Digital Marketing: Yes, You Are Right! Reconsider Your Way Of Marketing

Updated on :June 13, 2024

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell”- Seth Godin

What is quoted above is true.  What say? Since the dawn of digitalization, companies have decked up to push exclusive marketing strategies around the web and target the relevant audiences.

With the evolution of technology, digital marketing has witnessed top-notch approaches and it has thrived to increase user engagement and experience with double percentile. Don’t you believe?

Earlier when marketing was limited to emails, blogs, newsletters, and other content formats, the interest amongst consumers was missing. Only those consumers could benefit from the companies who had a keen interest in reading. And,  the reach of the customer cut down to one fourth or half of what we used to expect. After all, for us what matters the most is the lead generation and conversion.

Today, the marketing carrier has changed. From traditional marketing, we have moved on to digital marketing.

Why we walked the path of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing vehicle which carries search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), video marketing, content marketing, graphic designing, infographics every single connected dot from various destinations and give users all-in-one a unique experience to associate with our company or brands and products and unleash their experience of being a part of our different activities.

What we focus on

The approach is the same but the ways have changed. Now, consumers are looking for things that excite them rather than just dripping with informative content. Hence, we understand the users, their needs and work on it. Relevant designs, keyword-rich contents, weaving beautiful branding videos, explanatory podcasts, what not we create and design to make users happy with our one push in social media forums and other mediums.

Remember, the first 360-degree video post on Facebook, The Dolphin Swim? Staggering and speechless at the same time. The moment I saw I asked myself this one question, Is this the era of digitalization? If yes then it would be fun.

What measures we consider for digital marketing

-Micro-Moments: Apart from what products are rolling out from the company’s magic box in the market, consumers are also interested or say more interested in knowing about the moments such as I want to know, I want to go, I want to do and I want to buy.

-Cross platforms: It is observed that 75% of online users i.e 18-54 age group start an activity on one device and end on another.

-Multiple channels: 76% of potential users who browse for products online pays a visit to the stores.

For instance, destination planning has become the click of a thing because of the traveling apps that are wrapped with enthralling features and guiding information that users want to know before picking the final destination. This sort of mobile’s first behavior increases the KPI of going-to-the-destination metrics.


Start with an outcome we have decided and our whole team will act to achieve what we really want to measure

Why Branding?

Branding helps in creating an impact on the consumer with advertising campaigns or promotional activities adhering to a consistent theme that speaks at a louder voice about our products and services and keeps us ahead of the competition.

What measures we consider for branding

-Evaluate the business outcomes you care about the most.

-Define the accurate KPIs you want to measure

-Align the team to act on those predefined marketing strategies and outcomes

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search is the means through which we navigate the Web. If your business is not visible in search it is difficult for it to be found by your customers. Search, above all else, is marketing, and it is undergoing a massive change.

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization helps our website to get visible in search results using high buying keywords. Meta description, keyword-rich contents including blogs, articles, press releases, infographics, and website content help in doing so.

Apart from that, SEO optimizes the website navigation making it user- friendly for potential users who regularly browse online. Only getting a position is not enough, user holding time also counts to increase the number of visits to the website

What measures we consider for SEO

-Identify the most buying keywords for our company’s website

-Use tools that give us accurate keyphrases or keywords and help the websites be visible in top search.

-Analyze the metrics that matter that help us in getting good leads and ranking

Video & Content Marketing

Including videos on text-based content makes the content look more comprehensive, and this aspect makes it more appealing to readers, which increases the probability of having the content shared

Why Video & Content Marketing?

Today, video marketing is abreast of all marketing forms playing a major role in weaving beautiful stories for the brand. Many digital marketing companies create videos and push them on the social media business pages that build a good consumer interaction with the business.

Besides, the approach for content marketing has also changed. Now, content marketing includes business solutions, partnerships, amalgamations, technology trends and more in the list that are a fresh piece and helps in informing users about the happenings with the soothing flavors of words, phrases, and idioms.

With the evolution in marketing, today; graphics are the queen of content that channelizes entire information as one and attracts users' attention while they scroll up and down the feed posts.

Infographics are the best practice, designers and web developers do to increase user engagement on the website and improve the user experience at the same time.

What measures we consider for Video & Content Marketing

-Interpretation of consumer behavior

-Improving user experience and content readability

-Increase business profitability and revenue  

Wrapping Up

Are you going digital and considering the measures that matter the growth and performance of your business?

Digital has hands open full of opportunities and marketers can take advantage of channelizing things at the right platform. Marketing on mobile is the best option and a shift can upline the user engagement graph to a huge number.

The growth is out there, you just need to choose the right strategies and focus on the metrics you want to lift your business.

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