11 Best Web Designing Trends in 2023

Updated on :September 26, 2023
By :Myra Williams

Designing and redesigning a website with state–of–the–art technology is a must–need for businesses.  With 2022 coming to a close, it‘s once again the time of the year when businesses need to go back to their drawing boards and rough out strategies to make their websites up to speed with times. 

The article, which is the continuation of my blog - Top 12 Web Designing Trends in 2023highlights a few popular, trending, and even some evergreen web design elements that could help established brands and even new start-ups take their web design development up a notch.   

Without much ado, let’s dive into another 11 web design elements that businesses need to consider in 2023. 

1.  Parallax (Smart) Scrolling

There is nothing wrong with having a long one–page website which is no-nonsense and concise. If anything, people prefer that rather than scrolling through pages and pages looking for a specific product. They can easily search from one long–page website than having numerous pages and still not finding what they are looking for. You can make the website with the feature of parallax scrolling, which will give depth to it, creating an illusionary effect.

The best example of it is Dockyard Social. If you check out their website, you’ll understand how beautiful their homepage header is. Their job to attract the customer is half done when they visit their website. And the remaining half is done when people read their content. There are various web designing companies in New York that can help you out in creating such websites.

Parallax Scrolling

2.  Creative Cursors

Gone are the days when cursors were round or a line. Make the cursor creative and engage a customer into spending more time on the website. Be it a young person or an adult, they'll find creative cursor exciting and stay on the website for 2 minutes more than they had intended. 

This web designing trend of 2023 is subtle and delightful. It is not one of the most significant changes that make a huge difference, but it indeed makes some difference. Have a look at the website of RedWood Empire Whiskey. No matter how small the contribution, combining every element improves the user experience.

Creative Cursor

3.  Smart Loading of Content

Content loading should be fast – that is a known rule for any website that exists in 2023. But what you might not know is that loading innovative content can make your website more attractive than it already was. 

With third–party integrations and graphical elements, the website might take time to load, but one can work their way through this with the help of the Smart content loading feature. Most visitors do not scroll till the end of the page; thus, why not load the page as they begin scrolling down and not before that? Plugins could help.  

4.  Chat Buddies

Do not limit chatbots to answering robotic questions. Make them the written version of Alexa and Siri – chat buddies. As artificial intelligence and machine learning evolve, chatbots are expected to be transformed into chat buddies. 

They should behave like friends guiding users throughout the website. For example, if a buyer buys a dress, they should be able to recommend shoes and accessories with it. It should be able to tell them how much discount they would receive upon buying another dress, etc.   

Have a look at the chat buddy of Peloton. If you feel fascinated with their theme and idea of chat buddies, you can incorporate it in your brand website too. Reach out to any top website designing company in LA and they will assist you with the task. Because as much as products of the brand are important, a help desk is equally important. 

Chat buddies

5.  Access and availability

There is a growing need for website designers to consider the needs of disabled people. According to issues.org, people with disabilities face challenges in using the internet. Thus, it is necessary to create/update a website according to their requirements. It is about converting the potential customer into a real one. 

Statistics say that 20% of the website traffic comes from differently-abled people. Search Engine Journal best explains how to make website accessibility easier.  

6.  Interactive pages

Page interactivity is the best way to know what people want from you. Arranging for the contest or giveaway or opinion poll, or questionnaire will help you understand how you can make it easier for the users so that they will spend the required time on the website. 

For example, if you own a home décor store, you can show how a room of various sizes can look if they buy all the furniture from you. The same goes for the apparel store – they will be interested in knowing that particular apparel would look on every body size. 

Indeed is one such interactive website which will ask tons of questions before providing the results. 

Interactive Website

7.  Taking assistance from VR/AR

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality doesn't need an introduction or a reason to be incorporated into the website. If you have seen sites like Airbnb, then you should know that they let you tour a rental before you book a reservation. Or the furniture site IKEA can showcase what a sofa would look like in your room. Yes, that is how powerful of a tool VR and AR is.  

VR element

8.  Thumb Friendly Navigation

Many people in the world are left-handed. They find it hard to scroll the website, which is right–handed. Hence, the brands have started making websites thumb-friendly. The mobile version of the website comes in three categories: right-handed, left-handed, and neutral. 

Putting the icons where thumbs and fingers cannot reach might turn off the user, and they will leave the website sooner. Thus, it is the need for an hour in 2023 to make a thumb-friendly website.

9. Text

Imagine a website that is filled with text only. How cool would it be? Pictures, graphics, and colours are essential, but nothing can beat the written content only if you know how to use it. Being experimental with your website might work in your favor or might not. 

But trying everything at the same time is wrong as well. The website's header is the most critical section and should be done correctly. So, if a brand chooses to put text only in the bender, it should be adequate, attention–seeking, and attractive.

10. Illustrations

Remember not to underestimate the power of doodlers, scribblers, and illustrators. They are too in – demand for newspapers, social media posts, websites, advertisements, and the list. Brands are investing in talent these days rather than traditional promotion and marketing methods. 

They are thinking out of the box, and what better than to make it attractive with something that doesn't look robotic and can resonate with everyone? Stock graphics are taking a back seat, and illustrations and doodles are on a pedestal. 

The best example of a website with illustrations is David - the developer. This is one such website which will keep you stuck to it until you scroll till the end, because it is not only attractive but addicting too. It speaks for itself. Thus creating a website that speaks for itself can only be created by experts. You can get in touch with the best website designers in Chicago and get a creative website designed for your brand right away.

Illustrative Website    

Illustrative Website

11. Data showcasing

Releasing the data to your customers takes work, but the pain is worth it if done correctly. It will work as an advantage because humans love numbers. If you can show them the backend of your website in a way that can work in your favour, nothing is better. 

Data showcasing will have them invested more in your brand, and they will see how passionate you are about your brand and honest to your customers. Just like MCE insurance has shown the data of motorcycle road accidents. Thus, it shows why people need bike insurance. 

Data Showcasing

Make the best use of graphics, infographics, pie charts, etc. It will help you engage your potential customers in your brand and convert them into actual customers. 

Wrapping Up:

Technology changes faster every day, and website design trends are no different. Designing a website or even updating it, as a matter of fact, might be a task but a fun one. The last thing you want is for people (potential conversions) to lose interest in your website. Thus, contact top web designing companies for your brands and get it made/updated right away. 

Myra Williams
Myra Williams

Myra Williams is a content creator for more than 7 years. She loves to read and write digital articles. When she is not writing, she reads classic literature, enjoys coffee and spends time with her family. 

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