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Screen Recording Software

If you want to screen recording with audio, GoodFirms lists some of the best Screen Recording Software to help your search efforts. A screen capture software must have key features such as area selection, audio mixer, basic editing, capture webcam, recording timer, screen recording, social export, subtitle editing, video effects, and file formats. Thus, GoodFirms have researched tons of software, examined them for the minimum criteria, and listed them here. Service-seekers can take help of the details provided, and the client reviews to analyze, and choose the best-fitted paid & free screen recording software for their needs. Check out the below-listed screen recorder software:

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List of the Best Paid & Free Screen Recorder Software
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List of the Best Paid & Free Screen Recorder Software

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Buyer’s Guide

Introduction to Screen Recording Software

An age-old adage states, “Seeing  is believing.” In today’s age, the mantra is better fashioned, “seeing is believing, understanding, and evolving.” 

Capturing and sharing information is growing exponentially today, with more and more people working online. With a variety of new software tools cropping up - each with their distinctive functionalities and characteristics - it is essential to realize that users often need advice on how to use them. This situation calls for guidance.  

The Edu-Tech sector’s clever use of screen recording tools and apparatus has taught children to understand better problems, concepts, and challenging parts of the curriculum, all while studying remotely. Indeed, even schools, colleges, and institutes are now following suit. 

Screen recording software is the perfect solution to address the situations as mentioned above. This Buyer's Guide’s goal is to help users understand the gains they stand to achieve by using this type of software and offer help deciding the final purchase. 

Be sure to check out the dedicated screen recording software listing page to help you immerse yourself in the category and its many options. 

What is a Screen Recording?

Is it not fun to watch all those ‘How To’ software guides on popular video platforms such as YouTube? What about live software functionality demonstrations broadcasted over the internet? 

Contesting the novelty of these content pieces is out of the question. It makes you feel like you are handling the software product or service yourself without actually using it on your device. These videos are the result of a process called screen recording. 

Screen recording involves the recording of a digital device’s screen and processes that are happening on it. An audio recording of events generally accompanies the record as they unfold on the device screen. 

A screen recorder software, either downloaded or inbuilt, helps users capture and record their exact inputs and respective outputs on the device screen while the program is running - just like recording a long video. 

Based on functionality, screencasting (coined in 2004) can also be broadcast live over different software platforms or recorded, stored, and distributed offline and online. Screen recording is different from a screenshot or a screengrab - which is just one picture of the screen.

What is the purpose of Screen Recording?

At its core, screen recording is useful for creating and saving video and audio-based content. However, the functionality fulfills multiple needs and necessities, based on the genre. Screen recording is considered a vital part of online education and entertainment worlds.

Screen recording software records data and content for educational purposes.  That mathematics problem you have not been able to get around? No problem, witness how your professor solves it on his/her digital screen. E.g., organizational training videos by Ed-Tech companies for other organizations.  

Screen recording assists in problem-solving. Software designers, developers, and quality personnel in IT organizations use this screencasting to analyze user flows throughout the system and pinpoint errors in live or recorded videos.

Beyond all uses, screen recording software helps disseminate legitimate first-hand reviews and how-to guides for viewers and prospective users’ benefit. E.g., recording the steps to be followed in an installation guide for easy installation of software. 

It smoothens the user’s introduction to the software so that he/she becomes comfortable.  

Screen recording systems are implementable in the hiring processes. The software saves digital or remote interview videos for later analysis. During remote organizational conclaves, screen recording is used to prepare a minute of the meeting document much later.

Challenges faced without screen recording

Screen recording software is growing in importance because it can produce more productive, interactive forms of relatable content. Some of the pressing challenges organizations face when not employing screen recording technology are as follows -  
  • Lost Learning and Development Optimization - Screen recorded video tutorials are a time-saving blessing for many organizations when they need to train employees on new software. Not using internal screen recording software for applications could result in lengthier learning curves.  
  • Lost opportunity to refine applications - Screen recorders can be used to point out bugs in systems in early testing with users. They are put to use to trace the path users take and when an error function is triggered. Not using screen recording technologies severely nullifies this quick and easy error detection ability. 
  • Lost Marketing opportunity - By putting out simple How-To guides and tutorials of your software, you can attract trials from a variety of users. The discovery of such modules will also increase the brand awareness of your company. 
  • Lost business functionality - Since screen recording can display multiple operations in the form of one long video from a user’s perspective on a digital device, it could be used to share information among various departments. 
E.g., Screen recording of accounting software could be shared with the concerned department so that they can regulate and adapt to new software. Diagramatic representation of mechanical brakes working can be shared between relevant departments for them to improve functioning and design. 

Screen Recording and DIY/Guidance and Demo Videos

Screen recording has spawned a new genre of videos in recent history called Do-IT-Yourself (DIY) videos. These videos are popular because they teach viewers how to build products independently without an expert’s help. 

In the recent past, DIY videos have stretched to software implementation as well. It is mainly possible thanks to screen recording software.  Educating children on building complex programs using simple blocks of code is now possible thanks to screen recorder software. Non-technology oriented folk can learn how to install complex programs on their computer and use them. It is all thanks to the first-hand witnessing of computer runs published by users on video platforms via screen-recording software. 

Users can guide other users in the methods of using the software of their choice appropriately. Guides and demonstrations are particularly helpful considering the swarms of software in the different genres out in the market today.  Demos are an essential tool in the company’s marketing efforts as well.

Screen Recording impact on Influencer Review videos

Another genre to be a direct offshoot of the screen recording software revolution is the influencer review. These ideals of their online world review everything in digital form from entertainment software to games and cryptocurrency tools. The videos are of varied length and quality, but they generate massive interest. 

Screen recording software and its easy-to-use controls/functions often lead to users being able to disseminate views, news, and reviews quickly. Every person can become an influencer, which is an opportunity for software businesses looking to strike it big. 

Top screen recording tools help users focus on functionality that makes their videos stand out with cool integrations and presentation elements. Influencer reviews also make use of live broadcasting features essential when users need minute-by-minute updates of progress, like games.

Best Screen Recording Tips

Screen recording is not everyone’s game. Sometimes you need numerous retakes before you can get the best video out on public domains. Here are some screen recording tips for you to follow:  

  • Always record in the highest possible FPS rate - ideally 60 fps. 
  • Don’t let background noise spoil your screencast - avoid noisy environments.minute-by-minute updates turn off application notifications and pop-ups. 
  • Test recording software before starting 
  • Close all tabs of browser(s) 
  • Create a content plan for the video
  • Use an excellent Microphone to ensure high audio quality.
  • Keep the video short.
  • Create a summary of the video content at the end
  • Speak clearly and slowly 
  •  Edit/trim our dead scenes 

Now that you have the best tips on screen recording, it is time to understand how you can implement these steps above with the help of screen recording software - to get simplified, amazing results.  

What is a Screen Recording software?

Screen recording software has become an essential tool not just for information sharing within an organization but also in organizational education. Screen capture software creates a digital video or movie of the interactions between users and the software running on their device from a first-person perspective. Generally, screen recording software records the inputs and outputs of the various processes, as they happen in real-time, displayed on the device screen. 

E.g., screen recording software can record the activities of a user trying to log-in and out of an email Inbox via Outlook, as a tutorial on using the service software.  

It is essential to realize that screen recorder software DOES NOT use your device’s cameras (front or rear) to record video. Instead, the screen and the activities performed are visible as they occur in the user’s eyes. All screen recorder videos also contain audio of the event occurring in front of them.

Why do companies need screen recording software?

The best screen recording software never falls out of demand with organizations because screen recording apps occupy a unique junction in its resource set. 

They can help develop quick and easy-to-understand software learning and development modules to bring staff up-to-speed on the latest technologies, with minimal investment. Useful ‘how-to’ guides and demo videos help solve complex issues in the system for recruits and seasoned professionals. 

The screen recorder application also helps share bespoke content in the form of video efficiently throughout the organization.  Let’s also not forget the IT departments in the company need the software recording to track progress and debug errors in software. 

What are the features of screen recording software?

A screen capture software tool can handle the most pressing demands for content creation from the device and when necessary. Some of the most critical features of screen recording software are as follows - 

  • High-Resolution capture - The best screen recorder software can always capture high-resolution videos.   
  • Fast Sharing Tools -  Top screen capture software should be easily able to save and share videos over different channels immediately. 
  • Focused Recording - The software should be capable of auto-focusing on the screen’s area that needs to be recorded (full screen or specific window). Comprise of recording quality shouldn’t be acceptable either.   
  • Clear audio recording - The software must have access to the microphone to facilitate the high-quality recording of the audio narration accompanying the video. 
  • Third-party tool integrations - The software should be capable of adding functionality that either enhances the resolution of the recording, can highlight specific aspects of the video or audio, etc. 
  • Hide and highlight tricker - Users are split over the presence of the tracker or mouse used by the recorder or narrator to highlight critical aspects of the software/product. The user should be able to hide or highlight the tracker depending on his/her discretion.  
  • Webcam recording superimposition - The best screen recording software must be capable of integrating the webcam feed into the screen recording. 
  • Zoom functionality - An essential functionality in most recording software, screen recorder software must help users zoom in during crucial parts of the video and zoon out efficiently. 
  • Screenshot Capture - Screenshots are static pictures of the screen. Screen recording software must be capable of helping users capture screenshots at essential intervals in the recording.  
  • Drawing and commenting - Using functionalities such as digital highlighter and productivity tools, users must be able to highlight events, sequences, or even objects in the video of importance.      
  • Editing - Record something unwarranted in your video? Need to remove it without actually disrupting the video? Well, use the editing feature. Remove mistakes or glitches without having to reshoot the entire video using the editing software function. This is essential for any screen recording software. Editing also allows you to add special effects and other necessities into a video. 

What are the advantages of screen recording software?

Now that we’ve read about the features and purposes of screen recording software, it is time to highlight the absolute advantages an organization can achieve.

  • Quicker bug detection in Software/Hardware
  • Better inter-departmental information exchange 
  • Allows opportunity for detailed remote interview analysis
  • Faster learning and development  
  • Increased brand recognition through How-to guides and demo videos
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Multi-device compatibility 
  • Immediate sharing options 
  • Broadcast capabilities
  • Third-party video tool integration
  • Best video resolution with low-storage capabilities

What is the average price of screen recording software?

The price of screen recording software tends to vary over different factors, including the software company,  and functionality offered. 

If you’re in the market for pocket-light options, then you should check some of the top free and open source screen recording software.

Options such as BandiCam come with a one-time purchase pricing model based on the organization’s needs. Prices start from $57 to $499 based on the number of terminals. 

Adobe’s creative cloud suite allows you to download screen recorder software for $50 per month per license handed out. Camtasia is a premium provider of screen recording software, with each license of their software ranging from $287 to $234 depending on the number of terminals. They also offer a free trial. 

GoPlay has a versioned subscription model ranging from $3 per month to $12 per year and a lifetime (one-time) price of $25 per license. 

FonePaw Screen recorder employees have a yearly subscription value of $31. However, they also have a lifetime plan for five computer sets at $82. 

As visible, Screen recording software solutions are always in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Be sure to parse through our extensive list of screen recording software and arrive at a list befitting your business needs.

How to Choose the Right Screen Recording software for your business?

Choosing any software for your business depends on several factors you are willing to take before purchase. Selecting the ideal screen recording software also demands you make specific considerations before whipping out the checkbook. 

  • Price - The screen recording tool must be within the specified budget and not more. It includes the pre-defined version of your business needs, including all functionalities. 
  • Feature set - It is essential to consider the features one needs as part of the screen recording software. Integrating a large number of features will increase the price and reduce the performance of the screenshot software. 
  • Customer Service - Always remember to purchase top screen capture software, which has excellent customer support capability. 
  • Type - There are multiple types of screen recording software you can opt to purchase. Free screen recorder software is accessible, while several free and open-source ones exist too.  You can opt for a subscription-based screen recorder tool, while one-time purchase screen recorder applications are also prevalent. 
  • Security - The software will be a vault of sensitive data, mainly because developers are looking for application errors in yet-to-be-released software. Therefore all data must be safely stored with appropriate security layers present. Data shared must be encrypted as well.

Why consider GoodFirms' list of top screen recording software?

GoodFirms’ comprehensive list of Screen Recording Software is up-to-date and has a variety of options for users.  The buyer’s guide represents information such as features, benefits, uses, and other parameters of screen recording software for you to make the right decision.

We have meticulously created and published this Buyer’s Guide on Screen Recording Software with the sole purpose of helping our readers choose the software according to their specific parameters. It is easily discernible in the content on our software listings page. 

The company’s software directory has an array of vital information about other forms of software in various categories. Feel free to parse through them and make your pick.