Reveal Overview

Reveal removes the complexity of embedding analytics into your applications. Unlike your typical vendors, Reveal was built with embed in mind first, on today's most modern architecture. Reveal delivers a seamless experience with no added requirements, a flexible architecture and no complex licensing. Reveal is a true self-service solution that gives your developers and customers a simple, beautiful user experience.

Reveal Core Features

Data Visualization Features
  • Database Management
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Relational Display
Business Intelligence Features
  • Goal Tracking

Reveal Pricing

Pricing Type
Flat Rate
Free Version
Payment Frequency
Monthly Payment, Annual Subscription, Quote Based, One-Time Payment
Vendor pricing page
14 Days Trial
Plans & Packages
$9.99 Per Month

Reveal Reviews

5.0 (2 Reviews)

One of the favorite BI software!

11 months ago

We at Sensato are a cybersecurity solutions firm and employ Reveal to help our customers make sense of their risk, vulnerability, policy, and maturity data. In terms of benefits, we have been able to focus on what we do best and have not had to become experts in data visualization, data mining, dashboard development,and all the other things that Reveal brings to the table.

Our software automates cyber security countermeasures along with other leading-edge security protections. Reveal Makes it simple for our customers to visualize threat patterns, and it offers us a fixed, affordable pricing model. We can project what our costs will be, unlike other vendors that charge a per-user or usage fee. Reveal was easy to get up and running and allowed us to use a variety of data formats as well as employ various visualizations and share that information.

The Best Digital Marketing Institute

Aditya Bhalla
posted on 3/3/20

It is one of the Best digital marketing institutes i've come across. The teaching material provided and the Classes given are in a very interesting manner.

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