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evergreen is sa.global’s next-generation, cloud solution built specifically for project-based businesses. The solution works as a processing and transactional engine for core functions like opportunity lifecycle, project management, scheduling, forecasting, time and billing, revenue recognition, and onboarding. Built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, evergreen integrates your data, business logic, and processes for the efficient project, accounting, financial, and resource management. 

You can extend the capabilities of evergreen by leveraging our empower suite of solutions. What’s more, you can now accelerate the value gained from evergreen with sa.go!, our unique business-ready bundle of SaaS products and services. sa.go! provides rapid value through a proven architecture, defined and tested processes, ready-to-use data models and report packs, advisory hours, and Managed Services. All this is packaged in an easy-to-consume, per-user per-month subscription price model.
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evergreen by sa.global Core Features


  • Accounts Payable
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Expense Tracking
  • Financial Reporting
  • Project Accounting
  • Tax Management

Project Management

  • Collaboration
  • Dashboard
  • Expense Tracking
  • Project Tracking
  • Project Planning
  • Task Management
  • Timesheets
  • Workflow Management

Billing and Invoicing

  • Billing Portal
  • Contingency Billing
  • Customer Database
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Dunning Management
  • Hourly Billing
  • Mobile Payments
  • Multi-Currency
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Processing
  • Project Billing
  • Tax Calculator
  • Templates

evergreen by sa.global Executive Interview

Paul Foster
Paul Foster
Head of Product, evergreen by sa.global
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Kindly share your feedback on how GoodFirms has been doing so far in increasing your visibility among potential clients.

We find that having a listing on sites like GoodFirms not only allows us to showcase our product but also creates brand awareness. It gives our product a great exposure to our target audience, complements our marketing campaigns, and helps us build credibility with the association.  

In today’s B2B buying world, there is a lot at stake when organizations invest in a solution – higher costs, multiple stakeholders, and a long decision-making process. Having a solid presence on GoodFirms establishes our authority and increases our chances of being seen in the right category of solutions and with the right audience. It also gives our clients and users a trusted place to share their product reviews that can guide other potential users make informed purchase decisions.

Please introduce your product and give a brief about your role within the organization.
As the Head of Product at sa.global, my role involves overseeing the development and enhancement of our purpose-built solutions – evergreen and empower – for Professional Services organizations. These solutions together create a Professional Services Industry cloud leveraging the complete Microsoft stack. The solutions help Professional Services organizations, which are project-based businesses, to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and drive profitability. evergreen provides an integrated platform built on the Microsoft Cloud and enhances the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Professional Services, enabling seamless collaboration, data visibility, and intelligent decision-making. The empower suite of solutions further enhance productivity and collaboration across sales, project delivery, finance, and HR functions, which are the key pillars of any project-driven organization. Together, these solutions revolutionize the way Professional Services organizations operate, delivering tangible value and transformative outcomes.
What was the objective behind coming up with this software?

The thought process behind developing evergreen and empower stems from our deep experience working with project-based firms across various verticals, including law firms, IT services and consulting firms, architecture, engineering, and construction management firms, and more. We recognized that these organizations share similar needs and face common challenges in areas such as project management, resource allocation, financial management, and workforce optimization. 

Over the years, we have accumulated valuable industry knowledge working with our numerous clients in the Professional Services and other project-based industries and in that process created enhancements and accelerators (which are now built in to our solutions) that streamline business processes, deliver faster time-to-value and make it easier for our clients to adopt and leverage the Microsoft Cloud platform to fuel their transformation. We decided to make this expertise easily accessible and offer it in a user-friendly manner. Hence, we productized our solutions, ensuring that Professional Services organizations can benefit from a purpose-built solution for their business needs rather than having to make numerous customizations to a generic platform solution.

How is your software beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other software alternatives available in the market?

evergreen and empower solutions offer significant value additions compared to other alternatives in the market. Over the years, organizational strategy has preferred implementing best-of-breed solutions across the business, which has led to a fragmented technology and data landscape. Organizations are now having to manage and support multiple systems, which have created data siloes, and are lacking a single source of truth. 

Our approach with evergreen is driven by the concept of a common data platform between business applications, which makes evergreen an integrated and composable platform. This unique approach allows organizations to initiate their business transformation from any department (or function) and seamlessly extend it across the entire business. evergreen is available in three distinct modules: evergreen Sales, evergreen Proserv, and evergreen HCM, catering to the specific needs of connected sales and marketing teams, project management and finance teams, and HR teams respectively. 

What truly sets our solutions apart is our empower suite of products. empower enhances the capabilities of evergreen and provides a tailored experience for end-users. It offers an enhanced user interface, bringing in all relevant role-based information, calls to actions, and requests within Microsoft Teams, the primary collaboration platform for many businesses. This results in greater collaboration between teams and eliminates the need to switch between multiple background applications. 

Furthermore, we amplify the value we provide to our clients through our implementation approach. With sa.go!, we depart from the traditional time and material-based implementations. Instead, we offer a complete business-ready solution at a predictable per-user, per-month cost. This approach reduces risk, accelerates implementation timelines, and ensures clients have a fully functional and tailored solution in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years. This approach provides peace of mind for our clients and enables predictable cash flows for their finance teams.

What industries do you generally cater to? Which industries in general are highly benefiting by using your software?

Simply due to our vast experience working with clients in project-based industries, we primarily cater to the Professional Services industry, which encompasses a wide range of sectors. Our software solutions, evergreen and empower, are purpose-built and have proven to be highly beneficial for industries such as advertising and marketing agencies, accounting firms, architecture and engineering firms, construction management firms, management and IT consulting, IT services, law firms, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and more. These industries, characterized by project-based work and a need for streamlined operations, resource management, and financial visibility, greatly benefit from our integrated platform and tailored solutions. By leveraging our solutions, organizations in these sectors can enhance collaboration, optimize project delivery, improve financial performance, and drive overall business visibility and profitability. 

For example, empower time and empower suggested time are two solutions within our empower suite of products that provide significant value in the professional services industry. In the case of law firms where timekeeping requirements are unique and immensely important to business operations, empower time offers versatile time recording options, including stopwatch, timers, and quick notes, ensuring easy and accurate submission of billable hours. Meanwhile, empower suggested time intelligently makes suggestions for time entries based on an individual user’s activities, such as meetings and email correspondence, improving overall time tracking efficiency. Together, these solutions streamline timekeeping, enhance accuracy, and enable law firms to effectively invoice clients, ultimately optimizing financial performance. Similarly, other solutions meet the needs of organizations around automation, collaboration, insights, and modern workspaces.

What are the key features of your software that makes it stand apart from your competitor products in the market?

Our solutions – evergreen and empower differentiates from other competitors in the market due to its integrated platform benefits on the Microsoft Cloud, allowing for seamless collaboration, consistent data reporting, and a reliable security fabric across departments. With evergreen Proserv, it is the flexibility it offers in billing rates and models, enabling organizations to adapt to different client requirements. Additionally, our solutions provide comprehensive revenue recognition capabilities and incorporates financial dimensions for project managers to track billing status and project profitability accurately. 

In evergreen Sales, our purpose-built enhancements for professional services firms enable effortless contact capture, account enrichment with the right contacts, targeted marketing campaigns, and relationship scoring to engage with the most relevant individuals within target accounts. This ensures effective lead generation and facilitates meaningful conversations for sales teams.  

In evergreen HCM, our software simplifies leave and absence management, performance tracking, self-service options for diversity declarations and regulatory reporting, accommodates flexible work patterns in today’s hybrid ways of working, payroll management, personnel information updates, and comprehensive analysis of workforce metrics and growth. All this helps to onboard, engage, and retain the most important part of a Professional Services business – the people. 

These key features distinguish our solutions by providing a comprehensive, integrated solution that addresses the unique needs of Professional Services organizations, empowering them to streamline operations, improve financial management, and drive growth.

What is the customer satisfaction rate according to you? What steps do you take to cater to your customer’s needs and requirements?

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate, evident in our support of over 800,000 Microsoft business application users to date. Our global presence across 25 countries and six continents allows us to deliver value and provide the right skills tailored to our clients' specific needs. With sales teams located regionally, we ensure a local presence and constant accessibility for our clients. 

At sa.global, we prioritize engaging with our clients and actively listening to their needs. By maintaining open lines of communication, we can better understand their requirements, deliver on their expectations, and minimize additional effort on their part. We value client feedback and ideas, incorporating them into our product development process to continuously enhance our offerings. Our internal IDEAS program allows consultants, developers, and anyone within the organization to submit their feature idea for evaluation, which are then carefully evaluated and added to the product backlog. This commitment to client-centricity ensures that our products evolve with the right features and functionalities, ultimately keeping our clients satisfied.

Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what is the percentage of repeat customers that you have?

Although our product is relatively new in the market and has had a short time to establish itself, we have made significant progress in securing clients at a rapid pace. Currently, we have over a dozen clients, with several others in our pipeline. It is important to highlight that our focus is on continued growth and expansion, leveraging the potential of our evergreen and empower solutions.

While our client base may be smaller at present, we are committed to nurturing these relationships and providing exceptional value to our existing clients. We have a proven track record of cultivating long-term partnerships in other areas of our business, and we expect the same with evergreen. By understanding and addressing our clients' evolving needs, we aim to build trust and loyalty, which will drive repeat business in the future. Simultaneously, we are actively seeking new opportunities and generating increased demand to further enhance our client base. 

We are committed to supporting our clients in growing their businesses and maximizing the value they derive from the Microsoft stack. This commitment is exemplified by our track record of growing alongside our clients. For instance, consider our partnership with a top South African Law Firm. Initially, our engagement focused on transforming their sales and marketing functions. Our teams collaborated closely with the client to deliver on their specific needs. As a result, the client expanded the scope of our engagement, deciding to efficiently run and manage their business on the evergreen platform. They also leveraged our empower solutions to streamline client onboarding processes and gain valuable insights. This success story underscores our dedication to enabling our clients' growth and fostering long-term partnerships.

Does your software product provide any resource or knowledge section for its users? If yes, what kind of material is provided to your users to help them get acquainted with your product?

Absolutely. We provide a dedicated resource and knowledge section to support users in getting acquainted with our product. This includes comprehensive user guides that offer detailed workflows and actions, serving as valuable references for navigating and understanding our solution’s functionalities. We also conduct user trainings to ensure clients are well-prepared for a successful implementation. 

To keep clients informed about updates and new features, we periodically send a newsletter called 'Heads Up', which summarizes the latest developments in the underlying Microsoft solutions and highlights the features that are most relevant to our users. Additionally, we regularly communicate updates on evergreen releases and additional functionalities available to our clients. Detailed release notes and other helpful resources are readily accessible to support our clients throughout their journey with our product.

What kind of support system do you offer to your clients for catering to their queries and issues?

We offer comprehensive support to our clients to ensure their queries and issues are promptly addressed. After the implementation phase, our teams provide user training to business users, equipping them with the knowledge to effectively navigate the platform. During this critical period, we also provide hypercare support to swiftly resolve any user issues and ensure a successful month-end closing process. 

With sa.go!, our business-ready bundle of products and services, our clients benefit from ongoing Managed Services. This means that our dedicated support teams are available to resolve any service requests and tickets within defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We prioritize the seamless functioning of our clients' systems and provide continuous assistance to improve and optimize their experience. 

To further enhance the support experience, we offer a secure and user-friendly support portal. Through this portal, clients can conveniently log and track their requests, access user guides and documentation, and leverage additional resources to facilitate their interaction with our solutions.

What has been the revenue for your product for 2022?

While we respect the confidentiality of our financial details, I can share that our product has been steadily gaining traction in the market since its introduction. Being a relatively new solution, our focus has been on rapidly adding clients and addressing their unique challenges with a consultant mindset. Our sa.go! offering, which provides a business-ready solution, has been well-received by clients, leading to multi-year deal contracts that accelerate their time to value and provide stability to our platform. 

By prioritizing client success and providing ongoing value through our Managed Services, we have been able to establish a recurring revenue stream. While we cannot disclose specific revenue figures for 2022, we are proud to share that we have closed upwards of USD 1.5 million to date. Our goal is to continue this growth trajectory and expand our revenue exponentially year on year. 

Overall, our focus remains on delivering exceptional solutions and services to our clients, ensuring their success and fostering long-term partnerships that drive both their growth and ours.

Where do you see your product in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years, we envision evergreen and empower as a leading Professional Services Industry platform solution built on the robust Microsoft Cloud infrastructure. As we collaborate closely with Microsoft across different regions, we strive to be the preferred partner for implementing Microsoft business applications for project-based organizations. 

Our goal with evergreen and empower is to provide a comprehensive platform solution that empowers organizations to streamline their operations. By reducing the application footprint and minimizing the need for maintaining and supporting multiple systems, we aim to enhance user experience.  

With our business-ready bundle, sa.go!, we want to ensure predictable cash flows and mitigate implementation risks, enabling clients to accelerate time to value. All of this is supported by the global, secure, and compliant Microsoft Cloud, providing clients with peace of mind. 

In summary, our vision is to become the go-to platform solution for Professional Services organizations, offering exceptional value, tailored industry solutions, and comprehensive visibility and control, all powered by the reliable Microsoft Cloud infrastructure.

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