5 Actual Applications of AI in Marketing

Updated on :July 14, 2024
By :Kush Patel

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world and how we integrate information by analyzing the data. Today AI is everywhere, from your Netflix recommendations to your pocket voice assistants such as Siri. With the advancement of this technology, every industry is adapting it for the transformation.

The same goes for the marketing industry, Artificial Intelligence is playing an essential role in revolutionizing the industry. Still, marketing companies are not sure of implementing AI.

Hence, I decided to write this blog explaining the essential aspects of Artificial Intelligence for marketing people. In this blog, you will get the top 5 real-life applications of AI in marketing.

Before that, let’s have a look at some crucial statistics and basics of AI.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a program, task, or activity performed by a machine that can include reasoning, planning, learning, motion, manipulation, and representation. In short, a machine can do any task which a human can perform and in much better ways. 

AI is not a new concept; it was first introduced in 1956. It has gained popularity for a decade because of the increasing volume of data and advanced algorithms.

As per the recent resources of Gartner, by the end of the year 2021, 70% of organizations will integrate AI to assist employees’ productivity. Moreover, based on a study by Forbes magazine, Marketing and Sales professionals are using AI the most for their daily operations as compared to other departments of the enterprises.

Do You Really Need AI Integration?

Clear out if you need AI in the marketing operations of your organization. Companies in some situations adopt a trending technology just by looking at the benefits online, but they forget to check if it is useful for their organization or not. Before making a decision, check out if the below-mentioned benefits are implemented in your business or not.  

Why Are Marketers Adopting Artificial Intelligence?  

To help you understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence for the marketers, let’s talk about the real-life applications of AI in the marketing field.

Predict Consumer Behavior

The life and efforts of a marketer depend on the targeted audience. As per the recent survey by Forrester, AI is introducing predictive marketing to make effective and informed marketing decisions. Today, the choices and preferences of the customers change quickly. With so much information to extract and such a short period, it is impossible to do it manually. Hence; Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture; it seamlessly deconstructs the parts of the positive experience of customers and predicts the behavior simultaneously.

Personalized Interaction

According to a study by Accenture, 43% of consumers in the USA will prefer to work with a company that personalizes customer experience. But they also gave one condition that the company should not compromise with their trust. 

Moreover, from another survey by Accenture, it was stated that 91% of international customers said they would be more likely to do business with a company that remembers their preferences. AI helps companies and employees to deliver a personalized experience to the customers. With the help of a consumer’s previous history, AI can suggest products; it can generate targeted ads with the relevant audience.  

Better Customer Service Support

Your customers can need the support of your representative at any time. Even though most of the companies have different shifts for customer support, there is still a significant need for 24/7 availability. With artificial intelligence, your customers will get to chat with a smart bot at any time and anywhere. 

Chatbots are quick, smart, user-friendly, and easy to use; they can help you manage your customer service department smoothly. Your customers can connect with a bot easily for simple inquiries and information. This will save the time of your employees, and you can utilize the resource for other operations.

Smart Media Buying

Artificial Intelligence is helping marketers with programmatic media buying for effective target ads with relevant customers. With the wake of the brand safety scandal of Google; where Google’s ads network was placing ads on the terrorist’s website. Now, AI is helping Google and other organizations to recognize questionable sites. Moreover, it helps in removing these websites from the list for ad placement.

With smart data-driven insights, as 4 of top PPC Gurus believe, brands can now place micro-moment targeted ads and messages on search engines, on social media, as well as on the relevant websites.

Deep Insights About The Audience

There is no doubt that audience insights are the most critical asset of any marketing agency. Your entire advertisement campaign depends on the audience. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, a marketing agency can get in-depth knowledge about the target audience of any campaign they are planning. 

With the help of inside consensual information of the target audience, your marketing team can work effectively to extract the pattern of preferences.

Things to Keep in Mind When Adopting AI 

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence can transform any company and help them utilize their data. If you too are planning to integrate AI for your employees and customers, then here are few things to keep in mind.

You need a partner to add AI in your business operations effectively and without any data loss. For that, it is advisable to get a machine learning company. One small mistake can make the entire data of your company public. Hence, AI is not a field of experimentation, at least not with your precious data.

Strategize Your AI Integration and Implementation

Make a proper strategy of how you are going to leverage the power of AI for your operations. Artificial intelligence is not just limited to predictive analytics and data analysis; plan out a strategy on how you are going to utilize AI for your marketing department.

Over To You!

Artificial intelligence is here to rule the world and industry sectors. Marketing companies are already adopting it for the sake of their employees and customers. Are you a marketing agency or a freelance marketer? Then it’s high time to upgrade your organization with the trending technologies like AI.

Are you still confused about choosing the right AI integration and mobile app development company for your marketing agency? On GoodFirms, you can find a list of Artificial Intelligence companies and their information that can help you integrate it into your business. Make sure to cross-check each information before hiring a company or making a decision.

Kush Patel
Kush Patel

Kush Patel is the CTO of Echo Innovate IT; a mobile app development company. He loves to write about trending technologies and their impact on every industry. Moreover; his major objective is to spread a word about the importance of different technologies and their benefits.

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