - to create awareness, educate, build trust, entertain, and earn customers. Boasting over 2.70 billion users as of January 2024, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and the most efficient video-sharing & social media platform run by Google. YouTube allows businesses to refine their niche and connect with a targeted audience.

So, what makes a successful YouTube marketing for a business? Is it creating high-quality and engaging content? Is it following all nuances that appeal to your target audience? Or is it by promoting your videos? 

GoodFirms attempted to find this through a survey of the most promising businesses with a successful YouTube presence and are growing their audience smartly. The survey findings will help our readers refine their niche and grow their audience on YouTube. 

This survey by GoodFirms titled ‘How to Refine your Niche and Grow Your Audience on YouTube in 2024 and Beyond? GoodFirms Survey’ has helped us gather the strategies for YouTube marketing and explore tips for growing a YouTube channel, and establishing a specific niche.


“This is marketing. You can’t be seen until you learn to see,” said the American author, Seth Godin.

The online presence of a business will continue to be critical no matter how the tactics continue to evolve. Narrowing the focus towards what the customers want is the best strategy to stabilize leadership. Founded in 2005, YouTube, the online video-sharing and social media platform crossed the 100 million mark within a year. Google acquired YouTube in 2006. Currently, YouTube is among the top digital marketing channels for marketers today due to its dramatic growth. Video-watching metrics reveal that three out of four internet users watch YouTube videos. With a large number of subscribers and a variety of features, YouTube has become harder to pigeonhole. It has progressed as an excellent platform for both individuals and businesses to promote their products and services, and to establish their online presence. The global reach and entertainment offered by YouTube help businesses yield a considerable ROI. 

But, with the ever-changing online video YouTube marketing, brands or businesses have to position themselves well to leverage the vast reach of the platform. The tremendous amount of video content that is being consumed leads to the rise in the use of YouTube marketing. Online video marketing via YouTube is like the Mississippi River that changes its course constantly and the boat pilots have to keep an eye on this before they begin their journey. Similarly, marketers need to be on their toes to learn the trends, tactics, and innovations to stay ahead and attract audiences.  Boosting the audience, increasing the watch time, click-through rates, engagement, impressions, likes, dislikes, comments, etc., requires proper analysis and understanding of the audiences, before strategizing the type of content that can go on this platform.

This survey by GoodFirms on YouTube marketing aims to gather insights and reveal a few tips on efficient  YouTube marketing. It also attempts to shed light on the strategies, and the marvelous precision required for marketers to grow their channel and reap results for the business.

Survey Data and Analysis

GoodFirms conducted this survey titled “How to Refine Your Niche and Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2024 and Beyond,” where it queried about 730 businesses. Interestingly 67.1% of the businesses belonged to the Software and Services industry while 7.6% of the respondents were from the Ecommerce industry. The remaining 25.3% of the respondents are from other industries.

Utilization of YouTube Channel as a Business Tool

survey businesses that use youtube channel as a marketing tool

As predicted, 87.7% of the surveyed businesses engage in YouTube marketing, while 3.1% of the businesses plan to have a channel soon, and 8.9% of the businesses are yet to use YouTube for their marketing purposes. When asked about the reasons that make them hesitant to have a YouTube channel, these survey participants cited the following reasons:

survey why youtube is not ideal for your business

The top reason that these businesses do not opt for a YouTube channel to promote their business is that video content is not suitable for their business. About 71.4% of the businesses voted for this reason. 

While 42.9% of the business owners said that budget constraints stop them from using a YouTube channel for marketing, about 28.6% of the surveyees asserted that they lack the talent required for creating content.

Nearly 19.1% of the businesses said that they find it difficult to reach the target audience, and security threats stop 14.3% of the surveyed businesses from adopting a YouTube channel as a marketing tool.

So, to the 8.9% of the businesses that are yet to explore YouTube for the above-mentioned reasons, GoodFirms reveals a few insights on Why it Matters to be on YouTube.

With 2.49 billion monthly active users, more than 100 million subscribers, average spending time of 48.7 minutes (1), YouTube has the largest audience and it is critical for businesses to take advantage of this channel and make the best use of it for their profits.

It is also to note that YouTube is the second largest search engine, with over 500 hours of videos being uploaded on the platform every minute.(2)

Businesses must also consider the fact that YouTube can be extremely cost-effective as the platform does not incur any costs. It is, therefore, an essential marketing medium, especially for small businesses and startups. GoodFirms is of the opinion that this segment of 8.9% of the businesses that are yet to explore YouTube should go with the demand and plunge into this facility to avoid a force back. 

GoodFirms attempted to check with those survey participants on the benefits that they gain with YouTube marketing. Here is the analysis:

Benefits of YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing brings in a whole lot of benefits for a business. Although the benefits are not the same for every business, our survey participants have mentioned the benefits they have witnessed after adopting YouTube as a marketing medium.

survey benefits of youtube marketing

Wider Reach

Wider reach is one of the major benefits of YouTube marketing according to 92.6% of the surveyed respondents.

The success of a marketing campaign lies in the reach of the campaign. YouTube is a global platform and helps marketers to access a wider audience with ease. 

“It can often be difficult to find an audience and YouTube already has a large audience, so it's perfect for marketing, both long and short forms,” said Holicky Corporation.

With over 2 million subscribers, a video can go viral in no time. With the exponential rise in the number of YouTube users, businesses can harness the power of the platform. With an already available user base, marketers have a great opportunity to improve their reach and convey their products and services to increase conversions.

Improved Visibility

For 81.3% of the surveyees, improved visibility is a major benefit of opting for YouTube marketing.

Google search results often prioritize video content above other types. Optimizing the content for SEO and meeting the algorithm requirements can always do the trick. Marketing on YouTube can, therefore, improve the visibility of a business. Video tutorials, Ask Me Anything videos, Whiteboard videos, product reviews, educational videos, explainer videos, demo videos, testimonials, event launch videos, webinars, brand value videos, vlogs, and video podcasts are some of the common types of video marketing that businesses often adopt to improve visibility and create awareness.

Utilizing the appropriate strategies for backlinking can add to the number of visits to a website. Creating YouTube content that is more easily found on Google can help improve the online authority of a business.

Connect with the Targeted Audience

About 75.9% of the survey participants could better connect with the target audience using YouTube marketing.

Connecting with the target audience is an essential requirement for improving customer loyalty. YouTube helps businesses connect with the targeted audience in a much better way. With the immersive and interactive nature of content, marketers can easily connect with their audiences. 

Features like live streaming are useful for effective communication with the audience while making them feel listened to. The use of consistent and fresh content can create a loyal customer base.

Brand Awareness

By using YouTube marketing, about 68.3% of the surveyed businesses could achieve brand awareness.

YouTube is a great medium for promoting brand awareness for marketers. With a large pool of active users, there are a vast number of potential customers who can stumble upon a video. 

Best Ed Creative Hub mentioned, “I think YouTube marketing is a very great tool for upcoming companies to utilize in order to gain new audiences, gain subscribers, and establish a community.”

The fact that the videos once uploaded on YouTube will never be deleted makes the probability of the target audience coming across the content even more. YouTube also makes it easier to retarget a prospective customer, enhancing brand awareness. Influencer collaboration is another way to create brand awareness.

Establish as an Expert in Our Niche

Nearly 59.4% of businesses believe that YouTube marketing is beneficial in establishing themselves as an expert in their niche.

One of the major benefits that YouTube offers is that one can employ various types of videos for promoting products and services. Right from how-to videos to detailed webinars and tutorials, businesses can demonstrate minute details and convey their message.

“YouTube is amazing because you can visually demonstrate certain ideas and strategies which, in some cases, can help convey information quicker,” mentioned Proactive SEO Solutions.

With detailed content, businesses can establish themselves as an expert in a particular niche. Posting valuable and knowledgeable content can help viewers get a clear understanding of the product and be informed about the brand.

Build Trust Among Audience

52.6% of the survey participants said that YouTube marketing helps in building trust among the audience.

Video content is a great tool to improve the authenticity of a marketing campaign. Video content, including product demos and behind-the-scenes videos, is effective in keeping the viewers hooked and improving the brand's credibility.

“Live Q&A Sessions: Host regular live Q&A sessions to directly answer viewer questions, fostering a sense of interactivity and building trust,” said JanBask Digital Design.

With a storytelling approach and immersive content, brands can boost the audiences' curiosity about the brand and build trust among the customers. Supporting user-generated content can also promote customer loyalty.

Build Community

YouTube marketing is beneficial in building community according to 42.7% of the survey respondents.

YouTube, being the second most preferred search engine, encourages community engagement for businesses. With consistent and quality content creation, businesses are able to improve customer engagement.

quote starte mobile

Frequent interactions with the target audience by adopting suitable strategies marketers keep their audience engaged. Responding to comments, likes, and shares can build a sense of belonging for the customers leading to the creation of a strong community support for the brand.

Other options like conducting contests, giveaways, and interactive sessions for the subscribers can improve brand loyalty.

Enhance Sales

Around 38.2% of the surveyees mentioned that YouTube marketing can enhance sales.

With the larger consumption of video content, marketers are leveraging YouTube marketing. However, that is not the only reason. About 92% of marketers revealed that video content provides them with a good return on investment.(3)

“It'll allow businesses to sell better, and have better conversion by showing what they do on video mode. Of course, videos have a better visual impact on the human brain than written content, so they resonate more,” mentioned Idea Usher.

Videos have an immense ability to make customers emotionally connect to a brand, leading to greater conversion rates. YouTube can help marketers convey their message easily to their consumers. Video content is more easily consumable than any other form of content leading to improved response from users. This helps in improving the sales for businesses.

Build Audience Anticipation

About 32.8% of the survey respondents asserted that YouTube marketing can help build audience anticipation.

Posting videos on YouTube consistently helps build audience anticipation. With fresh and interactive content, businesses can make their audiences expect more content for entertainment and knowledge.

Announcing videos and following a schedule of posting on the platform makes the audience a FOMO on quality content. This can lead to increased engagement.

quote brainyzat

Marketers can make the audience more interested in the content and brand with quality content to keep them anticipating more content.

Generate a Source for Revenue

YouTube marketing can help generate a source for revenue, said 23.7% of the survey respondents.

YouTube not only serves as a platform for marketing but also assists in generating a source of revenue for a business. YouTube offers an opportunity to monetize the content through ads and sponsorships.

This offers a unique chance for businesses to generate revenue while promoting their products and services. Although monetization of the content is a by-product of YouTube marketing, it must be prioritized only when the primary goals of the marketing campaign are attained.

Strategies to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Inspiring, educating, enlightening, and entertaining are the four facets of video marketing. Adopting strategies by culminating all four parameters will help businesses implement an efficient marketing campaign.  GoodFirms in its survey tried gathering tips from the participants on the strategies that they follow to grow their YouTube Channel. 

“Uploading original content and deciding a specific niche from the beginning to avoid complications for viewers, maintaining the frequency of the videos,” said Agile Infoways LLC.

Participants of the GoodFirms survey some of the strategies they follow for growing their YouTube channel.

“Sharing value, promoting participation, igniting conversation, and engaging content can do wonders,” shared Content Euphoria.

survey factors that help growing youtube channel

Consistent, Fresh, and Relevant Content

Posting consistent, fresh, and relevant content can help in growing a YouTube channel, said 91.4% of the surveyed businesses.

One of the top strategies that holds significance is uploading fresh and relevant content consistently. 

Uploading videos regularly leads to higher engagement from the audience. Fresh and unique content is the key to keeping the audience hitched to a channel.

Kadam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. shared, “Consistency is key. Upload regularly, engage with your audience, and stay true to your niche. Listen to feedback, experiment with different types of content, and don't be afraid to evolve as you learn what works best for your channel.”

Creating and following a schedule to upload content that is immersive makes the audience anticipate more content and increases brand awareness.

Adapting New Trends and Technologies

About 78.3% of survey participants said adopting new trends and technologies can help in growing a YouTube channel.

While technological advancements have invaded the marketing landscape, adopting new trends and technologies is a great way to enhance YouTube marketing as well. Adopting top trends helps marketers stay ahead of the competition.

Implementation of modern technologies like AI and machine learning is a great way to get assistance in creating content easily. Also, AR/VR is essential in providing an immersive experience for their customers. 

With modern technologies, businesses can create good-quality videos.  The video quality of the content is an important factor for improving customer engagement. 

Influencer Collaboration

About 63.7% of businesses said that influencer collaboration can be helpful in growing a YouTube channel.

Influencer collaboration is a trending concept in video marketing. Influencer collaboration has proved to be very effective for several brands. Collaborating with a niche influencer provides businesses the opportunity to leverage a dedicated audience that is following the influencer.

Around 61.9% of survey respondents said that they buy on the advice of influencers.(4) The figure indicates the higher number of customers that are impacted by the presence of an influencer. 

With the rising trend, businesses must adopt influencer marketing to have an edge over the competitors.

Cross-promotion on Other Channels

Cross-promotion on other channels is necessary for growing a YouTube channel, said 57.8% of the surveyed businesses.

Although the proper use of SEO techniques and the YouTube algorithm can promote the video when the user searches, it is necessary to make some extra efforts to improve the visibility of a video and the brand. 

quote seeresponse

Promoting a video on other social media platforms is of immense importance to improve the viewership of a video.  

Tracking Growth to Iterate Approach

According to 42.5% of the survey participants, tracking growth to iterate approach is beneficial in growing a YouTube channel.

Keeping track of the performance of the marketing campaign is always a good idea. YouTube offers a number of ways businesses can analyze performance. Having an idea of the key metrics helps marketers know where the campaign is going and iterate their approach accordingly.

“Make use of YouTube Analytics as a guide; it provides information on what works and what doesn't. If your objective is to boost subscriber engagement, for instance, calculate the average number of comments and shares for each video and establish a goal to raise these metrics over the course of the following period,” suggested LeadValets.

Right from the demographics of the audience to the video analytics, every parameter is accessible and can help businesses make informed decisions. Marketers can also employ dedicated analytics tools to get insights into YouTube data.

Assess Your Competition

About 36.6% of the businesses found assessing competition critical for growing a YouTube channel.

One way to stay ahead of the competition is to know the plans and activities of the competitors. Businesses must always have an idea of the marketing strategies their competitors are adopting.

Elit-Web iterated, “Start with competitor research. This can be done by searching keywords on YouTube or finding your competitors’ channels on their websites. Look at what types and formats of content your competitors have, as well as what kind of audience involvement in this content (likes, comments, views). And after that, you can begin to form your own promotion strategy on YouTube.”

To have a competitive edge in an immensely competitive landscape is to assess the competition. Having an idea of what is working for the competitors and curating strategies that can be more successful even when YouTube marketing is considered. Assessing the competition can also make businesses better understand the target market and market demand.

Use AI to Research Audience

Using AI to research target audiences can lead to growing a YouTube channel, according to 35.3% of the survey respondents.

With AI having touched every aspect of businesses, marketing has also been impacted by the rising use of artificial intelligence. The rising popularity of AI is not just hype. With the proper application of artificial intelligence, businesses can get access to useful information. 

Targeting the right audience becomes even more easy with the help of AI. The vast amounts of data related to customer demographics can be easily studied using AI and actionable insights can be made available by identifying patterns. This can help marketers get an idea about the target audience for the business to make the marketing strategy successful.

Showing Up When Required

Automating tedious tasks can be done by adopting advanced technologies. However, marketers or business owners showing up when required has a huge impact on audience engagement.

“Turn your audience into a loyal community by always interacting with them. Encourage audience engagement by creating meaningful discussions,” suggested Titoma Design for Asian Manufacturing.

Conducting Q&A sessions, polls, and quizzes also makes the audience indulge with a brand through the YouTube platform. Encouraging user-generated content also makes the audience feel valued. Appreciating customer feedback can foster a sense of community.  Responding to the comments and likes is a good way to interact with the audience. 

survey businesses actively engage with customers through likes comments

Around 60.9% of the businesses actively engage with their audience by responding to their comments, questions, and feedback, whereas 15.6% of the surveyed businesses do not engage with their audiences regularly.

Implement Automation Wherever Required

About 28.1% of the surveyed businesses mentioned implementing automation can help grow a YouTube channel.

Implementing automation is another trend that businesses must adopt. Automating tasks like timely uploading videos, moderating comments, and scheduled sharing on social media can save a lot of time for businesses. 

Automating tedious tasks through implementing the right tools can save time and let the creators focus on other crucial tasks. It is also important since it can avoid any manual errors. Automation can also help in tasks like thumbnail generation, keyword research, and assistance in SEO optimization.

User Data to Make Informed Decisions

Around 25.9% of the surveyees said utilizing user data to make informed decisions is essential to grow a YouTube channel.

Posting videos regularly is not enough to completely leverage the benefits of YouTube marketing. It is also necessary to understand what the audience wants from the brand. 

“Learn what works and adapt your content strategy accordingly to attract and retain viewers. For marketing it is important to analyze the data and know the analytics tools,” said Linguidoor Translation Services.

Posting videos as per the audience's preferences can help marketers improve customer engagement to a larger extent. To analyze and get clarity on the content to be published, businesses must carefully utilize the user data to make informed decisions right from choosing the content type to scheduling the publishing of content.

What is Your advice to Those Who Want to Start on YouTube to Grow their Audience and Refine their Niche?

Along with following the strategies for implementing YouTube marketing, it is also essential to have tips from business owners and marketers for budding entrepreneurs to start and grow their YouTube channels. Following are a few advice from the participants of this survey:

Consistency is key when it comes to posting on YouTube. Create a schedule that you can stick to and ensure your content is prepared in advance. Being consistent will attract an audience who will trust in your reliability and enhance your channel's visibility within YouTube's algorithm. –Infinite Ideas Web Design.

Use Shorts to share daily tips, quick updates, or behind-the-scenes content. This frequent, engaging content keeps your channel active and encourages regular interaction from your audience. –THATWARE.

Focus on authentic content that resonates with your passion and expertise, engage with your audience through comments and collaborations, and consistently refine your niche based on viewer feedback to foster growth and connection on YouTube. –World Web Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Be relevant for your audience. Answer the how's and why's for your industry and position yourself as a thought leader. –Tailwebs Technology Pvt. Ltd.

A good thumbnail clearly tells viewers what the video is about. A visually well-designed thumbnail can show your audience how professional you are, and how skilled in graphic design. At the very least, it's a chance to describe the content of the video. –Lasting Dynamics.

Be consistent, and follow the trends, great content is a magnet for both for clients and customers. –HitBerry Games.

Consistently post. Going from active to inactive is sure to stunt your growth. Even if it is once per week, post once per week. This consistency will eventually compound your traffic and visibility on the platform and you will start to see increased follower and view growth. –Flying V Group Digital Marketing.

Sustainability and Purpose-Driven Content: Consumers are increasingly valuing sustainability and social responsibility. Brands that align with meaningful causes and produce purpose-driven content will likely gain traction. –JetSoftPro

Take the time to identify and define a specific niche for your YouTube channel. Consider your interests, passions, expertise, and target audience. Choose a niche that you're genuinely passionate about and that has the potential to attract a dedicated audience.--CodersGlobe.

Be original, be honest, and don’t create the channel with a view to monetize at first. Monetization is the by-product of growing your community.. –Nimblechapps Pvt. Ltd.

Engage with viewers during the Premiere by actively participating in the live chat, responding to comments, and providing additional insights or behind-the-scenes commentary. Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and turn on notifications to be notified of future Premieres and uploads. –Designs Guru Studio.

Most Valuable YouTube Content for Businesses

While adopting the most workable strategies can help businesses grow their YouTube channel, uploading the right type of content is also crucial. Although a single type of content cannot be of the same importance for two different businesses, there are some content types that have proved to be valuable for the majority of businesses.

survey content most valuable for your business

When queried about the most valuable content type for their channel growth, ‘How-to’ videos emerged as the clear winner. How-to videos have been the most valuable type of content for their channel growth, according to 41.2% of the surveyed businesses. 

About 31.8% of the survey participants chose product/ service explainers as one of the most valuable content types for their businesses. Product/service explainer videos help consumers get a better understanding of a product/ service and assist in decision-making. 

While 29.8% of the businesses said videos showcasing tips are valuable for their business, 28.4% of businesses chose event coverage as a valuable content type. 

For 27.8% of surveyees, podcast is a great content type, whereas YouTube shorts are crucial for 25.7% of the businesses. YouTube shorts allow users to post short, 60-second vertical or square videos. This is currently picking up big, and the market for this is 5 trillion as per reports. YouTube shorts undoubtedly are gaining more popularity among teenagers. Live-stream videos proved to be valuable for 24.7% of the surveyed businesses, while Interviews and Q&As were beneficial for 21.5% of the survey participants. About 14.5% of the businesses chose webinars to be a helpful content type.

How Often Do You Post on YouTube?

Along with selecting the suitable content type, it is also necessary to post those videos consistently. Having a specified frequency of uploading videos is very beneficial when it comes to YouTube marketing. 

survey how often you post videos on youtube

When queried about the frequency of posting a new video on YouTube, about 29.7% of the survey respondents post a video every week while 15.6% of the respondents post a video once in a month.

Around 12.2% of the responders said that they post a video whenever a new product or service is launched, whereas 42.5% of the respondents have no specific strategy to decide the frequency of the videos.

It is, however, necessary to have a fixed frequency of uploading videos on YouTube to make the audience expect a video after a while and they can anticipate content.

Challenges When Growing a YouTube Channel

YouTube marketing brings immense advantages for a business. However, it also has its own set of challenges. Participants of the GoodFirms; survey shared the challenges they face while using YouTube marketing.

survey challenges when growing youtube audience

Frequency of Posting Content

Following a frequency of posting content is a major challenge when growing a YouTube channel, said 72.7% of the respondents.

Following a schedule for uploading content at a particular frequency can get extremely challenging, especially when the team is small. Posting content consistently and keeping the audience eager for more content is crucial to maintaining consumer engagement. 

“Make a schedule for content publishing,” advised OS Digital World.

However, it is necessary to consistently post fresh and unique content in order to grow the channel. It is therefore important to maintain a calendar and follow a fixed schedule to upload videos, preferably at the same time of the day. The use of scheduling tools to automate the timely uploading of content is a good idea.

Targeting the Right Audience

About 49.2% of the surveyees said that targeting the right audience is challenging when growing a YouTube channel.

YouTube provides a pool of subscribers that gives marketers a wider reach. However, it makes it difficult for businesses to target the right audience. This results in lower engagement despite the quality of content. 

“New entrants should conduct a deep dive into researching their niche and target audience because YouTube has become saturated with many content creators. They should also explore the idea of collaborating with other creators on Youtube,” suggested Digiadlab.

It is, therefore, critical for businesses to thoroughly study the audience demographics and target the right audience. Competitor assessment can also be of help when selecting the right audience for a business. Using YouTube analytics(5)  can help in making informed decisions.

Staying updated with the latest trends is critical for marketers to make the most of YouTube. However, it must also be considered that the trends on YouTube are ever-evolving. The trends on YouTube keep on changing quickly without giving time to marketers to relax.

Making use of every top trend is challenging for marketers, especially, when the lifespan of a trend is short. Businesses must, however, stay updated with the latest trends since a failure to do so can reduce the relevance of the brand.

Maintaining the Video Quality

About 37.4% of the survey participants said that maintaining video quality is a challenge while growing a YouTube channel.

Uploading a good-quality video is crucial to grab the audience’s attention. Among the humongous amounts of videos being uploaded on the platform regularly, it is important to maintain the quality of the video. Maintaining the video quality is a tough task as it involves various aspects.

Quality audio and video are a must to keep the audience engaged. Focusing on the light and sound of the video is a crucial part when uploading videos to YouTube.

survey video quality is critical to customer experience

About 85.9% of survey respondents admitted that video quality is an important factor for their audience.

Editing Videos

Editing videos is a challenging task when YouTube marketing is considered, according to 31.8% of the surveyed businesses.

Shooting a video suitable for YouTube is a task. The bigger task is to edit the video to make it appropriate for the audience. Editing the video is a time-consuming and tedious process. 

Mobikasa Inc. said, “Businesses should focus on their content and video quality the most.”

Content creators have to be prompt with the editing of the content. It is essential to maintain the quality of the video. To keep the frequency of uploading videos on track, it is necessary to edit the videos in the stipulated time and with perfection. Marketers can also consider automating the process with the help of dedicated tools.


Fierce competition is an obstacle to the growth of a YouTube channel, said 26.8% of the survey respondents.

Competition is another difficult factor that marketers need to overcome. YouTube has become a favorite among businesses when it comes to video marketing. However, the growing competition on the platform is to be worried about.

With so many competitors, businesses have to think about different content types to keep the audience engaged. Uploading fresh and quality content is the only way to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Monitoring Metrics

Monitoring metrics is challenging when growing a YouTube channel, said 19.3% of the survey participants.

Uploading videos to YouTube would be of the least use if the metrics are not correctly analyzed. Likes, comments, and shares are some of the key metrics to give insights into the performance of the video. However, there are other metrics that can correctly measure the growth of the channel and help strategize the further campaign.

Monitoring metrics being a critical factor for planning future strategies, it must be given importance. Employing a dedicated tool for monitoring metrics can be a good idea to make informed decisions.

How will you build your community using YouTube Shorts, YouTube Live, YouTube Premiers, and YouTube Community Posts in YouTube Marketing in 2024? Share your ideas.

YouTube offers a unique opportunity for brands to build a community on the platform. With the number of features that YouTube offers, community building is a convenient way to make the platform suitable for host communications with the audience. 

YouTube Shorts, YouTube Live, YouTube Premiers, and YouTube Community Posts are the various media to build a community for a brand on YouTube. 

YouTube Shorts: It is a platform that allows users to share and discover short-form videos with the help of just a mobile phone.

YouTube Live: This platform is a dedicated way to live stream videos on YouTube.

YouTube Premiers: Premiers allow businesses to experience a new pre-recorded video with the audience in real time with a dedicated chat box to offer an interactive experience.

YouTube Community Post: Community posts are not videos, they are the posts that allow interaction between the brands and the audiences with simple posts, including chat, polls, quizzes, and much more.

GoodFirms’ survey participants shared how they use the above-mentioned media to build their community on YouTube.

“I'd adapt our strategy to leverage all these YouTube features to create engaging, diverse content that can foster two-way communication, and offer exclusive experiences to our client community whilst cultivating a loyal and enthusiastic community around our agency, driving long-term success and advocacy,” stated Pixated.

“YouTube Community Posts is our daily chat space. Polls, questions, sneak peeks, or just saying ‘hey’ – it’s where we keep the conversation going between videos,” shared Effeect.

Ernst Media said, “YouTube Live offers a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in real-time, fostering a sense of community and immediacy.”

SunTecIndia mentioned, “Schedule premiere videos for significant announcements, such as new service launches, partnerships, company milestones, and success stories. Host premiere events for thought-leadership content, such as interviews with industry experts or webinars.”

“We build community by posting engaging teasers for upcoming long-form videos and live streams. By collaborating with other YouTubers in my niche on Shorts duets or challenges to cross-promote audiences,” said WeblineIndia.

“In 2024, we're harnessing the power of YouTube's diverse features to build a thriving community. With bite-sized tech insights delivered through engaging YouTube Shorts, we will be unpacking complex concepts in 60 seconds or less, perfect for busy professionals on the go,” shared DigiTrends.

Future of YouTube Marketing

The rising consumption of video content and advancements in technology are surely set to explore the YouTube marketing sector. The growing impact of automation on creating videos and the use of modern technologies like artificial intelligence are the drivers of the future of YouTube Marketing.

“YouTube marketing would soon become the gold mine for businesses to reach target customers,” said Stanoz Designs.

The rise of short-form videos has been evident in the recent past along with the prevalence of informative videos providing an opportunity for brands to communicate their vision and convey their story to the audience. 

Interactive and shoppable videos are the future of YouTube marketing. Along with conducting polls and quizzes, businesses can also make the shopping experience a frictionless one for their customers. The availability of CTA buttons in the video itself can promote faster decision-making.

What do you think is the future of YouTube marketing? 

When queried about the future of YouTube marketing, many of the respondents mentioned “Made On YouTube, YouTube Shorts. 

Short-form video dominance:  The popularity of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels suggests viewers increasingly favor bite-sized content. YouTube Shorts will likely play a more prominent role, alongside regular videos.  –Crynet

Personalized content as per users and also focus on short videos. –Webguruz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The future of YouTube marketing looks promising, with ads on the platform surpassing traditional media like TV and radio commercials. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of video content as a marketing tool. –PureLogics LLC

“I think the future is that at some point, potential clients can look at Youtube as a reliable place to seek services.” –Codebay

Short-form video content, influencer collaborations, and AI-driven analytics will play pivotal roles in driving audience engagement and brand success on the platform.--IT Craft

The future of YouTube marketing appears to be increasingly dynamic and diverse, with continued growth in video content consumption. The future of YouTube marketing seems promising, offering ample opportunities for brands to engage with their audience and drive results through creative and strategic content. –SmartSites

The future of YouTube marketing likely involves further integration of innovative technologies and interactive features to enhance user engagement and advertising effectiveness. –Carney Technologies Services.

The future of YouTube marketing is likely to see even greater integration of content creators and brands with the introduction of new features. –In Motion Marketing

Made on YouTube is an event where YouTube unveils a suite of products and features that will enable creators to create and share videos right on YouTube using video editing tools including precision editing and trimming, automatic captioning, voiceover capabilities and access to a library of filters, effects, transitions and royalty-free music with beat matching technology so that they can produce their next YouTube video without relying on complex editing software. –Jellyfish Technologies.

"Made on YouTube" showcases the creativity and diversity of content available on the platform, and it's a way for YouTube to highlight and support its creators. As YouTube marketing continues to grow, initiatives like "Made on YouTube" could play a significant role in shaping the platform's future and the way brands and creators connect with audiences. –Softuvo Solutions Private Limited.

So, without any doubt, creators are here to succeed on YouTube. A combination of videos, live streams, and shorts can be a great way to stabilize the online presence of a business and generate brand value. The more a business is on YouTube, the better the chances of increasing connection to the audience. The future is bright for those brands that are on YouTube. Keep YouTubing.

Key Findings:

  • 87.7% of the surveyed businesses utilize YouTube as a marketing tool.

  • 92.6% of the surveyed businesses find YouTube marketing beneficial as it provides a wider reach.

  • While 81.3% of businesses believe that YouTube marketing offers improved visibility, 75.9% of the surveyees could connect better with the target audience.

  • Uploading consistent, fresh, and relevant content is the best strategy for 91.4% of the survey participants while 78.3% of the businesses find adapting to the new trends and technologies as the most effective strategy for growing a YouTube channel.

  • How-to videos turned out to be the most valuable YouTube content for 41.2% of the surveyed businesses.

  • YouTube Shorts is gaining popularity among teenagers, the prime audience group of any brand.

  • Product and service explainer videos are the favorites of 31.8% of the survey participants.

  • Posting content consistently is the biggest challenge for 72.7% of the surveyed businesses.

  • For 85.9% of the businesses surveyed, the quality of the video is a critical factor.


In the evolving marketing landscape, businesses have to opt for choices that can connect them with the target audience, and help grow and sustain in the industry. YouTube is one such platform that helps businesses interact with the audience effectively, and make organic progress

With the huge number of benefits that can be reaped using YouTube marketing, more businesses are willing to use YouTube as a marketing platform. When used with modern technologies, evolving features, and functionalities, businesses can harness the power of video content to the fullest.

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