10 Reasons Why You Need a Contact Form On Your Website

Updated on :June 12, 2024
By :Boris Abazher 

Today’s technology allows you to conduct business communication over the internet in almost real-time. Online forms on your page are one of the methods of keeping your feedback system updated. Integrating the email address to your website page is not a bad decision, but we will explain why integrating the contact form is a better choice. 

Why Businesses Need Contact Form on the Website 

So, here we will review the main reasons you need to create the online form on your website and some advice that will help you.

1. Online Forms Add Professionalism

Websites do not have to be cluttered with feedback forms anymore. A formal written communication form is appropriate and necessary to create a professional impression. We got so used to application forms on any website – either about a new blockchain startup or delivery services – that one without the online form looks unprofessional and incomplete. If you want to own a user-friendly interface with an easy way to get in touch with, we highly recommend you to create such a form. 

2. They Sort Out Spam Letters

Spambots have learned to collect email addresses directly from websites. Therefore, you need to learn how to find new methods of bypassing "junk" messages. 

If you leave the email address on your website, it can easily become the object of spammers’ attention. If you receive your online form response, you can be sure that it was sent by an interested client. The online form creates a layer of defense against robots that flood your inbox with unnecessary letters. Of course, this will not prevent you from receiving all the spam messages. You can also receive some spam letters via your contact form. To reduce their number, you can try using the reCAPTCHA to check if the user is human.

3. Online Forms Add Availability to the User Experience

Many businesses struggle to create the most effective methods of collecting feedback messages from the target audience. Applying the website form is a perfect solution for collecting your customers' reactions and suggestions, or even accepting the ones’ posts.

Online forms can also offer a support function to your customers. A contact form is one of the ways your visitors can acquire help on your website. You can also review the opportunities of adding the live chat support on your landing page. Not all clients like to talk on the phone or wait a long time for an email response – do you? It is why live chat is becoming so popular. Live chats are also a fast way to improve your customers’ satisfaction scores. According to the Econsultancy report, with the highest customer satisfaction levels of any channel, live chat (73%) handily beats both email (61%) and phone (44%).

4. Online Forms Save Time

Instead of sending the email letter, the visitors can use your online form directly on the website with several clicks. Online forms are also multi-functional; they can be used for feedback, customers’ posts, job application, registration, and receiving mailings. In general, it gives your business several functions, saving time and effort for everyone. Besides, creating the contact forms can take you a couple of minutes only with some website constructors. 

5. Contact Forms Can Help You in Getting More Leads

If you are introducing online forms to your site, you probably want to drive your audience to activity in your business. If you just leave your email address, you assume that new customers visiting your site will want to write to you there. However, it is not always convenient to do this. If your visitor uses a public or shared computer, it would be challenging for them to log in, add your contact, and finally, send the email.  Facilitate the process of connecting with you for your clients by adding a contact form!

6. Growing Your Conversion Rate

A conversion refers to any activity performed by a user as a response to a call-to-action (CTA). Depending on your business’ specifics, it can be any type of “clicking” activity on your website - such as registering for an event, purchasing a product, reading the full article, or filling the form. In e-marketing, conversion indicates a volume of consumers’ interactions on your website page. It is calculated by dividing the number of desired actions into the actual number of active website users. Asking for feedback can provide you with significant growth in your business’ conversion rate. 

7. Creating a Contact List

There are also some additional benefits that the online form on your website may bring to your business. For instance, if you ask your visitors to leave their email in the contact line, you may be sure about the next members of your contact email list. You can have all your mail contacts stored in a single base and get access to them any time you need. 

8. Paid Subscriptions

Subscribing for the newsletters of your blog is also a kind of conversion. Contact forms can also be applicable for paid subscriptions to your channel. The visual design of the site and form should also provide the customer to purchase paid content from your blog. You can easily integrate the subscription forms into your interface with such applications as Pardot, AWeber, Mailchimp. 

9. Redirecting Subject Emails to Other Teams

Some plugins also allow you to create online forms directed to different mails (for different departments). In such a way, you can also delegate different messages or request topics to different departments directly, without re-sending them and taking your and users’ time. 

10. Getting the Information About Your Customers You Need

If your visitors send you the email request, they can forget to add some important details that you may want to know for your marketing strategies. If you use the online form, it will request the customers to fill in the blanks all the required information, such as job contacts, location, age, gender, etc.

Where to Create a Contact Form?

As soon as we reviewed the reasons why you definitely need to apply a contact form on your page, you may now be wondering how to create such a one. If your website page operates on a WordPress platform, there is no opportunity of setting a contact form in this site builder by default. First, you should install a plugin that will allow you to do so. One of the most popular ones is Contact Form 7, with more than 5 million installs. It is also absolutely free. If you are not satisfied with this one, you may want to try WPForms (three million installs) or Jetpack (also more than five million installs), another user-friendly plugin. Other website builders (such as Wix or Jimdo) often have integrated tools for creating the contact forms.

For more specific business requirements, the top WordPress developers build customized contact forms.  


Here we reviewed some reasons why creating a contact form for your website is a great option. Now it is time to create your first contact form. Finally, here are some pieces of advice for you:

  1. Keep it short and simple. Ask only important questions in your form — do not overload it with unnecessary details.
  2. Do not use a crowded sidebar. Focus on your contact form, without a flashy and detailed design of the main page. A contact form should grab attention, so better focus on its design.
  3. Include the details of what exactly visitors need to do. It is not always clear why visitors have to fill out the contact forms on some websites, it just exists on their pages like it is enough. It is a good idea to accompany this form with details of what you expect from your clients — write that you want to do a monthly newsletter for them or look for new ideas for your blogs!
Boris Abazher 
Boris Abazher 

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