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5 Important Tactics to Maximize the Ecommerce Conversions This Holiday

5 Important Tactics to Maximize the Ecommerce Conversions This Holiday

Holidays are approaching. The most awaited shopping season is going to start sooner. Users are ready with their shopping list and are waiting for the window to open. So, it is the time to offer them the best services and scream a loud about your store and the products you have shelved.

Be it a brick and mortar store or an online store, it is significant to provide users with the convenience they are looking for in addition to make them feel good while shopping. How can you bring that feeling in your store? Marketing strategies are the semaphore phenomenons, the primary event you should focus on the missing elements of your store.

Here are the 5 things you should focus on during this holiday season before it’s too late;  


  1. Ensure your store is ready to handle the crowd:

    You also know that users are in their shopping spree when the season starts. When there are so many offers and discounts in the store’s bag who doesn’t want to reap this benefit and quench the shopping thirst.

    If you are running your eCommerce store on a shared server you are in peril. Or to be precise, you are missing a great opportunity. If you don’t want to lose your valuable people, shift your store from shared server to a cloud server. When you opt cloud server, your responsibility of managing the server reduces to minimal. That’s means you can easily focus on the product management, order management, stock management and other important areas during this peak time.


  1. Change the store theme:

    Make your users feel like the holidays are on. You may have noticed several times that the visitor abandon your store without any reason, even though everything is at its place. Not changing the theme can be one of the biggest reasons.

    It is said that don’t live the same life 75 times and call it a life. This is what you are doing by not changing the theme of your store for a longer time. If not during the normal days, at least during the holiday season. You know how much will your business grow by making this small change? No, don’t commit this mistake. By choosing any theme won’t help you. The theme should reflect the day. For instance; Black Friday is around the corner so you can embellish your store with the Black Friday theme and entice users to buy from your store.


  1. Reduce cart abandonment:

    Did you figure out why users are leaving your store without completing the shopping? The cart is loaded with the items but there is no action performed from the users’ end. You need to figure out sooner and solve these obligations as soon as you can before the celebration starts.

    According to the statista report, this year’s cart abandonment rate is 77.3% which is pretty high. There cannot be one reason. There are several. Users expectations have increased nowadays. While selecting the items, you don’t require an account to login, but definitely during purchase. Also, the convenience factor is the question when shipping and payment functionality does not satisfy users’ expectations. 28% of users abandon shopping cart due to this reason. For instance; Apart from customer login, Amazon also provides a guest login to help users who don’t like to share their information with the third-party vendors. It also provides free shipping to its users along with easy payment options. Such implementations can cut down the cart abandonment rate and improve the web experience of your store.


  1. Integrate Chatbot for 24*7 Live Chat:

    Humans like to interact with humans when they are in a dilemma of selecting the best product. Technology has the solution for this as well. Using artificial intelligence, chatbots are developed that perform all the human related tasks.

    A Chatbot is the game-changing feature for your store that drives tremendous traffic and turns your visitors into buyers. It supports voice search and helps users in picking the best product as per their taste. It also provides customer support facility that solves different types of queries in real-time and upsurge selling. For instance; H&M, the clothing brand that uses its kik chatbot in helping users pick the best outfit. Besides, Facebook Messenger bot is also the best to boost online shopping. Tommy Hilfiger found Facebook Messenger bot a successful tool to buy outfits directly from the runway during Fashion Week in New York. It was found that 87% users returned to experience the Messenger bot, with 60,000 messages being exchanged. This fashion empire noted that 3.5 times more was spent through Messenger than any digital medium.


  1. Ask Your Users to Leave a Review:

    Online reviews are considered as a social proof for your company and its services. It can make or break  your store’s reputation in no time. Whether it’s a holiday season or any regular shopping day, consumers reckon the online reviews for decision making.

    There are a good number of facts and figures that prove the importance of online reviews. According to a study prepared by Moz, one negative review can cost you 22% of the potential users and when it increases to 4+, your business loses 70% of the potential users. Another study says, 72% of the users take actions after reading a positive review. 44% of the users think that the reviews should be penned within a month of the purchase to let other users know about the recent services. Also, 58% of the users say that star rating is also important to influence the purchasing power. After reading these figures, request your users to rate and review your services to increase your sales during holidays. You can ask your users to either post a review on the reputed sites or pen a review on the website itself. Make sure that you display the recent reviews on your site as a testimonial to build a sense of trust among the visitors.


The Ending Note

This winds up the 5 must have elements to maximize the eCommerce conversion this holiday. Regardless, you need the help of one of the top Ecommerce development companies to enhance the web experience of your store.

Which other conversion tactics are you planning to use for your store? Do share them in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you.

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