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5 Tips to Use Twitter for Your Startup

5 Tips to Use Twitter for Your Startup

From hashtags to pinned tweets and heated discussions to customer support, a lot happens on Twitter. This social media platform is undeniably the best to build your brand. So, if you're looking to up your social media presence on Twitter, you have landed on the right article.  

I have mentioned 5 actionable tips you can straightaway apply and grow on Twitter. 

So, let's get started!

  1. Optimize Your Profile

Do you remember the adage - People immediately connect with brands that exhibit what they stand for. Therefore, having a professional-looking and optimized profile will help to create a first good impression. 

Ensure that your Twitter profile is extremely relevant to your company and portrays your company's values. Along with that, think about how each section of your profile will impact your audience's minds.

Handle: This is the account name that people will use to find you. Hence, use your company's name as your Twitter handle. But, many times, the name you wish to use is already taken. In such cases, you can add another word or CTA before the brand name.

For example, let's assume your company's name is Uplers, and this username is taken. In such a scenario, you can use @ContactUplers or @ChooseUplers.

Profile photo: Your profile photo is the first thing that the audience would notice. It will also appear next to every tweet you send.  Hence, ensure to add a crisp and exciting image that can garner the eyeballs of your visitors.

Header image:  Your header image appears on your profile page, and you may want to update it more often than your profile photo. It can reflect current campaigns, provide information, or offer insight into your company culture.

Your header image appears on the top of your profile. This is the space where you can show your creative zeal and experiment with a lot of things. You can give a sneak peek into your office culture or inform about current campaigns. 

Bio: This is the space to mention your USP and company's website or landing page. You can also add hashtags, giveaways, or contests and campaigns you're running.

Since Twitter bio is capped at 160 characters, write something that showcases your brand's personality and the value addition you'll do in your customer's life. Make sure every character is well utilized. 

For instance, check how well-optimized slack's bio is!  It portrays their value proposition and the difference they make in their customer's life. 

You can take inspiration from them and create one for yourself. 

Location: Although this part of the profile may seem insignificant, but providing your location inculcates a sense of trust and accountability among your audience.  It makes your audience feel that they are interacting with a real entity, not an imposter. Having a location will help your customers locate your store, especially if you're a small business owner. If your company has offices in multiple locations, mention the headquarters. 

Hootsuite, the social media management giant, does a wonderful job here. Along with mentioning about the company, they've also mentioned their location.

  1. Use Hashtags Creatively

You might have heard, seen, and read in many videos, blog posts, and podcasts about the importance of hashtags are to garner your audience's attention. It helps you grow your reach, engagement, and followers. The best part about hashtags is they also help your content get discovered beyond your followers. 

Since hashtags are easily discoverable, it gives brands like you a chance to get creative and come up with your personalized hashtags in order to get in front of your audience. 

Now, you must be wondering, how do I use hashtags to garner maximum eyeballs? 

Are you introducing a new product or service? Create hashtags with that name. You can also use a combination of trending hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday or #MondayBlues. Having said that, you ought to be critical while choosing or creating a hashtag. Always keep in mind that the hashtags you're creating should be relevant to your company. For instance, if you're into digital marketing, you can use #seo, #contentmarketing. 

Also, use Twitter's explore page to see current topics, get inspired, and interact with like-minded people. It'll help you in creating tweets and discovering a new audience to engage.

  1. Add Value with Your Content 

One thing you need to understand before even writing your first tweet is writing on this social media platform is just like writing on any other platform—you need to write by keeping your buyer personas in; mind, otherwise your content will fall flat on its face. 

A good tweet should speak directly to your audience. Hence, while adding value through your content, create tweets that entertain, educate, and inspire your audience. So, when you evoke different emotions in your audience, they'll get hooked up with your content.  

  1. Promote Others, and They'll Promote You

You're probably thinking, why should I promote someone else and not myself? What kind of tip is this? But the truth is, this is one of the best strategies to grow on Twitter. The phenomenon is common and has been followed everywhere. We're just applying it here. For instance, we give return gifts at birthday parties and weddings to everyone as they bring us gifts. 

Similarly, when you retweet other's tweets, they'll also reciprocate. Well, you must retweet tweets of people in your niche to build a connection. Plus, you shouldn't retweet just for the sake of retweeting. Retweet only those who's content you genuinely like and connect with. 

When you consistently do this, people in your niche would recognize that you are not in for a quick boost and genuinely like their content. Subsequently, they'll also start retweeting your content.  

  1. Consistency Is the Key to Build Trust 

You can only grow your brand on Twitter when you build trust amongst your followers. But this can get daunting since you have a startup to run and multiple things to do. 

The truth is, it's not as difficult as it seems. You can use a social media scheduler tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your tweets at your desired time. You can also vet your engagement and accordingly increase your frequency of sharing tweets. 

When you consistently post on Twitter, you can build a highly engaged community that absolutely loves and swears by your content. 

Carving a Niche for Yourself on Twitter 

It goes without saying that Twitter is a powerful platform for building a brand. However, to succeed on this platform, you have to stand out. Building a social media presence on Twitter starts with creating a rock-solid profile, adding relevant hashtags, and engaging with thought leaders in your niche. It also involves creating content that's unique, fresh, and leaves an everlasting impression.

Aayush Gupta
Aayush Gupta

Aayush is Sr. Manager, Brand & Marketing at Uplers. He likes to stay on his toes when it comes to marketing and doing things worth risk-taking. He loves traveling and exploring local cuisines. In his free time reading books with coffee is all he wants.

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Suuny Bundel
February 7, 2021 08:57

Hey Ayush, I am really amazed by how you represent the use of Twitter in the startup. Congratulations on such an amazing article.

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March 17, 2021 06:01

Hi Sunny! Thank you for your appreciation. Glad you enjoyed reading the post!

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