13 Effective Ecommerce Marketing Tips From Experts: Survey Overview

Updated on :July 11, 2024
By :Nathan Sebastian

Ecommerce is one of the most fascinating businesses for young entrepreneurs. 

From a small hairband to a full-fledged air conditioner; people have started buying anything and everything online. 

That is the reason; entrepreneurs are adopting multichannel and omnichannel retailing (the future of eCommerce) and looking for most promising ecommerce marketing tips.

But, just setting-up an eCommerce store will not punch-in sales. Instead, business owners need to strategize their eCommerce retailing. 

Moreover, to earn success in the eCommerce business, marketers need to implement proven marketing strategies and tips. 

Thus, to determine an absolute path for small-scale eStore owners, GoodFirms recently conducted a detailed research on the leading eCommerce marketing strategies

During the research, we polled 100+ eCommerce marketing experts from all around the globe and to have a clear picture about which ecommerce marketing strategies an eStore must incorporate to enhance its sales and ROI.

For this research, we offered marketers four different options - PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing.

After consolidating the data and thoroughly analyzing the facts, we found the following outcomes, which the below graph depicts.

Top ecommerce marketing strategies

Key Findings from the Survey: 

  • Majorly all (82.08%) the respondents confirmed that rolling effective PPC ads maximizes the footfalls on their ecommerce websites.
  • 74.66% of the participants endorsed their vote for streaming content as it draws traffic on the eStores.
  • Social media marketing is the 3rd most favored digital marketing strategy by 67.26% of participants as it helps in engaging with both prospects and customers.
  • 46.62% of the total survey audience find that email marketing is highly effective in strengthening the customer relationship.

Further, during the research, the eCommerce business experts suggested that each strategy holds a specific position in boosting sales; but when they combined these strategies depending upon their individual business and products, the results were overwhelming. 

Read some of the detailed answers from our panel of research participants outlining their preferred Ecommerce Marketing Strategies -

PPC Ads - Favored by 82.08% Respondents:

A majority of our participants suggested that ecommerce stores should roll out an effective PPC ad campaign to maximize the sales of their eStore. 

Let us walk through the awe-inspiring ecommerce marketing tips and insights from the marketers who proposed PPC as their most-preferred eCommerce marketing strategy.

All of these tactics combined would be a very promising marketing strategy for an eCommerce store; but if I had to select one, I think the most promising approach would be PPC or display advertising. When people are looking for products, it’s very likely that they are looking for something very particular. Display ad’s show an advertisement at a very specific, targeted time, and when it’s done right, there’s a huge chance it leads to a sale and a happy customer!

- Jenna Erickson, Marketing Manager at Codal

What I love about paid marketing is that it is instant, scalable, and measurable. You can also get above the organic results in no time. If you are in ecommerce and not using pay per click or display advertising, you are losing out.

- Ramon Khan, Online Marketing Director at National Air Warehouse

Generally, it depends on the market, but PPC Ads is the most effective strategy for e-commerce marketing. Why? Because if someone is looking to purchase something, generally the first place they look is Google. Being at the top of that search result will generate clicks. You drive traffic through PPC Ads. But what if they don't purchase? That's when you want to engage with Facebook Remarketing Ads and Google Display Ads. Follow them around the internet. Still, haven't purchased after four days? Then hit them up with offers.

-James Heywood, Creative Marketing Manager at Epix Media

Our agency has been exposed to various e-commerce industries of different sizes and shapes. Frankly, PPC is your go-to way to get affordable targeted customers since you can narrow down your targeting to a tee. Everything is precise.”

- Will Chou, SEO Expert at WebMechanix

Content Marketing Recommended by 74.66% of the Research Participants

Content marketing is one of the crucial channels behind the success of most of the eStores. Hence it has been recommended by 74.66% of the research participants. 

Read the stupendous insights from the experts who recommend content marketing as a powerful strategy for nurturing an ecommerce business. 

The most promising marketing approach for an eCommerce store is content marketing. This is especially true for a newer eCommerce brand that does not yet have a profile or robust customer base. Investing in well-researched, value-added content enables brands to capture valuable and targeted search audiences without immediately investing in expensive paid advertising.

- Sean Flannigan, Digital Marketing Strategist at coolblueweb

I think the strategy really depends on the type of product you're selling, what level they're priced at, and what your audience is, but the strategy that can drive traffic and boost sales no matter what is content marketing. Producing content, especially with a search focus, will grow your website's traffic organically over time. Word of warning though, this type of marketing will take time and it will take consistent investment.

- Arron Richmond, Digital Marketing Executive at High Speed Training

Content marketing will always be the best and most cost-efficient method of driving traffic to any website, but it can be especially effective for eCommerce stores who want to get visitors looking at product pages. Unlike a lead generation site, an eCommerce store has product pages, which are much more effective to convert into buyers. So when you create a piece of content for marketing, you can easily include a few links to product pages within the piece to see if you get any cross-sells.

- Max Robinson, Marketing Executive at WeSwap

An effective tactic to boost sales is to optimize our content around keywords that people are searching for online. For e-commerce stores, try to target keywords with buying intent, or searches in purchase mode.

- Charlotte Ang - Digital Marketing Specialist at Legend Age Lipstick

Remember that the key to a successful e-commerce venture is building the image and trust in your brand while keeping up the sales. Thus, my suggestion would be to prioritize content and video marketing for branding purposes.

- Sankar Gopinath, Digital Marketer at Coffeeza

Content is one of Google’s 3 biggest ranking factors, and ranking high in Google sends traffic to your platform on autopilot.

- Ryan Underwood, Manager at yourparkingspace

Social Media Marketing Opted by 67.26% of the Marketers

Social media has matured as a focal hub for online shoppers due to its unique value-adding content, and that is why 67.26% of the marketers recommend e-store brands to devise their social media channels. 

Considering the outgrowth which the marketers can attain from social media marketing, ecommerce brands must reshape their SMM strategies to tap the target markets.

Below are some of the participants’ views who suggested the importance of leveraging SMM for eCommerce.

I would go with social media marketing, specifically Facebook ads. When done correctly, Facebook ads can drive massive traffic at a small cost, however, it requires constant attention to the campaign to drive funds towards high performing ads and remove any ads that don't perform. Facebook ads are best for low-value products (>$50) and are particularly successful when a time-sensitive discount is offered in the ad.

- Ellie Shedden, Founder & Director at THE-OOP.COM

I think Video Marketing & Rich Multimedia Content are the most promising approach. In this digital era, you have less time to grab people’s attention. Thus, videos marketing will be really helpful, along with Gifs, Memes and other engaging forms of rich multimedia content.

- Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO at Mavens & Moguls

Email Marketing Opted by 46.62% of experts

Email marketing generates extremely positive results for eCommerce stores, said 46.62% of the experts. 

Today, most of the small and mid-size ecommerce businesses deploy emails to broadcast attractive, lucrative, and compelling messages to their prospects and existing clients. 

From growing the customer base to reducing cart abandonment, email marketing results in accelerating the overall growth of ecommerce businesses.

Avinash Chandra, the Founder & CEO of BrandLoom Consulting iterates his experience of injecting email communication into his brand’s marketing mix. 

When done properly, email marketing is very effective. But the key is to send marketing emails that have relevant and attractive content, otherwise, the emails will be marked as spam and be trashed by the consumer. This is especially true if emails send out coupons and deals for ecommerce stores. Most ecommerce companies send out exclusive promo codes or special coupons via emails, and customers redeem them because they are always ready for a good bargain.


Commencing an ecommerce business is a less complicated job, but converting visitors into shoppers is undoubtedly the most complicated task. 

Thus, to ensure a constant inflow of traffic and strengthening the conversion ratio, ecommerce brands must work on fostering a commendable online shopping experience. 

Not only this, but the marketers also need to distinguish and pick the right combination of strategies, which will result in their ecommerce store’s success. 

Willing to incorporate the best ecommerce marketing strategies for your own eStore? 

GoodFirms can help you in connecting with the right technology partner who can thoroughly understand and nurture your ecommerce business. Reach out to the best digital marketing agencies to boost the profits for your eStore.  

Some of the Other Research Participants Who Shared Meaningful eCommerce Marketing Insights:

Seb Dean Imaginaire Digital
Ellie-Paige Moore Blinds Direct
Jim Milan Auto Accessories Garage
Adrian Cordiner Digital Rhinos
Jakub Kliszczak CrazyCall
Rahul Saini Grazitti Interactive
Yigit Kocak Prisync
Jack Story 43 Clicks North
Sarah Anderson boldSOCKS.com
Filip Silobod Honest Marketing
Eagan Heath Get Found Madison
David Zimmerman Reliable Acorn
Nathan Sebastian
Nathan Sebastian

Nathan is a Content Writing Expert at GoodFirms.co, a dedicated research & review firm for digital marketing companies, showcasing their genuine portfolio and clienteles to service seekers. Nathan has been in the content development of marketing & technical spheres for two years now. His focus stays occupied with SEO friendly content for the web to assist GoodFirms in making its IT research reach millions.

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