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7 Most Effective Link Building Tactics from GoodFirms Survey

7 Most Effective Link Building Tactics from GoodFirms Survey

Ever since the beginning, backlinks and SEO are like fuel and the car, but now the landscape of building backlink has been changed with Google’s smart Penguin 4.O updates.

With such updates, Google and other SERPs are actively focusing on reducing webspam, and ranking only those sites that prove themselves authentic and value adding for its visitors.

Thus, to match the new SERP patterns, SEO experts have redirected their approach of building backlinks, which is now more inclined towards implementing white-hat link building strategies only.

To understand the shift in the marketer’s link building tactics, GoodFirms conducted an expert roundup comprising of 150+ Digital Marketing specialists, SEO experts, and Content Marketers. These experts shared their most preferred link building tactics that have helped them earn higher rankings on SERPs and boost their domain authority. 

Top Link Building Tactics Practiced by Digital Marketers

Top Link Building Tactics

Read the comprehensive GoodFrims survey exhibiting 7 advanced link building tactics exercised by several digital marketing heads.

Assorted Findings of the Survey

In the survey, the participants mentioned that link building is one of the essential components for their Off-page SEO strategy. As per the survey experts, it is beyond simply pushing great content and boosting rankings. Rather, link building has taken the shape of earning links.

Every site’s webmasters aspire for backlinks from well-reputed and authenticated sites when compared to spammy and low score sites. But, earning backlinks is mostly a time-consuming task and requires great dedication.

SkyScraper Technique

23% of the participants chose the Skyscraper Technique over other tactics for earning qualitative backlinks because of its quick and effective results.

Benefits of Using the Skyscraper Technique

  • Helps in presenting useful content to the readers
  • Works well in increasing social media engagements
  • Boosts Off-Page SEO with the backlinks
  • Increases website and blog traffic

Participants Who Opted Skyscraper as Their Link Building Strategy

Diane Moura ZenChange Marketing
Allison Chaney BootCampDigital
Matthew Zajechowski Digital Third Coast
Dave Hermansen Store Coach
Luke Wester Miva
Eric Siemek Youtech

Guest Blogging

Guest Post remains among the 2nd most popular strategy for earning backlinks from high authority sites. 21% of marketers agreed that they aggressively employ the guest blogging technique.

Benefits of Using Guest Blogging

  • Branding of the site
  • Better authority and rankings
  • Link juice effect

Participants Who Use Guest Blogging as Their Link Building Strategy

Grant Finley Beanstalk
Mike Pearson StupidSimpleSEO
Marc Andre Vital Dollar
Katie Goodwill Digital Radar
Megan Jenkins SimScale

Press Release

Press Release shines on the 3rd position with votes from 18% of the participants. PR is now the part of both big size as well as small size organizations because its among the vital tools for promoting your brand on multiple platforms.

Benefits of Exercising Press Release

  • Vast Exposure and brand awareness
  • Boosts SEO advantages
  • Building sustainable relationships with journalists

Participants Who Prefer Press Release as Their Link Building Strategy

Natalie Athanasiadis Ormi Media
Ying Lin Dear Content
Kyle Austin Beantown Media Ventures

Link Reclamation

17% of the SEO heads opted for acting on reclaiming lost or broken links as it not only helps add value to the webmaster’s site but also supports in building valuable links.

Benefits of Reclaiming Broken Links

  • Offers value to the webmasters’ sites
  • Establish long term relations
  • Gives opportunity to claim unnamed brand mentions

Participants Who Practice Link Reclamation as Their Link Building Strategy

Stacy Caprio Accelerated Growth Marketing
Tim Dugan Web Services CT
Benjamin Johnston Sage Frog
Ankur Vernce
Tammy Smith Page 1 Solutions

Backlinks From High Authority Outlets

12% of respondents suggested building links from authority outlets like .gov .edu and HARO to maximize their Backlink sources. They even agreed to the fact that the SERPs highly appreciate these platforms.

Participants Who Favor High Authority Sites for Earning Backlinks

Mark Aselstine Uncorked Ventures
Lauren Crain HealthLabs
Takeshi Young Optimizely
Zach Hendrix GreenPal
Shawn Lim Trafficbees
Taylor Hurff 1SEO
Joe Goldstein Contractor Calls
Gregory Golinski YourParkingSpace
Marcus Miller Bowler Hat

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is among the highly effective link building tactics said 6% of the respondents. The growing numbers of influencers in every niche open up the long-term collaboration opportunities, and thus, it has a compounding effect on earning Backlinks.

Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing

  • Reach the untapped mass audience
  • Increase in website traffic
  • Higher social engagements
  • Boost brand awareness

Participants Who Use Influencer Marketing for Earning Backlinks

Brandon Schroth Gillware Data Recovery
Jessica Tappana Simplified SEO Consulting

Additional Link Building Tactics Used by Marketers

Other promising link building strategies as suggested by 3% of the marketers includes-

  • Linkbait content
  • Competitive Backlink analysis
  • List building opportunities

List of Participants Using Vivid Tactics for Earning Backlinks

Anthony Capetola Sales & Orders
Nate Fishman Nate Fishman Digital
Andrei Vasilescu DontPayFull
Nick Rubright Salefreaks
Matthew Post SEM Dynamics
Adam Gingery Majux Marketing
Jeff Moriarty JMoriarty Marketing


The research directs marketing experts with the latest link building tactics that are not going out of trend anytime soon. To implement these strategies in the right direction and to maximize its effects, top-notch SEO agencies who are well-versed with the above tactics will assist you the best. Thus, GoodFirms presents you the most curated list of top SEO agencies who have years of experience in earning quality backlinks for their clients.

Nathan Sebastian
Nathan Sebastian

Nathan is a Content Writing Expert at, a dedicated research & review firm for digital marketing companies, showcasing their genuine portfolio and clienteles to service seekers. Nathan has been in the content development of marketing & technical spheres for two years now. His focus stays occupied with SEO friendly content for the web to assist GoodFirms in making its IT research reach millions.

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Rajesh sharma
April 25, 2019 09:14

Amazing post! But I think guest posting and the press release is the prior option here for the link building.

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January 2, 2020 09:20

Thanks for your feedback, Rajesh!

User Default Image
October 24, 2019 13:58

Thanks for this article. Just amazed to find out how Brian's skyscraper technique tops out among all link building tactics.

User Image
January 2, 2020 06:38

You’re Most Welcome, Rajan! Numbers reveal a lot and that’s how we strive to serve readers like you through our surveys.

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Kathy Kaul
November 24, 2019 11:44

Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips. I'm kind of new in online and everything but hey I'm down to learn from everyone. Hope one day all the handwork will pay off! Really appreciate the quality of the articles you put up here on you website. Regards Kathy

User Image
January 27, 2021 09:53

Hi Kathy! Thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoyed reading our blog.

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Digital marketing training
February 9, 2020 11:45

good post.

User Image
March 17, 2020 11:37

Thank you for your comment.

User Default Image
February 25, 2020 10:26

Backlinks are incoming links to your website. It’s simple really…you vote for a candidate that you fully support or find most interesting. Similarly, you link to websites (or anything for that matter) that you think gives great value. As an SEO specialist, backlinks are one of the things you strive for in order to outrank your competitors. (Nofollow links don’t give out “link juice” or “link love” which is used by Google for their PageRank system.)

User Image
March 17, 2020 11:44

Hi Kamal. You have provided a very apt description of the backlinking technique. However, to add, although Nofollow links do not offer "link juice", they can drive quality traffic. It also normalizes the site, thereby eliminating suspicions of Google.

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