Top 10 Web Development Tools You Must Know About in 2020

Published on :March 11, 2020
By :Vijay Singh Khatri

Web development tools, also known as DevTools, are specifically meant to allow web developers to write, test as well as debug the website code. 

These web development software come with browser add-ons or a built-in feature in a web browser like Google Chrome, Opera, and various others that support the web developing process. They help in testing the interface of a website or the web portal or web application so that it is formed close to the requirements and targeted outcomes. 

Web development tools are used along with different web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and many others to improve the productivity and usefulness of the website or web application.

List of top 10 Web Development Tools

Several web development tools have recently been issued to improve the productivity, usefulness, and handling features of a website. 

The following are the top 10 Web Development Tools that you can look up in the year 2020 by the web developers.

  1. Novi Builder

Novi Builder is the latest web development tool that offers drag and drop builder facilities to the web developer, which facilitates the quick and smooth building of the website. It is also called the Great Choice for an experienced web developer as it offers access to the source code and also allows the web developer to make several changes in the website design at any point in time. The web developer using Novi Builder has full control over the online project and gains the opportunity to make the best use out of the various functionalities offered by the web developing tool. Novi Builder is a great new web development tool but meant only for the pro who has in-depth knowledge, understanding, and experience in making websites. However, the same web development tool can prove to be a tough choice for beginners who may not find it easy to understand and apply. The various features of this web development tool include the following.

  • It offers advanced code editor support.
  • Additional application integration facilities are available.
  • The range of pre-made themes is offered to the web developer.
  • The interface offers a drag and drop facility, which saves time and effort.
  • It is an ideal tool for eCommerce support.
  • Options of preview tools are also available.
  1. ONE Subscription

ONE Subscription is one of the most effective and efficient web development tools that offer enhanced access to several top quality digital products. It supports the launching of blogs, creating online stores, landing pages, and developing various other kinds of websites that are user-friendly and highly creative. Thousands of themes and templates are available to make the site attractive and highly useful. Several plugins, graphic elements, and other valuable services are available with ONE subscription that makes it a unique and highly useful web development tool. The features of ONE subscription web development tool include the following.

  • It offers professional support for different kinds of items needed on the website.
  • There are regular updates available on the ONE subscription to make it more useful and an effective web development tool.
  • It is a secure web development tool wherein you can end or cancel your subscription within 14 days of download in case you have not downloaded any item from its database.
  • It offers an unlimited yearly license after its subscription is made.
  • Several useful services are offered through ONE subscription, which includes template customization, installation, and various others associated.
  1. Creative Tim

Creative Tim is another web development tool that you can look upon in the year 2020. This web development tool provides Bootstrap based design elements. This way, you can quickly create a website and add varied features making it useful and user-friendly. Creative Tim can be used for building sites as well as mobile applications. It offers the speedy building of the site, and mobile apps that have all inbuilt features and facilities looked upon by the users. It is a reliable web development tool that can be used by web developers for creating websites in less time and with all added features and functions. The features of the Creative Tim web development tool include the following.

  • It offers the easiest and fastest way of building a web page.
  • It provides several tools that save a considerable lot of time for the web developer.
  • It helps in creating a website with a focus on the business model.
  • Several Admin templates are available to make the website attractive and useful.
  • The facility of Admin Dashboard helps in reducing time consumption and support the process of changes in the website without any extra efforts.
  • The premade sections and elements facilitate and speed up the process of making a website.
  1. NPM

NPM or the Node Package Manager is specially made to create a website using JavaScript. It is a web development tool that helps in discovering various packages of reusable code. It helps in assembling the system in the most powerful and useful way possible. NPM is a highly useful web development tool that offers command-line utility. It helps in interacting with the said repository that aids in the package. There are several free code packages available in the NPM web development tool. The varied features of the NPM web development tool include the following.

  • It helps in discovering and reusing more than 470,000 free code packages in the registry.
  • It supports encouraging code discovery and its re-usage within the team.
  • It publishes and controls the access to the namespace.
  • It helps in managing the public and private code through the use of a similar workflow.
  • It is easy to understand and apply.
  1. HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is a new age web development tool that helps in creating a robust and adaptable website or web application. It supports quick and easy development of the website along with all the features and facilities that are targeted to make it user-friendly. HTML5 Boilerplate offers a set of files that can help the developers to create a new foundation for a website. These files are available for download and can be accessed by the developer right from the very first phase of creating a website or web application. HTML5 Boilerplate has eased the process of website building and web application. It has offered enhanced facility to use new-age updates and technology of web development tools that saves time and creates highly useful and attractive websites. The features of HTML5 Boilerplate include the following.

  • It helps the web developers to take advantage of HTML5 elements.
  • The progressive enhancement is promoted by the HTML5 Boilerplate web development tool.
  • It helps in achieving CSS normalization.
  • It supports the process of fixing the common bug.
  • The use of Apache Server Configuration can be made to improve security as well as the performance of the website or web application.
  • It supports the optimized version of Google Universal Analytics snippet.
  • HTML5 Boilerplate protects the website and web application from console statements, which causes JavaScript errors in earlier browsers.
  • It supports extensive inline and accompanying documentation processes.
  1. AngularJS

If you are looking for a front end developer tool, which is an open-source web application than the Angular JS web development tool is just the one for you. AngularJS helps in extending the HTML syntax for creating web applications and websites. It simplifies the whole process of website or web application development by creating an accessible, readable, and expressive environment. AngularJS helps in creating a user-friendly website and web applications. It is easy to understand and use by web developers. The features of AngularJS include the following.

  • It is an open-source front end web development tool.
  • It is entirely free and has no hidden cost associated with it.
  • It is trusted by millions of web developers around the globe.
  • It offers to create RICH Internet Application.
  • It gives the option of writing client-side applications through the use of JavaScript and MVC.
  • AngularJS helps in automatically handling the JavaScript code, which is highly suitable for several browsers.
  1. Sass

If you are looking for an easy to use and straightforward front end web development tool that does not consume much time in learning and application process than Sass is just the one for you. Sass offers a mature, robust, and reliable web development tool. It is an extended version of CSS, which is considered as easy to understand and apply to computer language. It helps in increasing the functionality of the existing CSS of a website or web application, including the changes in variables, inheritance, and even nesting process. The features of Sass include the following.

  • It supports language extensions, including variables, nesting, and mixins.
  • It offers well-formatted and customized output.
  • It has advanced features in the store, which include a control directive for libraries.
  • Sass offers highly useful functions and features to web developers.
  • Variant colors and values are available.
  • It is easy to understand web development tools that help in writing any code.
  1. GitHub

GitHub is a new age web development tool that has all the features and benefits that are sought by the web developer. It helps the web developer to review code at any point in time, which declines the chances of errors. GitHub supports the effective management of projects and building a highly efficient and useful software. It offers a variety of tools to ease the process of creating a website and web applications. The features of GitHub include the following.

  • It helps in coordinating quickly and effectively using GitHub's web project management tools.
  • It supports a variety of tools for completing a website and creating a useful web application.
  • It offers a smooth documentation process that could be used along with the quality coding process.
  • It allows all the codes to be placed in one single place.
  • The web developers using GitHub could quickly hot their documents directly from the repositories.
  1. JQuery

JQuery is a very popular and widely used JavaScript library to create a website and web application. It is a web development tool that supports the functionality of different aspects. JQuery is easy to use and apply a web development tool that uses HTML document traversal, manipulation, and Ajax. It helps in creating user-friendly and highly interactive web applications and websites that meet up to the expectations. It is an open-source web development tool which is free of cost and has no hidden costs associated with it. The features of jQuery include the following.

  • It supports the creation of excellent documentation.
  • It offers extensive support to the browser.
  • It is an open-source web development tool.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It is easy to download and consumes less space on the computer system.
  • It offers a compelling theme mechanism.
  • It provides for developing highly interactive web applications and websites.
  • It is a highly stable web development tool.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  1. Grunt

If you are looking for a task runner on NodeJS, then Grunt is just the one web development tool that can help. It is an everyday web development tool that offers flexible functions and features. It provides a high level of task automation. There are several bundles plugins for various common tasks that are provided along with Grunt. Grunt has multiple inbuilt features that ease the process of web development. The features of Grunt include the following.

  • It helps in making the workflow so easy as setting up a file.
  • Grunt supports the automating process for repetitive tasks with the least efforts.
  • It has in-built tasks for extending the functionality of scripts and functionality.
  • It offers a vast ecosystem with the potential to automate anything that is required by the web developer.
  • Grunt helps in reducing the chances of errors while performing repetitive tasks.
  • It is a simple and straightforward web development tool that is easy to learn and apply.
  • It includes tasks such as JS and configures JSON.
  • Grunt supports speeding up the web development process.


In conclusion, the above are the top ten web development tools that you can look up in the year 2020. These tools have new age technological upgrades, which help them become highly useful for web developers. These tools are meant to improve the productivity of the web developer and facilitate them with the variety of inputs that help them create a website and web applications that are user-friendly, highly interactive, and meets up to the expectations.

Vijay Singh Khatri
Vijay Singh Khatri

Vijay Singh Khatri comes from the land of mountains in India and is a graduate in Computer Science from a renowned University of India. Vijay pioneers in Digital Marketing and works as a Product Manager at and Squareboat Solutions. In his free time, he enjoys SEO consulting and content writing for various other websites.

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